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Checkline Permanent lifeline System

CheckLine is technologically advanced to offer the user total security and freedom of movement. This next generation system boasts many novel features including the unique patented ACS trolley (for inclined roofs and structures). Removable TopFix posts allow simple installation and rapid repair in the event of a fall.
The In-line loadcell measures tension during and after installation, ensuring the system is at the designed pre-tension. This is critical when installing on fragile structures and over long spans.
In-line dampers are used for steel, brick and concrete fixings. This reduces the peak end load by 40% protecting extremity anchors and the structure in the event of a fall.
Connection to the system is simple via either the entry / exit gate for standard and ACS trolley, or at any point with the removable trolley.
By designing a totally modular system Checkmate have given installers freedom to design lifelines from simple straight runs to complex shapes without any compromise.
Lightweight battery powered crimpers ensure accurate terminations, speed up installations and reduces tool carrying weight.

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