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Plus Fifteen Filter Escape Hood

To order this smoke hood online, go to: http://www.westernsafetystore.com/mr-10015n.html

Essex PB&R Corporation Plus 15 Respiratory Filter Protection

Escape Hood Side View


Plus 15 Soft Case

Smoke Hood front view

The Way to Safety is Clear
U.S.-made Plus 15 is the clear choice for fire and smoke emergencies.
A high-quality, low-cost filtered escape hood that gives wearers a life-saving 15 minutes of protection.

  • Tested to EN 403 Certification
  • Protects against carbon monoxide
  • Clear FEP hood offers maximum visibility
  • 5 %-year shelf life lowers replacement costs
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to use
  • One size fits most adults
  • Cost-effective solution for large groups or individuals
  • Dimensions: 6" x 5" x4"

From Essex PB&R Corp., the trusted name in protective breathing equipment

PLUS 15 Technical Manual

Intended Use: The PLUS 15 is intended to be used as an escape filter hood in fire and smoke emergencies where oxygen exists in sufficient quantity to sustain life. Most fire situations contain sufficient oxygen. It is for a single use only.

The PLUS 15 is not intended for chemical spills or confined space situations where sufficient oxygen may not be available. In these situations a self-contained breathing apparatus, such as an Essex VRU should be considered.

All fire situations are unique, and so it is impossible to predict exactly what toxic fumes will be given off. The PLUS 15 has been designed in consideration of testing done by recognized international regulatory agencies that have studied fires. The contaminates that the PLUS 15 will remove, are based on these international studies. However, it is not possible to guarantee that the PLUS 15 will remove all of the contaminates from any particular fire.

Duration of Use: The PLUS 15 will provide 15 minutes of protection against exposure to toxic gases. Longer time durations can be achieved against less severe environments. (Reference the Challenge Atmosphere Section of this Technical Data Package)

Size: 7 in long x 4 in tall x 5 in wide when packaged in its protective nylon pouch

Weight: Approx. 450 grams, individual weight varies, specific weight is listed on the foil barrier pouch.

Packaging: The PLUS 15 is folded inside a hermetically sealed, waterproof barrier pouch, which is then packaged inside a protective nylon pouch. The barrier pouch can be opened by hand and requires no additional tools.

Shelf Life: The PLUS 15 has a shelf life of 5 years and 6 months from date of manufacture as long as the hermetically sealed barrier pouch has not been damaged and unit is properly stored in its nylon pouch.

Essex PB&R Corporation • Technical Data Package for the PLUS 15 Respirator

Size and Fit: The PLUS 15 comes in only one size. Though the unit is designed to be one-size fits most, leakage may occur due to variables such as unique facial characteristics, facial hair, facial piercing, etc.

Breathing Resistance: The breathing resistance for inhalation is 3.2 in of H2O maximum and exhalation is 1.2 in of H2O maximum.

Visibility: The PLUS 15 offers a large field of visibility, with the use of clear FEP material for the hood.

Protection Factor: The PLUS 15 provides an average protection factor of 50 inside of the nose cup. The air being breathed inside the PLUS 15 is on average 50 times cleaner than the air outside of the hood.

Verbal Communication: Though the nose cup may muffle communication the PLUS 15 still allows for communication without removing the hood or mask.

Oxygen: The PLUS 15 does not provide oxygen. The contaminated air is drawn through the filter, cleaned and delivered to the user. Do not use the PLUS 15 in an oxygen deficient atmosphere.

Carbon Dioxide: Carbon Dioxide is introduced into the hood by the reaction of the carbon monoxide filter and by the breath exhaled by the user. Carbon Dioxide is removed from the hood when the user exhales, opening the exhalation valve adjacent to the filter and emitting air from inside the breathing zone.

Carbon Monoxide: Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a toxic gas found in almost all fires. It is the byproduct of incomplete combustion. The Plus 15 protects against CO concentrations as high as 10,000 ppm for over 15 minutes.

Storage and Maintenance: The PLUS 15 may be stored at temperatures between 85°C (185°F) and -30°C (-20°F). The only maintenance needed for the PLUS 15 is to inspect the barrier pouch for any tears, punctures, and loss of vacuum or gain in weight. If there is any damage to the barrier pouch or the pouch has lost vacuum or the unit is otherwise damaged DO NOT USE THE DEVICE.
Hood Materials:
Hood: FEP+ film
Neck Seal: Elastic draw chord with synch ball
Head Harness: Urethane Coated Rip Stop
Harness Straps: Flame Retardant Coated Nylon
Nose Cup: FDA Grade Silicone
Filter Materials:
Filter Holder: Polycarbonate
Particulate Screen: Pleated N95 filter
Acid Gas Pack: Granular Activated Carbon
Carbon Monoxide Removal: Granular CO Catalyst
Ordering Information:
Part Number Description
MR-10015N Essex PB&R PLUS 15 Air Purifying Escape Respirator w/ Soft Pouch
MR-10016N Essex PB&R PLUS 15 Trainer

The Last Chance Rescue Filter Assembly has been tested against the following toxic gases:

Challenge Gas


Allowable Breakthrough

IDLH Levels

Actual Breakthrough

Carbon Monoxide*

2,500 ppm

200 ppm**

1200 ppm

<200 ppm** (24 min)

Carbon Monoxide*

10,000 ppm

200 ppm **

1200 ppm

<200 ppm** (24 min)

Hydrogen Cyanide

400 ppm

10 ppm

50 ppm

<10 ppm (60 min)  

Hydrogen Chloride

1000 ppm

5 ppm

50 ppm

<5 ppm (170 min)

Hydrogen Sulfide

1000 ppm


100 ppm

<10 ppm (390 min)

Sulfur Dioxide

100 ppm

3 ppm

100 ppm

<3 ppm (180 Min)

Acrolein (Propenal)

100 ppm

.5 ppm

5 ppm

<0.5 ppm (30 min)

Plus 15 test data conducted at AT Labs, a unit of Assay Technologies, Pleasanton, CA
Hydrogen Sulfide Test performed at AJE Testing and Research, Boalsburg, PA
Gas Conditions: Air Flow: 30 lpm Constant Flow/ Temperature 208ºC/ Relative Humidity: 70%
* Gas Conditions: Air Flow: 30 lpm Constant Flow/258ºC/ Relative Humidity: 90%
** Time Weighted Average

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