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Eagle MHC Laboratory & Cleanroom Equipment

Gowning Racks & Gowning Racks with Wire Shelving Components
These racks are designed for efficient storage of garments in the cleanroom. Available in stainless steel or electropolished finish. The stainless steel construction offers a non-contaminating surface that eliminates particle shedding. The electropolished models feature electrochemically passivated surfacess, for the most demanding requirements. Racks are available in width of 24", length from 48" to 84", and height 75". Hanger slots are standard 3" centers. Other center configurations are available
Single - shown with optional hangers Double - shown with optional hangers Cantilevered (optional hangers shown)
These racks incorporate standard wire shelving components with specially designed gown storage options. They offer a more economical rack option in less demanding environments. Available in chrome plated steel as well as electropolished stainlesss steel models. Available width of 14" and 24", length from 48" to 72", and height of 86"
Hanger slots on 2-1/2" centers - shown with optional hangers Hooks on 1-1/2" centers on all four shelf sides 1" diameter tubular bar mounted underneath wire shelf - shown with optional hangers

Wall Mounted Gowning Racks
Racks with Hanger Slots
This gowning rack is available in lengths of 48" (15 hangers), 60" (19 hangers), or 72" (23 hangers) and width of 24". Wall mounted and includes open wire top shelf for laminar flow. Available in electropolished stainless steel or chrome finish. Hangers are optional
Racks with Hooks
This compact design is 14" in width and comes in lengths of 48" (30 hooks), 60" (38 hooks) or 72" (45 hooks). Available in electropolished or chrome finish.
Racks with Hanger Tube
Like the free standing model, this model features a 1" diamter tubular bar which mounts easily to underside of wire shelf and comes in width of 18" and lengths of 48", 60" and 72". Wire design facilitates laminar flow. Available in electropolished or chrome finish.

Hangers and Hanger Bar Kits
Open loop hangers
For all gowning racks models that employ hangers. Available in chrome, brush finish or electropolished stainless steel
Two piece hangers
For use with non-removable hanger models. The top component is affixed to the gowning rack while the bottom component is removable for convenient mounting of the garment. Available in chrome, brush finish or electropolished stainless steel
Closed loop hangers
For use with tubular gowning racks. Hanges are not removable from rack. Available in chrome, brush finish or electropolished stainless steel
Hanger Bar Kits
Used to retrofit existing shelving into freestanding or wall mounted gowning racks. Hanger slots on 2-1/2" centers, 24" shelf width required. Available in chrome, brush finish or electropolished stainless steel
Wall mounted tubular rack
Rack employs both closed loop hangers and open loop hangers. Available in stainless steel and chrome. Width 18" and length ranges from 48" to 72"

Gowning Benches
Solid gowning bench
Heavy duty benches include flanged stainless steel foot plates for convenient attachment to the floor. Available in brushed 304 stainless steel or electropolished finish. Widths of 9" and 12", lengths up to 84", and height of 17".
Gowning bench with undershelf storage
Available with perforated or solid seat. Wire undershelves offer optional bootie storage. These units come complete with designated seat, legs foot plates, and one wire undershelf (additional wire shelves and dividers are optional). Available in No. 4 electropolished or brushed finish. Seating area is 18" wide, and wire undershelf is 14" wide. Length up to 72" and height of 19".
Wire gowning bench
Economical gowning bench with wire shelving components offers 62% laminar flow. Ideal for less demanding environments or for use during construction as the room is brought into clean. All units feature four 18" legs with foot plates, one three sided channel frame, and one wire shelf. Available in 14" width, 18" height and lengths up to 72"

Carts & Wire Units
Open wire construction promotes higher visibility and permits greater air circulation, which reduces dust and contamination build up. QuadTruss design makes shelves up to 25% stronger. Post are numbered on vertical 1" increments to ensure fast, level assembly of shelves and maximum flexibility for unit/cart configuration. Numerous sizes and combinations are available.
stem caster cart wire shelving unit
angled wire shelf cart 2-shelf utility cart
Security unit is 14" to 30" in width, length of 39-1/4" to 61-1/4", and height of 69". This unit is ideal for storing and transporting valuable materials. Security units are offered in chrome or electropolished stainless steel finish. Stationary and mobile units available. The adjustable wall mount provides wall storage and facilitates laminar flow. Use with standard wire shelves (sold separately). Designed to hold up to four tiers. The shelf widths range from 14" to 24" and the post height ranges from 14" to 63". Available in chrome or stainless steel.

AdjusTable Overhead System, AdjusTable Work Surface System and Tables
Eagle's adjusTable Overhead System allows you to create work surfaces enhanced with single or multiple overshelves. Each work system comes with two 33" posts, two 63" posts and your choice of the following table bases: two C-frames; two H-frames; onc C-frame and one wire shelf; or one H-frame and one wire shelf. The available sizes are 24" width and 36" or 48" length. Work surfaces are available with solid or perforated tops, brushed or electropolished. Cantilevered shelves are offered in stainless steel or chrom finish and are sold separately. Optional keyboard and utility drawers are available.
C-frame adjusTable with overhead system C-frame adjusTable with cantilever overhead system and optional drawer
adjusTable Work Surface System
Eagle's adjusTable System allows you to create work surfaces in the configuration of your choice. Each work surface comes with four 33" posts and your choice of the following bases: two C-frames; two H-frames; one C-frame and one wire shelf; or one H-frame and one wire shelf. Work surfaces are available with solid or perforated tops, brushed or electropolished. Available sizes are 24" or 30" for width and 36" to 60" in length. Table bases are available in chrome or stainless steel. Optional keyboard and utility drawers are available.
Type 304 stainless steel tables are available with solid or perforated tops, brushed or electropolished finish. All perforated tops have 3/4" perforations on 1" centers, allowing for 40% laminar flow. Available in standard widthsof 24", 30", and 36", and lengths from 36" to 96". Custom sizes available upon request. All cleanroom tables are alcohol wiped and cleanroom bagged. Standard table bases are C-frame or H-frame in brushed or electropolished finish. Undershelves are available on request.

Workstations, Cabinets, Racks and Dispensers
Mobile computer workstations
Open wire workstation allows for laminar flow. Reduces moisture and dust build-up. Comes with standard keyboard drawer. Mouse shelf is optional. Available in chrome or stainless steel finish. Dimensions are 24" width, 53-3/8" overall height, 24" length and optional 5" casters.
Stationary Workstations
Workstation with open wire construction offer 62% laminar flow with up to 800 lb. load bearing capacity. Available in electropolished stainlesss steel or chrome finish. Available in standard widths from 24" through 72" and depths of 18", 21", 24" and 30". Optional keyboard drawer available.
Mobile Workstations
Eagle's mobile workstations allow for easy relocation of stations as needed. Features four 5" poly stem casters (two with brake). Overshelves are height adjustable in 1" increments for flexible and accurate placement without the use of tools. Width is 24" and length 36" to 48". Available in stainless steel or chrome finish. Optional keyboard drawer available.
Vertical Storage Cabinets
Features 18 gauge stainless steel cabinet body. Three shelves are adjustable on 4" vertical centers, double pan 20-gauge stainless steel hinged doors and transverse rod handles featuring keyed locks are standard. Available in 36" and 48" lengths. Flat top or slanted top models available. Optional 5" plate casters with brake available.
Roll Bag Dispensers
Provides an effective means of dispensing rolls of bags or film. An easy way to establish protocol, by color of cleanroom waste, avoiding inadvertent mixing of non-compatible items. Standard unit consists of tow 14" x 48" wire shelves, one 3-sided channel frame, eight removable dispensing bars and four 74" posts with 30" outrigger feet for stability. Dispensing bars are adjustable on 1" increments. Available in stainless steel or chrome finish. Unit measures 30" wide, 48" length and 75" height. Casters available for mobile applications. Custom sizes also available.
Shoe racks
Wire shelves offer the optimum combination of laminar flow and ventilation for the storage of cleanroom shoes. Rods and tabs run through the shelves to create cubbies for each pair of shoes. Optional snap-on plastic shelf markers are available for identification of each storage unit. Available finishes are chrome and electropolished stainless steel. Foot plates are included for fastening the unit to the floor. 14" width, ranging in lengths from 24" to 72", and up to 86" in height.

Lab Workstations, Tables with Sinks, Lab Sinks
Lab Workstations
Spec-Master workstations feature a 14 or 16 gauge stainless steel top. All workstations are available with an adjustable stainless steel undershelf or tubular base. Left and right ends are turned down 90º providing a flat surface so tables can be placed end to end. Sound deadening insulation tape runs between hat channel and table top. All workstations feature our patented uni-lok system which provides greater strength and a bullnose edge on front and rear (with out backsplash).
Tables with Sinks
Eagle tables with sinks are available through the SpecFAB division. Select a solid top table and choose an appropriate sink size. Eagle has standard sizes and single bowl sink locations to help reduce cost and lead times. Backsplashes are available in standard 4-1/2" or 6" size. Customize your table with end splashes, optional edges, splash sizes and / or cutouts.
FN Series Sinks
14 gauge stainless steel throughout. All bowls are 14" deep and have 5/8" radius corners, both vertical and horizontal. Legs are crossbraced front-to-back and side-to-side to increase stability. Standard 10" backsplash and 1" upturn. Sinks come standard in one, two, three or four compartments with or without drainboards.
314 Series Sinks
Deep drawn sinks have generous radius and are rectangular for maximum capacity. Legs are galvanized, 1-5/8" diameter and welded adjacent to sink bowl for maximum stability and support.
All units are 304 stainless stee and come standard with mounting hardware, swivel faucet and 1-1/2" basket drain. Available in one, two and three compartments.
Hand Sinks
Hand sinks are type 304 stainless steel all welded construction. Deep drawn, one-piece seamless bowls. Models vary from the traditional hand sink with faucet to the electronic hand sink with soap and towel dispenser and hot water heater. Available in wall mount and pedestal type models.

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