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DBI-SALA Wind Energy Fall Protection Index


Fall Protection for the Wind Energy Industry
DBI-SALA/Protecta Wind Energy Page 1 Equipment suggestions for Wind Turbine Construction, Maintenance and Descent/Rescue
DBI-SALA/Protecta Wind Energy Page 2 Full Body Harnesses, Anchorages, Connectors and supplies for OSHA, CE and AS/NZS Compliant systems
DBI-SALA Wind Energy Page 3 New Products for 2009

DBI-SALA & PROTECTA – Leaders in Wind Energy Industry Fall Protection

Meeting wind energy challenges
We understand that the Wind Energy industry is a diversified work environment. Not only is it constantly changing as the work progresses and technology evolves, but the industry itself is always innovating with new procedures and materials that present new challenges for your fall protection plan.
Wind energy employees work in multiple scenarios where safety is always foremost on the job. These environments are specialized and multi-disciplined, demanding a full range of fall protection solutions to meet the needs of a variety of workplaces. That is why employers turn to Capital Safety, the makers of the two leading industry brands DBI-SALA & PROTECTA for industry expertise, superior quality products and continual systems innovation.
While both brands operate with a similar commitment to safety and quality, each brand has its own brand promise. DBI-SALA, which represents the ultimate in fall protection for any work environment, is supported by a commitment to Excellence, Innovation and Broad Range. PROTECTA represents fundamental fall protection at an exceptional value and is supported by a commitment to Reliability, Quality and Economy. The combination of the two brands provides our customers access to two great lines that serve the fullest range of product and value requirements.

A reputation for innovation
Many companies are generalists in safety, but Capital Safety is the only global company that has always been dedicated entirely to fall
protection and rescue. Our ISO 9001-2000 certification drives superior engineering, quality manufacturing and unparalleled customer services. Our design and engineering teams excel at finding the best way to keep workers totally safe and comfortable.
We have the industry’s:
• Highest number of engineers
• Largest patent portfolio with over 180 patents
• Greatest number of industry firsts
Combining experience and knowledge with state-of-the-art outdoor and indoor testing procedures, we produce the most technologically advanced safety equipment in the world. This equipment exceeds both national and international standards, including OSHA, ANSI, CSA, CE and AS/NZS. We call it “creating a higher standard of safety.”

Your partner in safety
Our service doesn’t end with the sale. We understand the wind energy industry and your precise fall protection needs. The highly trained professionals at Capital Safety educate, train and provide extensive long term support to ensure that all aspects of your fall protection program are successful. Whether you choose DBI-SALA or PROTECTA you can be assured that all the demands the wind energy industry places on you are met head on with safety leading the way.
DBI-SALA & PROTECTA—your one-stop for the most comprehensive collection of innovative fall protection products for the Wind Energy industry!
The A, B, C’s of Personal Fall Protection
DBI-SALA & PROTECTA offers a complete array of passive and active fall arrest systems. The basics of every personal fall arrest system can be described as the ABC’s of fall arrest.

Anchorage means a secure point of attachment (structure) for the fall arrest system. The type of anchorage varies with the industry, the job being performed, the type of installation and the structure available. The anchorage connector provides a means of attaching the system to the anchorage (structure).

Full body harnesses provide a connection point on the worker for the personal fall arrest system. Depending on the application, they can be used as part of a system to protect the worker from falling and to limit the extent of potential injury in case of a fall.

Connectors are devices used to connect the worker’s full body harness to the anchorage system. Connectors include lanyards, snap hooks, carabiners,
deceleration devices and specialty systems such as self retracting lifelines, ladder climbing systems, vertical lifelines and rope grabs.

Rescue and retrieval of a fallen worker is a required component of any Fall Protection Program.

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