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DBI-SALA Construction Index


DBI-SALA Page 1 Worksite Solutions, Body Harnesses + (new) Exofit Strata Construction Harness
DBI-SALA Page 2 Shock Absorbing Lanyards, Postioning Lanyards
DBI-SALA Page 3 Self Retracting Lifelines, Anchors, Rope Grabs, Anchorage Devices
DBI-SALA Page 4 Horizontal Lifelines
DBI-SALA Page 5 Debris & Personnel Fall Nets, Confined Space Systems & Components
DBI-SALA Page 6 Protecta Fall Protection, kits, harnesses and lanyards
DBI-SALA Page 7 Protecta Fall Protection, SRLs, anchorage connectors, confined space equipment
(New for 2006) UCL Safety Systems - specialty fall protection systems

DBI/SALA and Protecta have recently joined forces, resulting in the most complete line of fall protection products manufactured anywhere.

While both brands operate with a similar commitment to safety and quality, each brand has its own brand promise. DBI/SALA which represents the ul-timate in fall protection for any work environment is supported by a commitment to Excellence, Innovation and Broad Range. Protecta represents fundamental fall protection at an exceptional value and is supported by a commitment to Reliability, Quality and Economy. The combination of the two brands now provides our customers with access to two great brands that serve the fullest range of product and value requirements.

DBI/SALA and Protecta are committed to providing the best training, the most comprehensive technical support, customer service and the safest, most comfortable equipment available. In fall protection, there is no margin for error - that's why we build our equipment to exceed both national and international standards, including OSHA, ANSI, CSA, and CE. Using and representing the best delivers the absolute confidence you need in your fall protection program.

Every day, thousands of construction workers around the world don hard hats, safety boots and glasses, then head out to do their job. These items won't save their lives when they fall from working at height. Framers, steel erectors, roofers, plumbers, steam-fitters - almost anyone who works in construction - at some point will have to work at height. Even foundation workers are exposed to potentially fatal falls!

At DBI/SALA & Protecta, we know all about the risks that construction workers take. We have heard "It won't happen to me..." or "It'll only take a second..." many times before. Lip service is free. Loss of life, income, insurance premiums and lawsuits carry a very high price. For decades, we have been proudly engineering, manufacturing and distributing the finest fall protection equipment available!

This catalog has been created exclusively for the construction industry. Use of it will make the appropriate selection of equipment a breeze! The products contained in its pages offer dependable and durable solutions to almost any fall protection danger at a site.

From the minute the ground is broken to the day they cut the ribbon to open the building, you can trust the DBI/SALA & Protecta names to protect the workers that make it all possible.

Our ISO 9001-2000 certification drives superior engineering, quality manufacturing and unparalleled customer service. This supported by our open responsiveness to industry concerns has long been a hallmark of our company. With the publication of this brochure, we are pleased to further service the construction industry by making it easier and quicker to source and specify the products that are specifically meant for the industry.

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