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DBI - SALA Fall Protection and Rescue Systems

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DBI SALA Product Pages
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DBI - SALA manufactures fall protection and rescue equipment. Their products are divided into several categories:
  • Work Positioning
  • Fall Arrest
  • Restraint
  • Rescue

Work positioning systems will hold and sustain a worker at a specific work location, limiting any free fall to two feet or less.

Fall arrest systems are typically used to protect workers when they are six feet or more above the ground. For maximum safety, all of our fall arrest systems are designed to limit the maximum arresting forces to 900 lbs. or less.

Restraint systems prevent the user from reaching an area where a free fall could occur. Leading edge roof work typically calls for a restraint system.

Rescue systems are designed to raise or lower users to safety in an emergency without any possibility of a free fall. Rescue systems are typically used in confined space work such as underground utilities or tank maintenance.

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Concrete Wall Form Work Positioning Tower Fall Arrest Fall Restraint Rescue and Confined Space
Work Positioning Fall Arrest Restraint Rescue

Primary Applications
Fall Arrest = FA
Work Positioning = WP
Restraint = RT
Rescue = RC

Product Categories for DBI-SALA

Full Body Harnesses Specialty Harnesses Harness Accessories Body Belts
Workseats Shock Absorbing Lanyards Positioning & Restraint Lanyards Self Retracting Lifelines
Rope Grabs & Lifelines Horizontal Lifeline Systems Anchorage Connectors Beam Anchors
Carabiners & Snap Hooks Roof Anchors Ladder Safety Systems Confined Space Rescue
Rescue Positioning Rescue & Descent Systems Nets Portable Guard Rails
New ExoFit Harness
DBI-SALA fall protection products for the Oil Industry
DBI-SALA fall protection products for the Construction Industry
DBI-SALA fall protection products for Utilities, Telcom & Municipalities
Fall protection system for order pickers
New products from DBI/SALA - Protecta (2005)
DBI-SALA-UCL Safety (New for 2006) Specialty Fall Protection Systems
DBI-SALA products for General Industry and Material Handling
DBI-SALA Flexiguard Custom Solutions (Custom engineered solutions - ladders, access platforms, etc. New for 2009)
Updated Flexiguard Fall Arrest System pages with part numbers - 2013

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