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David Clark manufactures a complete line of wired communication systems, including noise attenuating headsets, vehicle intercom systems, voice powered systems and specialty communication systems for fire fighters, police, emergency vehicles, utility crews, construction crews and rescue workers. They also manufacture hearing protectors and specialty helmets designed for communications headset wearers. Some of their communication systems enable interfacing with radios. All are designed to enable workers in high noise environments to communicate. Their products are in use by over 900 emergency service providers and governments at all levels.

Some places that use David Clark Communication Systems include:

  • Jet engine test facilities
  • Sporting events, rock concerts
  • Theaters, auditoriums, civic centers
  • Vibration test facilities
  • Steel mill operations
  • Drop forge shops
  • Radio, TV, recording studios
  • Large vehicle manufacturing
  • Barges, ships and dredges
  • Crane, elevator or power shovel operations
  • Auto racing, thoroughbred racing
  • Military bases and operations, including aircraft carriers

David Clark Page 1 Series 4200 Fire Apparatus Intercom Systems
David Clark Page 2 Series 3400 Portable Communication Systems
David Clark Page 3 Series 3100 Fixed Communications Systems (components designed to fit into standard electrical boxes)
David Clark Page 4 Hearing Protectors, Specialty Helmets and Accessories
David Clark Page 5 Voice Powered Communication Systems (system uses no external power supplies)
David Clark Page 6 Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom Systems
David Clark Page 7 Railroad Communications

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