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Our three-part information system helps you select a mat to meet your particular needs. The Crown Jewels Quality Rating evaluates overall performance, while Crown Facts give you a quality rating on each of several key characteristics. In addition. Features Icons identify important product information. This information makes it easier to compare mats and make the best mat purchase decision.

Crown Jewels Quality Ratings

Diamond = High Performance. A diamond rating identifies the best choice in the category. Diamond-rated mats often exceed the best available elsewhere. They are exceptionally versa­tile, with special properties such as excellence in resilience, chemical resistance or durability. They also offer extended warranties. Simply put, diamond-rated mats outperform all others.

Emerald = Best. Emerald-rated mats provide
exceptional performance and durability. These high-quality mats offer special features and more sizes and/or colors.

Ruby = Better. You can count on a ruby-rated mat to give you sound performance over a long period of time. In less demanding areas, look for a ruby-rated mat.

Sapphire = Good. Sapphire-rated mats provide dependable floor protection. While they may not offer the many features of a diamond rating, sapphire-rated mats do the job at a lower cost.

Anti-fatigue does not just mean softness. The best anti-fatigue mats have strong bounce-back or resilience. High elasticity reduces strain on legs and back and stimulates blood circulation.

Mats dissipate or conduct static electricity, reduc­ing the loss of data and damage to electronic equipment. Check individual mats for ohms rating.

Chemical resistant
Exposure to most common chemicals and fluids will not deteriorate the mat. Please see the Chemical Resistance chart (p. 1-32) for results of specific chemical tests.

Low temperature performance mats retain resilience in cold environments.

The number in the icon denotes a specified warranty period for a mat.

Quick ship
Fast-track your delivery with our Quick Ship Program, available on selected mats. Place your order by 2 pm, and your mats will ship within two business days (48 hours), or we will pay the shipping. To qualify, your order cannot exceed 20 mats, all items on the order must be Quick Ship items, and you must request Quick Ship service.

The Crown Facts
Crown Facts charts evaluate characteristics of the mat, namely, water retention, crush resistance, soil resistance, anti-fatigue, wear resistance and slip resistance.

Excellent   • • • •
Good     • • •
Fair      • •
Not rated  •
Please note: a low rating is not always a disadvantage. For example, mats with poor water retention offer excellent drain through.

Features Icons

Custom cut
Mats available in custom-cut sizes. Custom cutting is usually done to the length of the mat, but some mats can be custom cut both length and width to fit specific areas. See the Stock Sizes listing for details on individual products.

Exclusive Fusion Technology (EFT)
Our Exclusive Fusion Technology permanently fuses vinyl foam or Zedlan to top surfaces without using glue. Guaranteed for three years against  delamination.

Patented Zedlan
Our exclusive Comfort King with patented Zedlan foam is a giant leap forward in anti-fatigue matting. The improvement is not incremental; instead, resilience and wear resistance are increased by two to three times over competing mats. In addition,
Zedlan has a wider range of useful characteristics, including static dissipation and resilience in cold temperatures. A Zedlan mat works more effectively, lasts longer and is incredibly versatile. In this catalog, watch for several new Comfort King with Zedlan products.

Due to dye lot variances and the limits of print technology, colors of actual samples and catalog colors may vary.

No wonder most companies take mats and matting for granted, when you consider mats' lowly position. However, using the right matting can make a huge difference to your company.

Savings - Entrance matting
Entrance matting lowers maintenance costs by preventing dirt, moisture and grime from being tracked in. Did you know 70-80% of dirt comes in the front, back, side and service doors? It makes sense, doesn't it?
You can capture, hold and hide 85% of that dirt with effective entrance matting. Just be sure to combine scraping and wiping for at Least 15' of matting. (This catalog suggests several good ways to do this, or call our representatives, who are always happy to advise you.)
Entrance matting also improves air quality, protects floors and prevents slips and falls.

Savings - Anti-fatigue
How big is the problem of standing at work? It's nearly universal: 83% of industrial workers suffer from foot, leg and back pain at one time or another.
The ergonomics of anti-fatigue mats have been proven: these mats actually change the chemistry of the lower body, reducing lactic acid build-up by keep­ing muscles active. This translates into less strain and pain, lower workers' comp claims, as well as better employee morale and better attendance.

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