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CK Products manufactures detectable products for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries
New (2008) Cold Storage industrial garments - see bottom of page

Detection systems sensitivity is very dependent upon a number of factors, including calibration levels, aperture dimensions, orientation, etc. It is therefore difficult to be specific about minimum particle sizes being detected and rejected. Used correctly, all of the products CK Safety offers, will ensure a higher degree of protection against contamination in product areas.

  • Detectable products show use of all due diligence within production areas
  • Detectable products can be used as part of HACCP process
  • Detactable products are cost effective
  • Above all detectable products help combat the risk of contamination in production areas


CK Safety Food Handling Products
Mint String Knit Gloves Vinyl Gloves Detectable Pens
Mint String Knit Gloves
Standard weight glove is made from a poly cotton blend. Comfortable, long wearing glove is Mint Green in color for identification. Washable. Available in a men's (490583) size or a women's (490584) size (this product is not detectable)
Detectable Vinyl Gloves
Don't let glove contamination ruin your final product. Our unique premium quality 5 mil powder free detectable vinyl gloves provides the ultimate in safe food handling. CK has engineered the detectable glove combining operator comfort and safety. Detectable in the electromagnetic range 50KHz - 1MHz, ensuring that a small torn piece will not contaminate or end up in the product purchased by the consumer. In compliance with FDA 21 CFR 170-199. Available in sizes S-XL

Detectable Pens
Choose from two styles: "Retractable" or "Stick". Pen body is produced from a specially formulated polypropylene mix which contains a non-toxic detectable additive. The vessel that holds the ink is brass. Major advantages of the polypropylene material is:

  • It is detectable and rejectable by metal detection systems used throughout the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • It is X-Ray visible
  • Body color makes it visually detectable
  • Available in Red, Blue and Black ink
Detectable Earplugs Hand Shovel Stirrer With Handle
Detectable Corded & Uncorded Earplugs
This silicone plug has been tested to be metal detectable down to 1mm. Made from silicone with a detectable additive, the entire plug is detectable, even the cord. NRR 24. Suited for food processing, pharmaceuticals and beverage manufacturing. Available in corded (CKSONAR) and uncorded (UCSONAR) versions
Standard Hand Shovel
247mm x 315mm x 527mm
Universal Stirrer with Hanger
39mm x 421mm
Detectable Cable Ties Large Paddles Standard Shovel

Detectable Cable Ties
A unique manufacturing process, involving the inclusion of a metallic pigment, enables the tie to be detected more readily than standard nylon ties.

  • Suited for electrical cabling application in areas adjacent to the manufacturing process
  • Ideal for back and sack tying
  • Greatly reduces risk of contamination
  • Blue in color to assist in detection
  • It is X-Ray visible

Large Paddle with & without Holes
HD80 - with holes

HD81 - without holes

Both are 126mm x 290mm x 1190mm

Standard Shovel
HD03 - T-Grip Handle
247mm x 315mm x 966mm

DH04 -D-Grip Handle
247mm x 315mm x 966mm

Scrapers Stapler Goggles
HD11 - 3" wide
HD12 - 4" wide
Stapleless Stapler
This unique stapler creases and folds the paper together, eliminating sharp, potentially dangerous staples from making their way into the production area. STAP (this product is not metal detectable, but prevents metal staples from entering production areas)
Fog Free Goggles
Guaranteed not to fog or your money back. The most advanced and effective fog-free safety goggle available today. Continuous 1/2 sealing surface adds comfort during full day of usage. Lens features Vistex®. an inert coating, that protects the polycarbonate lens from chemical exposures that haze or fog other fog-free goggle lenses. Fits over safety glasses and cleans with standard wipes. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standard. Available with or without foam. This product is not metal detectable
Hand Scoops

Hand Scoops
These hand scoops come in four sizes

HD40 - small, 500 grams, 110mm x 150mm x 250mm

HD41 - medium, 750 grams, 138mm x 187mm x 310mm

HD42 - large, 1000 grams, 167mm x 230mm x 355mm

HD45 - mini, 175 grams, NEW for 2007


Cold Chek™ Cold Room Garments
Cold Chek™ Logo
Garments currently used in the cold storage industry tend to be heavy, stiff and bulky. For the past two years, CK Safety has worked with individuals and organizations in various cold storage environments to develope a new line of garments to meet the special needs of these workers. The result is Cold Chek™ insulated clothing. Cold Chek™ garments incorporate the latest technology and design features to provide workers the warmth they need without the bulk and weight associated with existing cold storage wear.
Cold Chek™ Bomber Jacket Cold Chek™ Hip Length Parka Jacket

Cold Chek™ Hip-Length Parka & Waist-Length Bomber Jacket:

  • 3M™ Thinsulate lined
  • Waterproof, yet breathable
  • Reflective piping outlines body form
  • Articulating sleeves for ease of movement
  • Insulated, adjustable high collar
  • Easy grip, heavy duty zippers with triple layer insulated storm flaps
  • Integrated badge holder, radio pocket and pen holders
  • Maintains insulation integrity even after laundering
  • Fit can be adjusted to each individual:
    • Parka has draw cords and wind skirt at hips
    • Bomber jacket has hook and loop adjustable belt at waist
Cold Chek™ High Bib Overall Cold Chek™ Fleece Lined Hood

High Bib Overall

  • 3M™ Thinsulate lined
  • Triple fly system closure
  • Added blast cuff prevents cold air updraft during entry/exit
  • Additional insulation in seat and knees
  • Articulating knees for comfort when moving
  • Incorporated reflective piping outlines body in low light conditions

Fleece Lined Hood

  • Attaches to Bomber Jacket or Parka with integrated hook & loop tabs
  • Draw cords increase peripheral vision
  • Incorporated piping outlines head in low light conditions