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Chicago Protective 2013 Index

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Chicago Protective Page 1 Aluminized Clothing, Cooling Vests, Fire Entry Suits, Kiln Suits, Proximity Suits, Approach Suits
Chicago Protective Page 2 Flame Resistant Cotton Workwear
Chicago Protective Page 3 Flame Resistant Everyday Workwear and FR Winter Workwear
Chicago Protective Page 4 Arc Flash Protection Kits, HRC2, HRC3, HRC4, and Refresh Air Flow System
Chicago Protective Page 5 Linemen's Gloves - Rubber Gloves, Leather Protector Gloves, Switching Gloves
Chicago Protective Page 6 Faceshields, Hoods, Storage Bags
Chicago Protective Page 7 Nomex Clothing
Chicago Protective Page 8 CarbonX Workwear, Vinex and Oasis Flame Resistant Garments
Chicago Protective Page 9 Welding Leathers and Gloves
Chicago Protective Page 10 Aprons; Leather and Denim
Chicago Protective Page 11 Kick-Back & Carpenter's Aprons, Leggings & Chaps
Chicago Protective Page 12 Leggings, Overshoes, Spats, Knee Pads
Chicago Protective Page 13 Sleeves
Chicago Protective Page 14 Hoods, Helmets, Hats, Spark Deflectors
Chicago Protective Page 15 Heat Resistant Gloves
Chicago Protective Page 16 Glass Handler's Kevlar Clothing
Chicago Protective Page 17 Gloves, Mitts, Hand Protection Part 1
Chicago Protective Page 18 Hand Protection Part 2 - Pads, Hand Guards, Machine Knit Gloves, Finger & Thumb Guards
Chicago Protective Page 19 Mechanic's, Freezer, Cold Climate and Driver Gloves
Chicago Protective Page 20 Snake Bite and Chainsaw Protection
Chicago Protective Page 21 Protective Clothing, Shop Clothes, Storage Bags
Chicago Protective Page 22 Welding Screens and Welding Blankets
Chicago Protective Page 23 High Visibility, Fire Canister, Fire Blanket, Misc.


The following definitions are given as a reference as well as vital assistance in selecting the proper clothing for heat protection:
Ambient Heat is the surrounding atmospheric temperature in a given situation. Examples: 65°-70°F in an office; 2000°F in a fire walk.
Conductive Heat is generated by direct contact with a hot surface. Examples: picking up a burner block at 600°F; leaning against a furnace wall at 1000°F.
Radiant Heat is generated by the sun or a source of fire, such as a fireplace or furnace, and is absorbed by masses of material struck by the heat's rays. (This is why it is cooler in the shade on a hot day.)


Aluminized Clothing  Flame Resistant Work Wear Page 1 Welding Screens and Welding Blankets Hoods and Head Protection Leggings, Chaps, Spats Flame Resistant Clothing Page 2 Kevlar Glass Protective Clothing Welding Gloves Heat Resistant Gloves High Visibility Products Sleeves and Arm Guards Kickback and Carpenter's Aprons Nomex Clothing CarbonX Clothing, Vinex and Oasis Clothing Snakebite Protection Denim and Leather Aprons Chemical Protection Foot Guards, Chainsaw Protection Mechanics Gloves, Driver Gloves Reinforced Gloves, Mitts