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PTT Buttons & Safety Connection

HeavyDuty PTT Button
The inline ptt button developed by CeoTronics conforms to the highest practical requirements, it is weather resistant and characterized by a precise switching function and a high mechanical reliability - operates over 500,000 times (MTBF).
The large surface button makes it easy to use. Keying is possible even with gloves, under clothing or using the elbow. Even by only pressing the edge of the button. The total surface of the PTT button is functional.
An opposing spring mechanism ensures that even if the button is pressed heavily neither the electronics nor the micro-switches can be damaged. Sturdy ABS plastic guarantees maximum resistance to breakage. The cable is highly resistant to breakage and is designed to be bent up to 425,000 times without breaking or electrical failure. On the back the PTT button is equipped with a plastic clothing clip, which can be adjusted in steps of 90°.
The PTT is available optionally with an extremely sturdy metal clamp and with a protective ring for the PTT button against accidental operation.

PTT with metal clamp and plastic base plate
PTT with metal clamp and metal base plate instead of plastic
Protective plastic ring for PTT button
09 95 091

09 95 092
60 96 022

Safety Connection
The unique safety connection provides a high safety standard. In case the cable gets caught during action it breaks before it becomes a hazard to the user!
The safety connection is located in the cable between the speaker/microphone and the inline-PTT It is a standard application for our products, which are for use with helmets or ful! face masks. It disconnects at a defined strain of approx. 45 N, minimizing the danger of neck or head injuries.
The weather-resistant, fail-safe safety connection can be put together easily without even looking at it.

CT-ContactCom/Speaker Systems

CT-ContactCom/Speaker System for Helmets with universal Quick-Fix Bracket
A universal aluminum mounting clamp allows the CT-ContactCom to be installed into a helmet within seconds. No tools required. CT-ContactCom contact microphone and speaker, universal quick-fix clamp for helmets with inner headband harness. Cable with safety connection, large surface inline PTT and radio plug.

For Motorola GP 320/HT 750 series
For Motorola GP 900, MT 2100/HT 1000
For Motorola XTS 3000 series
For CeoTronics 6 pin/12 pin adapter
For Ericsson MR-K
For Kenwood and other radios
02 27 400
02 27 401
02 27 412
02 27 413/02 27 403
02 27 414
please call

CT-ContactCom/Speaker System for Respirator Masks
CT-ConcactCom contact microphone and speaker, cable with safety connection, installation set for respirator masks, large surface inline PTT and radio plug.

For Motorola GP 320/HT 750 series
For Motorola GP 900, MT 2100/HT 1000
For Motorola XTS 3000 series
For CeoTronics 6 pin/12 pin adapter
For Ericsson MR-K
For Kenwood and other radios
02 27 080
02 27 083
02 27 097
02 27 094/02 27 085
02 27 088
please call

CT-ContactCom/Speaker System for Riot Helmets
There are complete CompactCom/Speaker communication systems available for fitting in police riot helmets, consisting of contact microphone, speaker, safety connection, large surface inline PTT and radio plug.
Optional Lightweight Headset to replace CT-ContactCom System, when helmet is not worn.
CT-ContactCom/Speaker communication system, complete, for police riot helmets Model P100 A/F, with radio plug.

For Motorola GP 320/HT 750 series
For Motorola GP 900, MT 2-100/HT 1000
For Motorola XTS 3000 series
For CeoTronics 6 pin/12 pin adapter
For Ericsson MR-K
For Kenwood and other radios
Lightweight Headset (optional)
CT-ContactCom/Speaker solutions for other riot helmets
02 28 631
02 28 635
02 28 629/02 28 630
02 28 616
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09 09 508
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CT-ContactCom/Speaker Systems

CT-ContactCom/Speaker Three-way Communication System for Bullet Proof Helmets
The three way communication system for the bullet proof AM 95/C3 titanium helmet was specially developed for the unit leader.
The complex system enables the connection of 2 handheld radios for communication in 2 radio circuits (2 m and 4 m band) and connection to the intercom system, e.g. of a helicopter. In addition, a system for level-limited stereo external sound reception is integrated that guarantees protection from noise trauma, but at the same time enables exact directional perception of external sounds.
On transmission, speech transmission takes place via a CT-ContactCom contact microphone installed in the helmet. Transmission keying for the radios is either via the PTT buttons fitted to the switching housing or via an external transmission button housing with two PTT buttons. The microphones and speakers for level-limited external sound reception and the speakers for radio and intercom reception are located in two ear defenders in the helmet's side shells.
The switching housing with the electronic control elements is located on the back of the helmet. The connection to the contact microphone and to the speakers is carried out via a connection board located in the helmet. Four coiled cords are connected to the switching housing for the connections to the two handheld radios, the intercom system and the external PTT buttons.

CT-ContactCom/Speaker Three-way Communication System with radio l0b radio plug for 12 pin adapter and Bosch radio 10a/13a (2 m and 4 m band), complete

There is also a simple communication system for the task force that is designed simply for connection to radio 10b (2 m band). Simple communication system with radio plug radio 10b for 12 pin adapter (2 m band), complete

please call

please call

CTJetCom Noise Protection Helmet with CT-ContactCom and CT-DECT Communication System
Tailor made for handling of military jets and helicopters. This system enables wireless digital duplex communication for max. 4 persons in the service crew as well as speech contact with the pilot through the interface case connected to the aircraft intercom. The speakers and the CT-ContactCom microphone are installed in the helmet. The CT-DECT Multi module (Digital two-way radio) is worn on the belt. The integrated digital CT-DNR module ensures that ambient noise is filtered and only speech is transmitted.
Additional hearing protection ear muffs ensure optimum sound insulation, so that perfect intelligibility is guaranteed even in extremely high noise levels.
As an option, the helmet can be used with a visor, full-vision protective goggles or with a respirator mask as well.

CT-JetCom Noise Protection Helmet with CT-ContactCom and CT-DECT Communication please call

More Communication Systems

CT Noise-Eye Protection Hood
The CT noise-eye protection hood, consits of a helmet, full-vision safety glasses and communication system for connection to the aircraft intercom system. It was designed for use on helicopter starting/landing pads, e.g. on frigates.
The inflammable helmet is fitted with a shock-absorbing cushion and a high quality ear defender. It offers a high standard of head protection. The high-quality noise-cancelling microphone can be positioned immediately in front of the lips and allows perfect intelligibility even at high noise levels.

CT Noise-Eye Protection Hood please call

BoomMike/Speaker Communication System for Helmets with Universal Quick-Fix Bracket
A universal aluminum (short version) clamp allows the microphone arm and the speaker to be installed in seconds into all helmets with an inner harness. No tools required!
BoomMike/Speaker, universal quick-fix clamp for helmets with inner harness, flexible boom mike with noise-cancelling boom microphone, speaker, cable with safety connection, large surface inline PTT and radio plug.

For Motorola GP 320/HT 750 series
For Motorola GP 900, MT 2100/HT 1000
For Motorola XTS 3000 series
For CeoTronics 6 pin/12 pin adapter
For Ericsson MR-K
For Kenwood and other radios
Windshield for microphone
09 02 610
09 02 611
09 02 626
09 02 628/09 02 613
09 02 630
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Universal BoomMike/Speaker System for Riot Helmets
The flexible microphone boom arm with a waterproof, noise-cancelling micro­phone is fixed to the edge of the helmet with a durable aluminum clamp. Mounting is simple and can be done both sides of the helmet - with or without a respirator mask.
The speaker is placed in the pouch in the helmet (Model P100 A/F only).
The radio plug and the inline PTT button are connected by a weather-resistant safety connection. The PTT-button is protected against accidental operations. The communication system can also be used with many other similar helmets.

Communication system for helmet model P100 A/F, large inline PTT, including radio plug for Motorola GP 900, MT 2100, HT 1000
Other helmets and radios

A foldable lightweight headset is available for communication, if the helmet is not worn.

Lightweight Headset
Windshield for microphone
09 02 259
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09 09 508
please call

BoomMike/Speaker System for model P14/P2000 Riot Helmets
Communication system designed for the P14/P2000 helmet, where the speaker housing is fixed in the provided hole of the helmet.
The flexible boom arm allows exact positioning of the microphone in front of the mouth.
A safety connection and a large surface PTT button (with an adjustable clothing clip) are also supplied with this system.
Communication system for the model P14/P2000 helmet, cable, safety connection, large-surface PTT button and radio plug.

For Motorola GP 320/HT 750 series
For Motorola GP 900, MT 2100/HT 1000
For Motorola KTS 3000 series
For CeoTronics 6 pin/12 pin adapter
For Ericsson MR-K
For Kenwood and other radios

A foldable lightweight headset is available for communication, if the helmet is not worn.

Lightweight Headset
Windshield for microphone
02 17 173
02 17 179
02 17 184
02 17 185/02 17 181
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09 09 508
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BoomMike/Speaker Communication System for Combat Helmets (Model PB 308) with Leve! limited Stereo Ambient Sound Reception This solution has 2 housings clamped to the rim of the helmet. It is easy to install the complete communication system without any major mechanical alterations to the helmet.
The microphones included into the housings allowing to pick up ambient sounds and signals. These sounds and signals will be transmitted through the speakers and are level-limited to max. 85 dB(A) to avoid hearing damage. Due to the stereo effect, directional hearing is guaranteed. The helmets attenuation is not effected.
Two separate speakers are mounted inside the helmet to receive radio signals and ambient sounds.
The flexible boom arm with the noise-canceling microphone is fixed to the right-hand side housing (optionally on the left).
A cable with a lockable connector leads to the recessed PTT button and from there to the radio.
An additional earphone with an earhanger is provided for radio communication in standby situations, when the helmet is not worn. As an alternative, a lightweight headset is available instead of the ear phone.

Complete system
Special solutions and adaptations for other helmet types
please call
please call

CT Communication Systems Independent of Helmets and Masks

These communication systems are ideal for use with helmets and masks that do not need to be equipped permanently with a communication system, or if the communication system has to remain fully functional when the helmet/mask is removed. They are ready for use in no time and comfortable to wear under a helmet/mask.

CT-Neckband Headset
Lightweight Neckband Headset with neckband that can be worn under a helmet or without a helmet.
Contains noise-cancelling microphone, single sided speaker, a large surface inline PIT button with clip and the radio connector.
Neckband LWH, large surface inline PTT button and radio plug.

For Motorola GP 320/HT 750 series
For Motorola GP 900, MT 2100/HT 1000
For Motorola XTS 3000 series
For CeoTronics 6 pin/12 pin adapter
For Ericsson MR-K
For Kenwood and other radios
Windshield for microphone
6 months warranty
02 37 472
02 37 468
02 37 481
02 37 482/02 37 450
02 37 483
please call
please call

CT-Action Neckband Headset
Sturdy Lightweight Neckband Headset with and noise-cancelling microphone, single sided speaker and large surface inline PTT button.
CT-Action Neckband Headset, with radio plug.

For Motorola GP 320/HT 750 series
For Motorola GP 900, MT 2100/HT 1000
For Motorola XTS 3000 series
For CeoTronics 6 pin/12 pin adapter
For Ericsson MR-K
For Kenwood and other radios
Optional with earphone/earplugs
Windshield for microphone
12 months warranty
02 37 490
02 37 492
02 37 498
02 37 497/02 37 491
02 37 487
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please call
please call

CT-Action Neckband Headset with Audio Tube
Sturdy lightweight Neckband Headset to be worn independent from a helmet. The audio tube leads the audio signal directly into the ear. This makes it very useful in noisy environments.
LightweightNeckband Headset with with noise-cancelling microphone, single sided speaker with audio tube, large-surface inline PTT and radio plug.

For Motorola GP 320/HT 750
For Motorola GP 900, MT 2100/HT 1000
For CeoTronics 12 pin adapter
For other radios
02 37 530
02 37 531
02 37 496
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CT-Action Neckband Headset with Vibration Speakers
Sturdy LightweightNeckband Headset contains two-sided vibration speakers (bone-conducted sound transmission), noise cancelling microphone, connecting cable and large surface PTT button.
Both ears remain free for listening to ambient sounds as the speakers are placed on the cheek bones. Due to vibration technology persons nearby cannot hear incoming radio messages.
The system can also be worn under helmets which don't cover the ears.

CT-Action Neckband Headset with vibration speakers
12 months warranty
please call

Throat Microphone/Speaker System
Communication system worn comfortably under protective suits, helmets and masks. Ideal for use in anti riot or SWAT applications.
Throat microphone with stretch neckband, flexible earhanger with earphone, connection housing, large surface inline PTT button, connecting cable and radio plug.

For Motorola GP 320/HT 750 series
For Motorola GP 900, MT 2100/HT 1000
For Motorola XTS 3000 series
For CeoTronics 6 pin/12 pin adapter
For Ericsson MR-K
For Kenwood and other radios
Available with semi-covert PTT options
02 47 030
02 47 033
02 47 042
02 47 043/02 47 035
02 38 038
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please call

CT-CombatCom System


CT-CombatCom System
The modular CT-CombatCom system is a sturdy and at the same time light­weight headset system that is specially designed for the requirements of military and other combat or mobile special forces.
It provides the user with the opportunity and flexibility of choosing the communication equipment customized to requirements shortly before the operation - no need for tools, the configuration can be altered in seconds, even during use, by means of quick-release plug-in connections.
The headset's flat design allows it to be worn under helmets and headgear. Because the speaker does not seal the ear off, all important ambient sounds can still be perceived. The headset is available single-sided or two-sided.
With the facility for the quick change of the configuration - head strap/ headband/neck band version - it is "the" universal communication system for mobile forces.
All parts are extremely sturdy and watertight (2 hours at 1 meter), designed for tough conditions.
The base headset consists of a single-sided speaker, an adjustable boom microphone and an outgoing cable. The microphone and the speaker can be positioned individually
The base headset can be configured ready for use in seconds.
- Fastening the headset to a headstrap made of active-breathing material ensures that the headset remains in the desired position even on rapid movements.
- With an adjustable strap for fastening the communication system the CT-CombatCom can be worn independently of a helmet as a neckband or headband headset.
The innovative PTT button is of a durable design and allows approx. 2 million keyings. It has a rotating clip on the rear for fastening to clothing.
Thanks to a great number of available system components and options, the CT-CombatCom can be adapted to all operating situations, eg
- Single sided or two sided speakers
- Ear cushion
- Plug-in or fixed cable designs
- DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) for the digital suppression of ambient interference
- Helmet fastening
- Additional PTT's
The CT-CombatCom system is available with a connector plug for all standard professional radios.

CT-CombatCom System please call
Technical Specifications
Frequency Range
Boom Microphone:
Microphone Type
Frequency Range
Noise Suppression
Power Supply
Mechanical Reliability
Operating Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range
Humidity Resistance
Weight (Headset without PTT)
300 Hz - 5kHz
96 dB =/- 3 dB at 1 mW
300 Ohm at 1 kHz
Max 100 mW
Electret, noise-cancelling
100 Hz - 10 kHz
-54 dB +/- 3 dB (at 1 kHz relative to 1 V/0.1 Pa)
2.5 kOhm +/- 1 kOhm
ca. 14 dB at 125 Hz
1.5 V to 10 V
Approx. 2 million keyings
-4ºF to +131ºF
-40ºF to +158ºF
to 95% RH
2 hours at 3 ft. (IP 67)
100 g (nominal)

TC 917 System & CT-Talk Radio System

TC 917 System with Level Limited Ambient Sound Reception, e.g. for "Guided Training" in Open Terrain
TC 917 is an approved transceiver headset with a built-in UHF-radio that allows perfect hands free communication, for use in high noise environments. The transmitter can be operated be the PTT button or by voice (VOX). A Sidetone allows control of the transmission.
The headset has 10 channel capability The frequency ranges in the UHF band are between 430 and 470 MHz and the transmission output is 10 mw (ERP).
A rechargeable battery (7.2 V, 1200 mAh) supplies the power.
For "guided training" in open terrain, the trainer wears TC 917 headsets with transmitter and receiver with additional level-limited ambient sound reception, so that they are in radio contact with the trainees and with the control station. The trainees' headsets is a "receive-only" headset and can be equipped with ambient sound reception electronics, as well.
TC 917 transceiver headset with level limited ambient sound reception.

For USA (450 - 470 MHz)
For other countries
TC 917 "receive-only" headset with level limited ambient sound reception
For USA (450 - 470 MHz)
For other countries
Other TC 917 headset versions, with or without level limited ambient sound reception
Charger for TC 917 headsets 110 - 230 V AC, charging time approx. 2 hours
Carrying bag
Hygiene products
08 01 147
please call
08 01 140
please call
please call
09 10 105
40 35 030
please call

CT-TALK, Radio System for Wireless Near Field Simplex Communication
Simple, low-budged transceiver headset, licence-free, 1 channel only noise-cancelling microphone, VOX and PTT operations, power supply via battery transmission output 10 mW.

With concession for USA (49.89 MHz)
With concession for other countries
08 04 010
please call

CT-DECT Digital Duplex Radio System

For both the police and the military there are many situations where communication must be tap-proof and/or in duplex mode.
The CT-DECT system (frquency 2.4 GHz) opens up a new dimension for close range duplex communication covering a radius of up to about 490 ft. The system is license-free, and enables perfect full-duplex communication (talk and listen at the same time), which can be decisive in critical situations.
In the standard configuration, 3 members of a task group can communicate permanently with each other. The team leader has external contact with the group leader through an additionally connected radio. Systems for more than 3 persons or with radio connections for all CT-DECT users are available on request.
The CT-DECT system can also be integrated in intercom systems for police and military vehicles or ships/boats. Also the CT-DECT system can replace vehicle intercom system.

CT-DECT Headset for high noise environment with level limited external sound reception (ASR) for greater security. Automatic log-in after losing connection.
Flexible boom with noise-cancelling electret microphone.
Power supply via rechargeable NiCd battery, operating time approx. 6 hours.

Standard-Headset (max. 2 per Base-Headset)
Without level limited external sound reception
Charger for DECT Headsets
13 00 300
13 00 310
please call
40 06 528

Belt pack unit (digital two-way radio) for duplex com-munication, connection facility for different communication systems, e.g. for a lightweight headset or for semi/fully covert communication systems. Automatic log-in after loosing connection. Power supply via rechargeable battery.

CT-DECT Multi, Base
CT-DECT Multi, Standard (max. 2 per Base)
Charger for CT-DECT Multi
3-way charger for CT-DECT Multi
CT-Lightweight Headset
Other Headsets or semi-/fully covert systems
13 00 350
13 00 351
40 06 529
09 10 126
02 37 027
please call

CT-DECT Conference
Base unit for wireless radio connection for up to 12 mobile CT-DECT standard headsets or CT-DECT Multi standard modules. Connection facility for other communication systems, e.g. intercom systems or radio. External power supply via 12 V DC power pack.

CT-DECT Conference for up to 2 CT-DECT participants
CT-DECT Conference for up to 4 CT-DECT participants
For more participants
Desk Station to connect to CT-DECT Conference
15 02 102
13 02 104
please call
13 00 139

CT-DECT Mobile Intercom System

Example: CT-DECT MotCom-System for wireless communication
The CT-DECT MotCom System is a modular communication unit.
The base station is an interface with a CT-DECT module.
The system can be extended on customer requests by means of connection facilities for one or two radios and a GSM dialing module. The scope of supply includes cable sets for the power supply and the required number of switches for volume and PTT for the radios and GSM. These motorcycle radio units are connected and operated without wires in the CT-DECT Standard to the driver.
The unit can be installed completely concealed, e.g. under the seat. The CT-DECT MotCom is used wherever safety and mobility reasons prohibit a cable connection between the communication set of the helmet and the radio at motorcycle. Even after parking the rider remains in discrete radio contact to the radio on the motorcycle within a radius of about 490 ft.
When the helmet is worn, radio communication set up is through the communication set in the helmet, the CT-DECT Multi belt pack the PTT button on the finger or handlebar, the CT-DECT radio interface and the radio on the motorcycle. The helmet communication system can have skull microphone, boom microphone or microphone placed in the chin guard. When the helmet is removed and the CT-DECT Multi belt pack is disconnected, radio communication takes place via the CeoTronics SM 3 handheld microphone, or via headsets or semi/fully covert communication systems. Along with the radio communication it is also possible to remain in duplex contact with other mobile CT-DECT users.

CT-DECT MotCom-System for wireless communication, various designs

please call

Example CT-DECT intercom-System
This onboard communication system based on CT-DECT is used for wireless duplex communication as an intercom for task force vehicles. Up to 6 users can talk and listen simultaneously, tap-proof. Each member of the DECT group has also access to a radio installed in the vehicle.
Each user is equipped with a CT-DECT Multi belt pack.
The base station (power supply from the vehicle) is the central unit of the onboard intercom system. It allows duplex communication of max, 6 persons equipped with the Multi-DECT belt packs, If a belt pack is outside the range of the base station, an accoustic warning is given.
Communication can then take place via an optional connected radio.

CT-DECT Intercom System, Various configurations available please call

Communications Systems / Components

Communication System for snipers
This system allows reliable communication that is essential for snipers. Various configurations are available that can be adapted to the different requirements of this application. The standard version consists of a headset with one flattened ear shell, integrated speakers, level-limited ambient sound reception and a boom microphone (right or left).
A connection cable leads into the large surface inline PTT button and from there to the radio. A second flat PTT can be fixed to the rifle.

Communication system for snipers, standard version
Customer specific versions

The Earpiece ClipCom communication system is also suitable for snipers.
please call
please call

CT-MultiCom is a multi-functional unit with recessed PTT button to protect it against accidental operation and a soft rubber sleeve to prevent unwanted noise.
Also integrated into the box is a microphone, a volume control and several sockets to connect communication accesories (headset, ear microphone, external micro-phone, external PTT button, PH-Speaker etc.). The CT-MultiCom connects to a radio. The sturdy clothing clip on the rear can be adjusted in 45° steps.
The various possibilities make the CT-MultiCom a versatile communication system.

CT-MultiCom for connection of communication accessories please call

CT Communication Systems for Education & Training

Stereo Active Ear Defender (Ambient Sound Reception - ASR)
The comfortable stereo active ear defender receives all ambient sounds clearly and at the same time guarantees full hearing protection up to sound levels of approx. 1-10 db(A) and allows the wearer to identify the direction of sounds. An automatic level limitation ensures that the speaker output level remains under 85 dB(A). It includes a volume control with on/off switch. An easy to replace 9 V block battery (approx. 270 operating hours) supplies the power. There is also a version with a rechargeable battery

Stereo active ear defender with 9 V battery
With rechargeable battery
Carrying bag
Hygiene products
20 05 110
20 06 110
40 35 030
please call

Stereo Active Ear Defender for Firearms Training (Ambient Sound Reception - ASR)
This stereo active ear defender with a flattened ear shell, which limits the speaker's maximum volume to 75 dB(A), was specially designed for rifle training. It includes a volume control with on/off switch. A red LED indicates readiness for use. A rechargeable battery supplies the power (approx. 8 operating hours).

Stereo active ear defender for firearms training, includes 1 additional pair of sweat absorbing pads, ear cushions and complete foam inserts
Carrying bag
Charger for Stereo Active Ear Defender, 115 V AC, country specific versions
Hygiene products

20 06 125
40 35 030
40 06 020
please call

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