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Baffin 2014 Index

Western Safety Home Manufacturers Foot Protection Protective Clothing



Baffin 2014 Index

Baffin Page 1

Outerwear; Polar Parka, Polar Pants, Shell Clothing, Mid-Layer wear, and Base Layer wear

Baffin Page 2

Socks, Gloves, Hats, Balaclavas and Neck Warmers

Baffin Page 3

Polar Boots & Epic Boots

Baffin Page 4

Reaction Series and Ultralite Series Boots for winter wear to -40ºC

Baffin Page 5

Outdoor Rebel, Crossover, Powersport and Huntsman series winter boots

Baffin Page 6

All Weather, Marsh, Packable and Cush Boots

Baffin Page 7

Women's Cold Weather Boots

Baffin Page 8

Men's & Women's Cold Weather Boots

Baffin Page 9

Children's Boots

Baffin Page 10

Girl's Boots