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Asbestos Safety Kit


Our Asbestos Safety Kit cost $59.95 and includes the following items:

• White disposable suit with integral hood and boots
• Sleeve covers (1 pair) (White).
• Latex gloves (2 pair)
• Goggles, chemical resistant with indirect vents.(1)
• Respirator (1) (half mask)
• HEPA cartridges (2)
• 6 mil poly bags 3’ x 5’ (4) bags/kit with asbestos warning (not shown)

These items are included in the basic asbestos removal kit.

White Disposable Suit Half Mask Respirator Latex Disposable Gloves

Protective Arm Sleeve HEPA Cartridges Safety Goggles

Accessories for Asbestos Kit

Nitrile glove are available for $3.95 per pair. They provide extra puncture resistance. These respirators are available separately for $19.95 each. Price does not include cartridges or filters. These HEPA cartridges are available for $9.95 per pair. Extra latex gloves with 100 gloves per box. $10.95/bx. Extra goggles are available for $4.95 each.
Extra polyethylene bags (with asbestos warning label) are available for $1.95 each.
White disposable suits are available for $11.95 each. They include hood and booties built in.
Large, Extra Large, XX Large
Boots shown are available as an extra cost item. They are $29.95.

Sizes available are: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Aprons are available separately for $1.95 each. Colors are blue or yellow. These overshoes (yellow) are available for $9.95 per pair.

Green boots shown are not included.

This soothing eyewash comes with an eyebath cup. It can also be used dropwise. This deluxe size bottle is $12.95
These ear plugs offer good protection and comfort. $1.95 per pair. These sleeve covers are available for $2.99 per pair. White tyvek. These earmuffs offer exceptional hearing protection. $29.95 each. These gloves offer secure gripping and comfort.
$7.95 per pair. Sm, M, L
Spray-sok protects against dirt, etc.
3.95 each.


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