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Arnold Company Box Car Door Openers


Boxcar Double Winch
Boxcar double winch

This forklift winch is designed for handling the toughest boxcar doors.
Used in almost any situation:

  • Over any gap between the dock and train car
  • Through overhead doors
  • On an open dock

The second anchor rope eliminates the hazards of the forklift sliding sideways.

Forklift Boxcar Winch
Forklift Boxcar Winch

This freight car door opener uses the power of a 5,000-pound superwinch to open freight doors from any angle. The cable assembly and winch are mounted on a swinging arm to allow maximum movement next to the door.
The forklift driver will use a control cable to operate the winch from the safety of the seat, and since the winch is self ­contained with a 24-volt system (including the charger), any fork truck can be used.

Boxcar Plug Door Opener
Boxcar Plug Door Opener

The safest way to open boxcar plug doors:

  • No more door crank injuries
  • No more holding a preloaded crank
  • No fear of doors falling on workers
  • No operating cords (rechargeable DC power)

Below is a link to a movie showing how the Plug Door Opener works (Warning: this is a 25 megabyte file; will open in a new window).

Hopper Gate Door Openers
Hopper Gate Door Openers

This opener employs a 4 horsepower air motor working through gear reducers to deliver smooth constant torque in either direction without shifting gears. The gear reducer has all steel gears that are designed for life time operation.
The Dragon can be used anywhere you have capable air power. It comes equipped with oiler, air filter, and exhaust silencer; all piping on-board is 3/4 inch.

The totally self-contained DC model has two 12-volt battelies to drive a 24- volt pump containing 3 liters of fluid. This model will go anywhere and open approximately 10 cars or 33 doors. A full recharge of the batteries is only 4 hours.

Semi, self contained AC model has a 2hp, 3phase (1phase also available) AC -motor that drives a hydraulic pump for smooth constant torque. This unit only needs a power cord to operate the AC motor. The AC motor is explosion proof with 3 liters of hydraulic fluid to work endlessly.

The Door Demon modular frame design and power options give you the choices you need to match your operational needs. This design also allows you to up­grade your unit as operations and needs change. Our design gives us standard operation and better lead times on all product lines.


The Door Demon power options

  1. AC Electric 1 or 3 phase
  2. DC Electric 12 or 24 volt
  3. Pneumatic (air)
  4. Open source power units
  5. Built to operate from your hydraulic power source.

Boxcar Door Opener Options
Boxcar Door Opener Options

Powered vertical lift adjusts for varying capstan heights. No tools needed. 6" to 20" adjustment range with simple lever movement.
Powered side shift (pivot wheel) allows unit to move with capstan as gate door opens and/or closes. These units will turn from straight to any degree to 90 degrees with simple lever movement. Upgrade kits available for both options, vertical lift and/or side shift. We also offer custom or specially designed units to fit the needs in your operations.

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