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American Allsafe




We do not carry the full line of products manufactured by American Allsafe. These pages represent our selection of products from American Allsafe that we keep in stock. Feel free to contact us on any special order items.

Lamba, a division of American Allsafe manufactures folding safety signage and traffic control cones. Most of these items can be imprinted with a particular message or symbol. Please call Western Safety Products for more information.

Amerian Allsafe Signage and Traffic Control Devices

aafsign hazcone
The cones here
are available in
25” and 35”

hazcone 1

hazcone 3

Hazeconesign 1

The folding sign above is available
with different messages. See below
for a complete list of imprinted
The cones are
available with
various messages
See below for a
complete list
The cone group above is
also available as a 5-cone
group. Various messages
are available. See below
for list of messages
haz cone vinyl haz cone weight haz cone light haz cone chain
The cones can have vinyl signs placed
on them. See below for a list. A weight
is also available (illustration above right)
that rests on the cone’s base.
The cones can also
be fitted with a light
Plastic chains are available
to attach to cones.

Folding Sign
25” Cone
35” Cone
  1. Caution: Wet Floor
  2. Closed
  3. Restroom closed
  4. Watch Your Step
  5. Out of Service

The Caution cones are
available in several ways
depending on logo and
placement of words

  1. Plain Orange or Yellow
  2. Caution
  3. No Entry, Restroom Closed
  4. No Parking
  5. Safety First
  6. Wet Floor
  1. Plain Orange or Yellow
  2. Caution
  3. Danger-People Working Above
  4. Floor May Be Slippery
  5. Hazardous Material
  6. Icy Areas
  7. No Entry-Restroom Closed
  8. No Parking
  9. No Smoking
  10. Restricted Area
  11. Safety First
  12. Wet Floor
Most of the cones are available in Spanish as well as English.

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