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American Allsafe




We do not carry the full line of products manufactured by American Allsafe. These pages represent our selection of products from American Allsafe that we keep in stock. Feel free to contact us on any special order items.


cuda large
cuda colors

The lower photo above shows the various styles of ‘cudas™ eyewear from American Allsafe. The descriptions read from left to right, top to bottom.

  1. Vermillion lens: used for inspection and recreation
  2. Amber lens: used for low light working conditions
  3. Clear lens 1: used in humid environments, has FogGard® Anti-Fog coated lens
  4. Clear lens 2: used in gritty, dusty work situations, has hard coated lenses
  5. Mirror lens: used in a variety of environments, has adjustable temple pieces
  6. Smoke lens: used in outdoor environments, has UV coating


The table above shows the absorption / transmission characteristics of various ‘cudas™ lenses.
From left to right, the first curve represents the clear lens. The red curve represents the vermillion lens.
The yellow curve is the amber lens. The last two lines represent the smoke and mirror lenses.

cuda face “With 1600 workers in two different manufacturing buildings, ensuring compliance is no small task. Since we made ‘Cudas™ spectacles available, that task has been a whole lot easier. We’ve had a great response from our people; they’re very positive about the looks but the comfort is the most important thing. There’s no pressure on the head, no distortion and no fogging. And there’s a good variety of colors to keep everybody happy. ‘Cudas™ spectacles have worked extremely well for us.”

cuda case
Last, here is a picture of an optional
‘Cudas™ caddy carrying case. For
more information, call Western
Safety Products at 206-622-7152

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