Gauge Restraint Reader
Gauge Restraint Reader Details
Built like a steel bridge, but breaks into three pieces for easy transport to and from track

Set of Carrying Cases for item 4022-15
Part No. 4022-23 Weight: 35 lbs.
Gauge Restraint Reader Makes FRA-mandated inspection of yard tracks easier. At a comfortable walking pace, one worker can verify no-load track gauge, then stop at intervals to apply 4000 lbs. side force to rails, simulating the effect of locomotive wheels on rail. Reader conforms to FRA 213.110 and 213.53(b) requirements for accurately measuring gauge restraint.
Hinged pressure bar swings down to check gauge restraint at any desired point. Two-speed hydraulic pump advances and retracts pressure bar. Ends of pressure bar contact rail web fillet with 4000 lbs. force.
Telescopic assembly rolls freely through switches and over guard rails and rail crossings. Insulated roller bearings measure gauge 5/8" below top of rail. Bearings can be adjusted lower to clear overflow rail.
Gauge Restraint Reader Part No. 4022-15
Weight: 103 lbs.
(each section less than 35 lbs.)
Economy Track Gauge Reader
Economy Track Gauge Reader (does not roll through switches)
A worker can check hundreds of yards of track without having to bend and stoop every few feet to check gauge. Measure up to 2" of gauge variation (56" to 58" for standard gauge track). Insulated roller bearings provide smooth travel (will not go through switches or crossings). Side rollers contact rail 5/8" below head to avoid burrs, but yet pass over joint bars. Easy-to-read gauge scale (1/8" increments) can be read while walking. Scale can be calibrated to a specific gauge before starting out to inspect the track.
Standard Gauge
Weight 33 lbs. (for rails 90 - 141 lbs.)
Narrow Gauge
Weight 33 lbs. (Specify gauge and rail size.)
Carrying Case
Weight 1 lb.
Track Level
Weight 1 lb.
Distance Counter
Weight 19 lbs.
Roadmaster Rolling Gauge Reader
Roadmaster Rolling Gauge Reader
Continuous gauging with 2" clearance above rail. Rolls through switches and rail crossings without stopping. Easy rolling thanks to 24 steel roller bearings which ride on top and on the gauge side of the rail. Reversible push handle allows change of direction without needing to re-install Roadmaster in track.
Roadmaster Wheel Base
The 36" long wheel base of Roadmaster ensures that while some of the bearings are in the gap of the frog, other bearings remain in contact with the rail on top and the side. Travel through the switch is therefore continuous with no loss of distance counting.
Roadmaster Side Rollers
Side rollers contact rail 5/8" below head.
Digital Track Level
Optional Digital Track Level
# 4022-12
Weight 1 lb.
Roadmaster Details
Gauge scale (55.5 - 58.5") can be read through a Lexan lens from either side of Roadmaster.
Two-piece assembly features spring-loaded piston for for precise gauging.
Part No. 4022-14
Weight 34 lbs.

Optional Distance Counter rides 2" above rail. Measures 10,000 feet of travel.
Part No. 4022-20
Weight 1 lbs.
Vinyl Carrying Case
Vinyl Carrying Case with reinforced corners.
Part No. 4022-24
Weight 10 lbs.
Adjustable Aluminum Level and Gauge
Adjustable Aluminum Level & Gauge
An economical way to measure two inches of gauge variation to 1/16" accuracy. Slide rule action and large type scale for easy reading. Gauge setting can be locked with thumb screw. Also measures cross elevation from 1" to 7" with 1/8" accuracy.
Two piece
56 in.- 58 in. Gauge Range
Part No. 4022-07 Weight 11 lbs.
Three piece
56 in.- 58 in. Gauge Range
Part No. 4022-07-A Weight 11 lbs.
Fixed Gauges and Track Levels
Fixed Gauges & Track Levels - Standard gauge or any custom gauge desired. - english or metric.
Aluminum Track Gauge
Part No. 4022-02 Weight 6 lbs.
Aluminum Track Level
Part No. 4022-01 Weight 5 lbs.
Combination Aluminum Level/Gauge
Part No. 4022-03 Weight 5 lbs.
Steel Pipe Gauge
Part No. 4022-55 Weight 30 lbs.
Tie Gauger
Tie Gauger
Steel tube center with welded end brackets is strong enough to act as a bridge when bringing one tie into proper spacing with another.
End brackets are arranged to read four standard tie spacings by rotating the tube center 90°. Two size ranges available.
tie spacings 21"; 22"; 23"; 24"
Weight 7 lbs.
tie spacings 19"; 20"; 23"; 24"
Weight 7 lbs.
Magnetic Track Inspection Tape Measure
Magnetic Track Inspection Tape Measure
Magnetic tip allows one worker to quickly check track gauge. Color coded overlay scale gives tolerance for out-of-gauge track and cross-checking guard rail and frog spacing for Class 1 through Class 5 track.
25 foot tape
Weight 1 lb.
Stringline Rail Curve Measuring Tool
Stringline Rail Curve Measuring Tool
Measure track curvature or visually judge the straightness of straight rail. Steel paddles lock to rail head. The custom 12" ruler measures the space between the rail head and the red-marked midpoint of a 62' cord. Each inch of space between rail and string equals one degree of curvature.
Accuracy of measurement is +/- 4%.
Part No. 4024-03 Weight 5 lbs.
Rolling Distance Counter
Rolling Distance Counter
Four foot circumference wheel with hard rubber tire measures up to 10,000 feet. Side of wheel has 1 in. marks on one side and 10ths
of an inch marks on other for very accurate distance measuring. Easy-to-read dial shows "feet" in white digits on black band. Brake prevents accidental backward movement of counter. Rotary knob allows dial to be cleared instantly. Rail guide keeps product on surface of all rail sizes while rolling.
Part No. 4024-02 Weight 13 lbs.
Track Gauge Spreader
Track Gauge Spreader
Grabs rail head or base to pull or push rails into desired gauge. Can be used in both regular track and within switches. One end of the head-of-rail Spreader model has a double jaw, one of which is
offset to lift Spreader above switch point or heel block. Gauging range 16 inches. Reversible ratchet wrench with flip key to change movement direction. Useful for correcting track after derailment and when installing gauge rods. Weight 24 lbs.
Head of Rail (Non-Insulated)
Base of Rail (Non-Insulated)
Base of Rail (Insulated)
(4023-50 Head of Rail is shown here)
Height of Rail Gauge
All-Rail Height-of ­Rail Gauge
As easy to read as a tire pressure gauge ... a quick way to accurately measure height of rail from top of
tie for installation of derails, switch point guards, spill containment pans, etc. Gives you the 900 accuracy of a carpenter's square with the convenience of a vertical floating scale. The scale reads heights from 5" to 9" with 1/16" accuracy. Gauge stands clear of tie plate and is self-supporting. Size is 11" high x 17 wide. Handle is made of steel plate. Elevation scale is etched aluminum.
Part No. 4022-17 Weight 5 lbs.
For both All-Rail gauges, read height on scale at top of cross arm.
Head Wear Gauge
All-Rail Head Wear Gauge
An economical way to spot-check amount of vertical head wear for all rail sizes. Self-supporting magnet base grips underside of rail. Vertical floating scale reads rail height from 5" to 9" with 1/16" accuracy. Chart on handle lists original rail heights for rail sizes 90-155 lbs. for comparison. Handle is made of steel plate. Elevation scale and rail chart are etched aluminum.
Part No. 4022-18 Weight 7 lbs.
Rail Joint Taper Gauge
Rail Joint Taper Gauge Stainless steel gauge checks gap in rail joints. Scale reads in tenths of an inch and metric.
Part No. 4124-98 Weight 2 oz.
Combination Rail Head Wear Gauge
Rail Head Wear Gauge (shown at left)
Combination tool measures head wear vertically and horizontally to an accuracy of 1/32 in. Gauge measures rail sizes 112 lbs., 115 lbs., 119 lbs., 132 lbs., 133 lbs., 136 lbs., and 141 lbs.
Part No. 4124-210 Weight 5 lbs.
Step Gauge
Step Gauge (shown at right)
Pocket-sized gauge accurately measures tie plate shift and gaps in rail joints. Easy-to-read 1/8 in. scale with laser-cut notches.
Part No. 4123-141 Weight 2 oz.
Gauge Rods
Gauge Rods (Non-Insulated)
Hold track to gauge by preventing rails from spreading or tilting. Made for standard gauge 56-1/2in. track and rail sizes 60-140 lbs./yd. Can be furnished in insulated form and for narrow gauge at extra cost.
(Single End)
Weight 28 lbs.
(Double End)
Weight 38 lbs.
Flangeway Guard Block
Flangeway Guard Block
Create smooth railroad crossings on straight or curved track. No need to drill into the rail. Steel blocks hook-bolt to base of rail and support flat or angle bars supplied by customer. The bars are secured in the blocks with set screws. Paving can then be spread between the steel bars, leaving a clearly defined 2-1/2 in. flangeway next to each rail.
Angle bar style (each bar: 3-1/2"x 3"x 1/2")
80#-100# rail
18 lbs.
104# + rail
19 lbs.
Flat bar style (each bar: 5/8" x 3-1/2")
80#-100# rail
18 lbs.
104# + rail
19 lbs.
customer furnishes steel bars
every 4 feet
every 3 feet
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