GateMaster I Hopper Car Gate Opener in use
GateMaster I Hopper Car Gate Opener
GateMaster Hopper Car Gate Opener - Gatemaster I
The Gatemaster is a compact, simple-to-use manual tool for hard-to-open car gates. Through single gear reduction in the Gatemaster head, the worker's handle effort is multiplied 18-1/2 times - a considerable mechanical advantage. A maximum torque output of 3,200 ft.-lbs. can be achieved by only 173 lbs. of handle effort. By comparison, the same effort on a 6 ft. pry bar would only produce about 1,000 ft.-lbs. of torque. There is no loss of effort when usinq the Gatemaster. The output torque is sustained until the gate opens or the operator releases the torque.
Weight 30 lbs.
#4020-05 Gatemaster I Assembly
GateMaster II Hopper Car Gate Opener
GateMaster Hopper Car Gate Opener - Gatemaster II
Adding an "assistant" torquing unit to the Gatemaster greatly reduces input handle effort needed to achieve full 3,200 ft.-lbs. output. Less worker fatigue results. Weight 35 lbs.  
The "assistant" unit's 1/2 in. square drive mates with the main Gatemaster unit.
Only 35 lbs. of input effort is needed on handle.
#4020-06 Gatemaster II Assembly
Square Drive Fittings for Air Wrenches
Open hopper car gates with your own power equipment
Square Drive Fittings for Air Wrenches
1-1/2 in. to 1-1/4 in. stepped end.
Length 5 in. Weight 5 lbs.
2,000 ft.-lbs. maximum torque.
1 in. sq. drive
1-1/2 in. sq. drive
Pry Bar Usage Examples
Turning Bar for Sliding Gates
Open Top Hopper Cars - Pry Bar for Swing or Drop Doors (shown at right).
Lightweight High-Strength - Less fatiguing to use
Weighing only 13 lbs., the five foot pry bar gives the worker good leverage to swing and lift heavy car doors. Lower section of bar is made of heat treated alloy steel, machined to a narrow wedge end for working into a variety of sockets and forcing stubborn door locks.
Part No. 4020-12 5 - Foot Pry Bar
Part No. 4020-15 3 - Foot Pry Bar
Covered Hopper Cars Turning Bar for Sliding Gates (shown at left).
Six feet long and made of 1-3/8" dia. stress-proof steel, with an angle at one end to clear the side of car. Operator should not jump or stand on the bar.
#4020-03 Weight 30 lbs.
Pry Bars
Workmaster Air Powered Gate Opener for Hopper Cars
Air-Powered Gate Openers for Hopper Cars.
High Impact for Corrosive and Sticky Materials
Workmaster produces up to 13,000 ft.-lbs. of energy at 85 psi, 114 cfm with 1 in. air hose. Rubber tires can be flipped sideways to move the Workmaster from gate to gate. Self-closing lever throttle, wheel pivot and forward-reverse controls are all grouped together. Needs 6 ft. of space between side of car and wall. All fittings and controls provided.
Weight 318 lbs.
Gate-Jack Air Powered Opener
GATE-JACK Air Powered Opener
For opening cars carrying dry, granular, free-flowing materials. The Gate-Jack needs 80-90 psi air pressure and 50 cfm volume of air to produce 2,000 ft.-lbs. of output torque. The Gate-Jack housing mounts directly on the gate's spindle head. The operator twists the air control valve in the desired direction for the force of the Gate-Jack to be transmitted to the car gate. Control valves and hoses are provided. A 3/8 in. dia. lubricated airline is needed for best performance. The operator furnishes a 3 ft. steel rod (1 in. dia.) to serve as a braking bar.
Weight 77 lbs.
PowerDrive Electric Gate Opener
PowerDrive Electric Gate Opener:
The combination of 1-1/2 hp, 10 rpm gear motor and telescopic drive shaft will open any car gate that is not damaged or ice-bound. Instead of using one-directional, high torque hammer action, the Powerdrive relies on the instantaneous reversibility of an electric motor to "rock" the stuck gate open. The drive shaft angles 20° in all directions and telescopes to reach varying socket positions. The gear motor's double shaft allows two-track gate controls and fittings. By adding the optional Sliding Carriage, the Powerdrive can work its way down a line of gates. (NEMA 4x 230/460 V.)
Gear Motor, Shaft, Controls, Fittings Weight 300 lbs.
Sliding Carriage Weight 50 lbs. (customer supplies
6W20 beam)
Air Broom in use
Air Broom
Air Broom
Better than a push broom. Clean up dry spillage and unclog hopper chutes with a jet of high pressure air. Air Broom delivers 13 to 24 lbs. of thrust, depending on input pressure used. Dead man trigger protects worker. Handle accepts 3/4 in. male NPT pipe thread connections.
Barrel Length: 48" Weight: 4 lbs.
Barrel Length: 36" Weight: 4 lbs.
Barrel Length: 60" Weight: 5 lbs.
In winter, blow snow from track and switches. Better than a broom.
Inlet Pressure
Thrust (lbs.)
Flow (SCFM)
Dead End Pressure (PSIG)
Poly Wall Scraper
Poly Wall Scraper (shown at left)
Fiberglass pole handle extends to 24 ft. Polyethylene paddle has a 10 in. wide blade. Useful for scraping down bin walls inside covered hopper cars.
Wt.2 lbs.
Wt.6 lbs.
Aluminum Car Wall Scraper
Aluminum Car Wall Scraper (shown at right)
The heat-treated aluminum scraper paddle is 5 in. wide with a chisel edge. Six foot long pole extensions snap together to give the worker a long reach into a tank or bin.
Wt.2 lbs.
Wt.2 lbs.
Railroad Spill Containment Pan
Railroad Spill Containment Pan
Polyethylene pan locks to rail beneath tank cars and hopper cars. The solid pan holds up to 50 lbs. of drips as hoses are connected.
Solid Pan
Wt.5 lbs.
w/Drain Holes
Wt.5 lbs.
Blue Boat Spill Pan
Blue Boat Spill Pan (shown at left)
For plastic pellets and other non-soluble materials. Molded polyethylene pan is 29" long x 14"wide x 10" high. Screened drain in bottom lets rain water pass through.
Part No. 4124-310
Weight 13 lbs.
Heavy Duty Hatch Key Pry Bar
Standard Duty Hatch Key Pry Bar
Hatch Key™ Pry Bars
Save your back and your fingers. Stubborn hatch covers yield to the leverage in our specially shaped bar. Worker should be secured to fall protection cable while using Hatch Key pry bar.
Heavy Duty - Weight 10 lbs. (shown above at left)
Standard Duty - Weight: 5 lbs. (shown above at right)
Pneumatic Piston-Type Car Shakers
Pneumatic Piston-Type Car Shakers
The piston shaker has a wedge-end which fits all standard covered hopper car side brackets. The wedge cannot be clamped down or secured in any other fashion except being lodged in the bracket. Lugs on the wedge keep it from becoming jammed in the bracket.
Use On
Part No.
Dry, granular,
free-flowing material
73 lbs.
Sticky, damp materials which cake
115 lbs.
* Filter / lube / throttle kit available -- Contact us.
Caution: always use stabilizing jacks on both sides of the car when using car shakers.
Absorbent Track Mat
Absorbent Track Mat For oil-based products
Provides sorbency and drip protection under rail cars for a wide variety of petroleum-based products. Three-ply construction consists of top layer of needle-punched polypropylene felt, a middle layer of absorbent meltblown polypropylene, and a chemical resistant bottom layer to prevent seepage into ballast. Mat comes in 100 foot rolls:
59"wide for inside rails (absorption capacity: 60 gallons). Weight 70 lbs.
Set of two 19" wide panels for field sides of track (absorption capacity: 25 gal.). Weight 60 lbs. per set of 2 rolls
Mat can be walked on. Staking may be need in windy locations.
Easy-Slide Car Door Opener
Easy-Slide Car Door Opener in use
Easy-Slide* Car Door Opener for dockless rail siding where access to the car door is through a doorway. To order this door opener online, go here:
EASY-SLIDE satisfies OSHA's "de minimus" exception to the ban against using forklift blades directly to open box car doors.
Welded-steel frame fits over paired fork blades up to 7 in. wide. Aluminum pivot arm stretches 60 in. beyond frame to reach any car door. Pincer hook on pivot arm engages car door pull-tab.
EASY-SLIDE opens sliding doors and plug doors. To order, request an EASY-SLIDE sizing form.
Weight 65 lbs.
* patent pending
Fixed Length Aluminum Aldor
Aldor Car Door Opener for traditional open docks where there is a clear run alongside the box car. Dock must be at least 12 feet wide.
ALDOR design meets OSHA's "de minimus" exception to the ban on using a forklift to open box cars: Force is parallel to car door so no damage is done to forklift or car door. Forklift and operator remain safely out of the way of the door at all times. To order this door opener online, go here:
Fixed-Length Aldor -- Aluminum
Overall length, 90 in. Beam reaches out over 48 in. gap between dock edge and side of car.
Weight 80 lbs. Fits fork blades up to 7 in. wide. For wider blades contact us.
Adjustable Length Steel Aldor Car Door Opener
Adjustable-Length Aldor -- Steel Arm advances in 6 in. increments with hitch-pin lock. Fully extended, beam reaches out over 48 in. gap between dock edge and side of car. To order this door opener online, go here:
Weight 350 lbs.
Fits fork blades up to 5 in. wide. For wider blades contact us.
Railroad Dock Board
Railroad Dock Board
Portable steel bridge from box car to dock. Lifting loops on dock board allow easy placement by forklift. Curbs at sides of dock board guide forklift driver. Straight-cut or flared approach aprons. Locking rings on each side wedge dock board against dock. Capacities: 15,000 lbs., 22,000 lbs., and 42,000 lbs.
Request sizing form for pricing.

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