Car Stops and Bumping Posts for Freight Cars

We have three levels of car stopping products based on frequency of use and the length of the train that will make contact with the stop.
Car stops are sold in single units but should always be used in pairs.


Car Stop Usage
End-of- Track Stop
For car storage tracks and lightly used loading tracks.
Car Separation
Avoid contact between rail car being moved and nearby parked rail cars. Provide ample distance between stops and car.
Backup for Chocks
Provide additional stopping protection if wheel chocks/brake can't hold car steady.
Chocking on Grades 1% max.slope:
  1. Install one stop on each rail.
  2. Ease car up against stops - no impact.
  3. Apply brake and chock rear wheels
  4. For multiple cars use multiple pairs of stops (1 pair per car).
  5. Provide adequate means to stop car movement when car stops are removed.
CS-3X Car Stop
CS-3X Hinged, Locking Type (left)
Stops are bolted through web of rail. Stops fold outward when not needed. Lock casting grips head of rail and can be padlocked to prevent unauthorized use of stops. If load is too great, bolts can shear.
Right Hand
Wt. 94 lbs.
Left Hand
Wt. 94 lbs.
1-2 cars. - Light-duty side track.
CS-2 Self Tightening Car Stop
CS-2 Self-Tightening Type: (right)
Wedge holds bolted-together car stop to rail. Stop stands 15 inches above rail. Can be used as chock as well as stopping device. Tighten bolts periodically and re-hammer wedge if loosened.
Weight 107 lbs.
CS-4 Severe Duty Car Stop
CS-4 Severe Duty Type (left)
Uses the cushioning capacity of the tie and a wheel-bump feature to lift the wheel slightly off the rail to absorb momentum. Recommended for spur tracks where more protection is needed than a conventional car stop can provide.
Weight 173 lbs.
1-3 cars. - More frequently used side track.
End of Track "Stop" Sign
End-of- Track "Stop" Sign (right)
To increase awareness of car stops and bumping posts, install a 24"x 24"x .008" blank red aluminum sign approximately 10 feet behind the stops or post (to clear car coupler).
Customer provides 4"x 4" wooden post.
Weight: 4 lbs.
Bumping Post
Bumping Posts (left)
Part No. 4116-08 - Light Traffic.
Weight 800 lbs.
Part No. 4116-09 - Heavy Traffic
Weight 1,250 lbs.
Customer can install middle rails for track strength. Leave 3 to 4 ties worth of rail length behind post.
Rail Skids
Rail Skids
Cast-steel rail skids (or "skates") can be used as wheel chocks or as car-stopping devices for slowly moving freight cars. Skids are also a low-profile chock for idling locomotives.
As a Wheel Chock (for flat track only): Place skid on each rail a few feet in front of stopped car. Slowly roll car forward so wheels can mount skids. Apply car brakes. Chock other end of car on flat track.
As a Car-Stopper (for flat track only): Place skids on each rail, one skid a few yards away from the other. Let car roll forward at 3 to 4 mph maximum speed. Wheels will mount skids and resulting friction of skid under wheel load brings car to a gradual stop. Note that a skid can be knocked off rail; be sure to have a derail installed further down the track, just in case.
Replace skids when tongues become deformed.
Skid tongue must lie dead flat on the rail to be effective.
Railroad Service Model S-87 for use on 100 lb. or heavier rail.
For heavy railroad service - particularly for hump yard tracks where trains are being formed. Features deep "pocket''to capture car wheel. High back keeps wheel from jumping over.
Weight 42 lbs.
S-87 Railroad Service Rail Skid
S-86 Industrial Service Rail Skid
Industrial Service (rails 90-141 lbs.) for use on exposed rail
Model S-86: For stopping cars and as a wheel chock. Features a "pocket" center to capture wheel.
Weight 30 lbs.
Industrial Service (rails 90-141 lbs.) for use on exposed rail
Model S-61: For light to average weight cars, as car stopper and wheel chock.
Weight 19 lbs.
Industrial Service (rails 90-141 lbs.) for use on exposed rail
Model S-78 A light-weight skid, useful as a wheel chock on industrial sidings, and to alert engineer when pushing a string of cars into a dead-end siding.
Weight 13 lbs.
S-61 Industrial Service Rail Skid
S-78 Industrial Rail Skid
Chocking Skid for Flush Rail
Chocking Skid for Flush Rail
Tamper-proof chock for freight cars, or idling locomotives on flat track. Low clearance (4 in. above top of rail). Lip on one side of skid is removed for seating on flush rail. Roll car onto skid and apply brake. Chock other end of car with a conventional wheel chock. Skids are furnished as either "left rail" or "right rail" as viewed from the handle end of the skid.
"Right Rail" Skid is pictured at left.
4" high x 18" long. Weight 13 lbs.
"Right" oriented Flush Rail Chocking Skid

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