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Sked-Evac Tripod
Sked-Evac Rescue Tripod
The Sked-Evac Tripod extends to ten feet high at the three anchors, which are equally distant from the center (about 2-3/4"). Each of the anchors is anodized red for easy identification, and all are equally well centered to handle a load. The anchors, header and legs are interconnected with 1/2" stainless steel bolts to provide maximum strength. The header limits the distance the legs can spread. When at full extension, this tripod allows you to bring the patient in a stretcher completely out of the hole. It is rated to handle an NFPA rescue load. Included with the tripod is a chain which passes through the feet to provide greater strength and stability. The chain will not degrade in acids or chemicals like nylon straps or ropes. The legs are adjustable in 5" increments, and Skedco provides safe working load data for each tripod height on each tripod. Brackets are available for mounting most popular winches. Made in USA
Sked-Evac Tripod Carrying Case
This case (shown above) features heavy duty vinyl coated nylon material and an extra long zipper along its full length and across the ends to faciliate easy repacking. It has an inside pocket in the center to store the bag of chain which comes with the tripod, preventing the chain from sliding to one end when the tripod is carried. There are handles in the center and at each end of the bag. This bag has a 9" diameter and a 7' 1" length, and will make nearly every brand of tripod easier to carry. Made in USA
SK-700 Sked-Evac Industrial Rescue/Entry Tripod
SK-701 Sked-Evac Tripod Carrying Case
SK-707-B DBI/Sala Lift II Winch Bracket for Sked-Evac Tripod
The Rescue Hauler 4:1 Pulley Device
Rescue Hauler Pulley Device
This ingenious device combines a 3-inch double pulley with a cam. The rope can move only in one direction when the cam is engaged. It allows you to raise a load by pulling on the tail end of the rope, releasing it and getting another grip. The cam can be released manually by pulling on the attached cord. This allows you to lower the load. The cam is guaranteed for life. There are not hidden parts to this device, facilitating minimal maintenance and easy inspection in the field. The pulley sheeves and body of the Rescue Hauler and matching pulley are anodized. They will meet a 200 hour salt spray test. The Rescue Hauler accommodates rope sizes from 3/8" (10mm) to 1/2" (12mm). Maximum recommended load at the cam is 2300 lbs. Minimum break strength when in use is 12,000 lbs. When used with a separate double pulley (as shown above) it gives you a 4:1 mechanical advantage
SK-710 Skedco Rescue Hauler

Skedco 3" Double Pulley without bracket

SK-712 Skedco 3" Double Pulley with bracket
Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit
Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit
The Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit utilizes the Rescue Hauler, a matching double pulley, 2 large steel 'D' carabiners, the required amount of 1/2" PMI static kernmantle rescue rope, and a handy rope bag with a pocket for storing the pre-rigged system. It can be attached to an anchor and ready to use in seconds. When ordering your Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit, remember the the rope length is determined by using 4 times the distance from the tripod anchors to the bottom of the hole, plus 30 feet for tying knots, etc. Custom sizes can be fabricated upon request.
SK-720-25 Skedco 25' 4:1 Rescue Kit
SK-720-50 Skedco 50' 4:1 Rescue Kit
SK-720-75 Skedco 75' 4:1 Rescue Kit
SK-720-100 Skedco 100' 4:1 Rescue Kit
Skedco Belay/Tag Line Kits
Belay-Tag Line Kits
Skedco now offers 1/2" PMI Rescue Rope in a variety of lengths for use as belay and tag lines. Kits include rope and rope bag, and are available for hole depths of 25', 50', 75' and 100'. Kits contain enough rope for hole depth plus 25' for tying off. Measure hole depth from anchor point to bottom of hole.
SK-740-25 Skedco Belay/Tag Line (25' hole, 50' rope)
SK-740-50 Skedco Belay/Tag Line (50' hole, 75' rope)
SK-740-75 Skedco Belay/Tag Line (75' hole, 100' rope)
SK-740-100 Skedco Belay/Tag Line (100' hole, 125' rope)

Sked-Evac Confined Space Rescue System
Sked-Evac Confined Space Rescue System

While most customers will want to select their own equipment to meet their specific needs, it is often useful to have a starting point which addresses the fundamental needs for confined space rescue. To that end, Skedco has combined what we believe to be essential items into a Confined Space Rescue kit. The customers are free to add or delete rescue items form the kit to acquire the appropriate equipment for their situation. Skedco recommends that compentent rescue professionals be consulted to address the specific requirements of any potentially hazardous environment. The Sked-Evac CSR kit is available for hole depths of 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet, 100 feet, or can be custom ordered for any depth.
Each Sked-Evac CSR kit contains the following items:

  • SK-700: Sked-Evac Tripod
  • SK-701: Sked-Evac Tripod Bag
  • SK-200-OR: Sked Basic Rescue System
  • SK-300-OR: Oregon Spine Splint II
  • OP-2029: Ambu Collar Assortment Kit
  • SK-720-xx: Skedco 4:1 Rescue Kit
  • OP-2107D: Full Body Adjustable Rescue Harnesses (2 each)
  • SK-740-xx: Tag Line
  • SK-740-xx: Belay Line
  • SK-911-12: Skedco 12' x 3" Anchor Sling
  • SK-731: Continuous Loop Sling
  • B17: PETZL Handled Ascender
  • A06: PETZL Ecrin Best Helmet, Yellow (2 each)
  • SK-730: Skedco Rescue Stirrup with Screw Link
  • SK-732: Rope Pad
  • SK-993: 24" Rope Guard
  • SK-206: Large Locking 'D' Steel Carabiners (6 each)

Kits are available for hole depths of 25', 50', 75' and 100'. Skedco 4:1 Rescue System contains four times hole depth plus 30' of 1/2" PMI Rescue Rope. Tag and belay lines contain hole depth plus 25' of 1/2" PMI Rescue Rope. Replace xx with hole depth to designate kit preference. Hole depth should be determined by measuring from the top of tripod to bottom of hole.

SK-770-25 Skedco Sked-Evac CSR Kit, 25' depth
SK-770-50 Skedco Sked-Evac CSR Kit, 50' depth
SK-770-75 Skedco Sked-Evac CSR Kit, 75' depth
SK-770-100 Skedco Sked-Evac CSR Kit, 100' depth

DBI/Sala SalaLift II & DBI/Sala Sealed SRL
SalaLift II Winch
SalaLift II Winch
Winch & SRL Bracket
Winch & SRL Bracket
Snatch Block
Snatch Block
This second generation man rated winch provides superior performance and durability. It features a 6:1 gear ratio providing a 12.75 ft./min. average lifting speed. The freewheel feature allows fast delivery of cable and the safety hook features a visual overload indicator. This winch also features an overload clutch for additional safety. Carrying bag is included.
8102003 SalaLift II Winch with 60 ft. of 1/4" stainless steel cable
8102011 SalaLift II Winch with 90 ft. of 3/16" stainless steel cable
8102007 SalaLift II Winch with 120 ft. of 3/16" stainless steel cable
8003205 DBI/Sala Snatch Block (Steel Cable Pulley)
To use the SalaLift II Winch or Sealed SRL with a Sked-Evac Tripod, you will need a mounting bracket
SK-707-B Mounting Bracket for Sked-Evac Tripod
DBI/Sala Sealed SRL
Sealed SRL
This SRL is the very latest concept. All dynamic components are sealed. The brake motor spring and other components are protected from entry of foreign elements to prevent wear and dramatically increase reliability. The attendant can raise or lower a person just by turning the handle. The safety hook features a visual overload indicator. The SRL has a 50 ft. long 3/16" cable. Maximum capacity rated for 310 lbs. Carrying bag is included. Also available in 85 ft. or 130 ft. lengths.
3400108 Sealed SRL Winch w/50 ft. of 3/16" stainless steel cable

Sked-Pak Medical Bag System
Inspired by the most rigorous demands of our elite military medical groups, this medical bag system is both durable and flexible, suitable for use by military, paramedics, field medic, smoke jumpers, search and rescue units and any person with a need for a really tough bag. The system is modular, with internal components which are removable and transferable. The external bags come in two styles. The Sked-Pak I is a heavy duty pack pack which is designed to use with the standard military Alice pack frame and is designed specifically for use in parachute jumps. It comes complete with an integral single point release mechanism and leg straps necessary for jumping safely. The Sked-Pak II is a lighter duty bag which can be carried by the handle like a suitcase, but also includes concealed straps for use as a backpack. The internal components of both bags are identical and the kit components can be removed as a unit for re-supply, or transferred quickly from bag to bag. A second removable insert can be purchased to enable instant re-supply. All components can be ordered separately, for replacement of lost parts or to keep kits pre-packed, ready for rapid replacement in a field environment. Available in International Orange, O.D. Green, Desert Camo or Black. All internal components are black. Made in USA
Sked-Pak I
Sked-Pak I

The Sked-Pak™ I Jumpable Medical Ruck includes a sewn-on single point release and removable leg straps to meet the technical requirements for use by a parachutist. This design eliminates the need for the traditional "H" harness. When released the pack drops on a lowering line for personnel safety on landing. It includes outer storage pockets, two canteen pockets, and a removable accessory pack which can be attached on the top or bottom. A second accessory pack can be purchased to increase storage capacity. Compression straps, leg straps, and release mechanism are included with each bag. The compression straps prevent loss of equipment should the zipper burst on impact. Coil zippers are used throughout the bag, allowing sliders to be pulled back over a popped zipper, making it good as new. The Sked-Pak™ I includes all internal components described below. It does not include pack frame or canteens. A Camelback can replace the 2-qt canteens. Military personnel and other jumpers are encouraged to contact Skedco for complete information regarding parachute jumping provisions of the bag.

SK-1100-xx Sked-Pak I Jumpable Medical Ruck
Sked-Pak II
Sked-Pak II

The Sked-Pak™ II is a simpler alternative to the Sked-Pak™ I, for those who do not require the jumpable bag or storage for personal gear. The Sked Pak™ II has the same internal dimensions and components as the Sked-Pak™ I. This bag has a handle, which allows it to be carried like a suitcase, as well as stowable/concealed shoulder straps which allow it to be worn as a backpack. The Sked-Pak™ II is ideal for ground based or civilian medic, as well as air, water or ground ambulances. Since the removable main compartment is identical to the Sked-Pak™ I, a single insert could be stocked and transferred from bag to bag as dictated by field conditions.

SK-1110-xx Sked-Pak II Hand Carriable Medical Ruck

Sked-Pak Medical Bag System
Sked-Pak Replacement Components and Accessories
Part No. Description Sked-Pak I Sked-Pak II NSN
SK-11101-xx Sked-Pak I Replacement Bag (outer shell) I   6530-01-482-2621
SK-1102-xx Personal Gear Accessory Pack I   6530-01-482-2575
SK-1103 Main Body Insert I II 6530-01-482-3634
SK-1104 Removable Insert Divider I II 6530-01-482-2652
SK-1105 Airway Management Pouch I II 6530-01-482-3629
SK-1106 Drug/Syringe Kit I II 6530-01-482-3317
SK-1107 Leg Straps (pair) I   6530-01-482-3315
SK1108 Compression Straps (pair) I   6530-01-482-3319
SK-1109 Insert Cover (lid for main body insert)     6530-01-482-3322
SK-1111-xx Sked-Pak II Replacement Bag (outer shell)   II 6530-01-482-9297
SK-1112 Complete Main Body Insert (includes SK-1103, SK-1104, SK-1105 & SK-1106) 6530-01-482-3324
Replace xx (above left part nos.) with GR = O.D. Green; OR = International Orange; BL = Black; DC = Desert Camo; WC = Woodland Camo
SK-1112 Main Body Insert Drug/Syringe Kit
Complete Main Body Insert (SK-1112) for both Sked-Paks I & II Drug/Syringe Kit (SK-1106)
Airway Management Pouch SK-1103 Main Body Insert
Airway Management Pouch (SK-1105) Main Body Insert (SK-1103)
Removable Insert Divider
Removable Insert Divider (SK-1104)

Mass Casualty HMD Sked
HMD Sked

Mass Casualty - Decontaminable Haz-Mat Sked Stretcher

This litter is designed for use in mass casualty incidents. These incidents could be airline crashes, terrorist incidents, Haz-Mat or any other incident where large numbers of people must be evacuated.
The HMD Sked® is extremely versatile. It can be dragged over virtually any terrain including stairways. It requires less effort from rescuers wearing level A protection. The two inch side release buckles on all straps are easy to handle with the thick gloves on level A or B suits. The straps are polypropylene for resistance to chemicals. They have sewn loops on the ends for quick attachment and removal.
Patients can be rolled onto the HMD Sked® rather than lifting or carrying. This creates less rescuer fatigue and allows many more victims to be saved. A downed rescuer in level A can be roll loaded by using his air tank for leverage and evacuated before the standby team can zip up and enter the area. This allows his rescue without committing the standby team.
Ropes are attached to both ends of the HMD Sked® for towing out of the Hot Zone by rescuers at decon, which allows saving energy and precious air of the level A rescuer. This results in many more victims being saved. We have seen rescuers package 25 patients in 10 minutes using this method.

SK-250 Complete HMD Sked Rescue System with strap kit, yellow
SK-251 HMD Sked, body only, yellow
SK-252 HMD Sked, Strap Kit
SK-253 HMD Sked Rapid Deployment Case, yellow
Note: Add "BL" after part no. for stretcher and accessories in black
Shuttle Sked Kit
Shuttle Sked Kits
Included are 4 HMD Skeds rolled and stored in rapid deployment bags. Also included are 8 Shuttle Sked rope kits in a single rapid deployment bag to keep everything organized. It would be wise to have up to 4 more HMD Skeds to move patients from the contaminated Shuttle Skeds to decon.
SK-2510 Shuttle Sked Kit, in yellow bag
Shuttle Sked Rope Kits
Shuttle Sked Rope Kits
HMD Shuttle Sked ropes are constructed of 1/2 inch solid braid polypropylene. They are 200ft. long with a figure 8 knot saftied with a barrel knot and taped to prevent unraveling while in use. A Large aluminum D carabiner is attached. The rope kit includes a Haz-Mat rope bag for quick tangle free deployment. These ropes are attached to both ends of a HMD Sked for dragging into and out of the Hot-zone.
SK-2511 Shuttle Sked Rope Kits, in yellow bag

HMD Sked Skyhook System
Skyhook Rope Kit Components Skyhook Rope

Skyhook Rope Winch System
This capstan style winch is rated to haul people into helicopters. It fits onto a Sked-Evac tripod. It can handle unlimited lengths of rope and is self tailing. It has recently been discovered for use in the WMD/Haz-Mat environment. When using continuous loops of rope it can haul as many as 6 victims at one time while delivering empty HMD skeds back to the hot zone.
Skyhook rope winch includes:

  • Skyhook winch
  • Custom carry case
  • Trailer hitch mount
  • Powerhead bracket
  • Powerhead
  • Standard crank arm
  • Floating crank arm (optional)
  • Cordura cover for winch capstan
SK-2530 Skyhook Rope Winch
SK-2531 Skyhook Rope Winch only (tripod mount)
SK-2532 Skyhook Universal Plate Mount (optional)
Complete Skedco/Skyhook WMD Haz-Mat patient evacuation system
HazMat patient evacuation system

This system includes everything necessary for rapid evacuation of mass casualties in a chem-bio environment. Because we never know how far we can get from the hot zone, we are including continuous loop twisted polypropylene ropes, 1 each, for distances of 100 ft., 150 ft., and 200 ft. Longer ropes are available by special order. This kit allows as many as 4 rescuers in level A to work in the hot zone on a major incident. There are 2 skeds for each rescuer in level A. There are also 4 clean skeds for moving patients from the warm zone to decon to prevent dragging contaminated litters outside the area. Videos are available.
Note: It would be advisable to have a shower system between the hot zone and warm zone to drag patients through to initially decon the patients and litters. This will be extremely important if they need to wait any length of time before going through the decon station. Ambulatory patients can also walk through it.
The kit consists of:

  • 12 HMD Sked Stretchers & 3 rapid deployment bags
  • Skyhook Rope Winch System (SK-2530)
  • Bagged continuous loop rope 200 ft. distance
  • Bagged continuous loop rope 150 ft. distance
  • Bagged continuous loop rope 100 ft. distance (Note: amount of rope is double the distance and the ends are splice together at the factory)
  • 2 knot passing pulleys
  • 2 2-inch polypropylene slings
  • 14 large aluminum D carabiners
  • 40 ft. 1/2" nylon kernmantle rope
  • 2 8mm PMI prusik cord
  • 8 HazMat rope grabs
  • 40 ft. 1/2" polypropylene solid braid rope
  • 1 100 ft. extension cord with reel
  • 1 large screwdriver

This kit is designed for a large mass casualty incident. (more HMD skeds may be needed)

SK-2520 Complete Skedco/Skyhook WMD/Haz-Mat patient evacuation system
HMD Skeds Demonstration
HMD Sked Pallet on Trailer HMD Sked Carry Case

HMD Skeds can be stored and shipped on pallets of 50 to 150 per pallet. Pallets can be stacked 4 high for prolonged storage of up to 600 HMD Skeds in a space of 8' x 3' x 7.5' high. Bagged strap sets stored in moisture resistant boxes on top of the stack. Pallets can be placed on 4' x 8' trailers and towed or sling loaded under helicopters or loaded onto light trucks for transport to the incident. Two people, one on each side of the pallet can attach the straps. HMD Skeds are assembled in 1-2 minutes each. This is faster than they can be used.
Ready to use HMD Skeds can be rolled 1-4 per bundle in rapid deployment bags for easy storage in compartments of Haz-Mat rescue or fire apparatus. This allows for rapid use by units first on the scene.
Emergency responses to Hazardous Materials incidents are not just dangerous. They are very complex, personnel rich, and the equipment is very expensive. These factors greatly limit the numbers of non-ambulatory patients that can be removed from a contaminated zone. The introduction of the HMD Sked and newly developed tactics, have greater capabilities in fulfilling the rescue mission. These include, at the very least, the ability to rapidly (a word not often used in Haz-Mat operations) remove large numbers of patients and minimize the risk to rescuers. By using these creative new techniques and others being developed, the potential of this device is only limited by the creativity and expertise of the trainers and field personnel. Medical Examiners have now found it safer, faster and easier to recover bodies from the contaminated area.
The rapid deployment case holds 4 HMD Skeds assembled and ready for use. It will also carry 8 bagged Shuttle Sked rope kits. That allows you to have the complete kit in 2 or 3 bags. With Haz-Mat incidents on the rise in this country and the potential for terrorist activities which can result in mass casualty incidents, the HMD Sked is a tool that allows response personnel to efficiently and above all, more SAFELY rescue substantially more of the victims.

Micro Hauler, Pulley & Micro Hauler Rescue Kits
Micro Hauler & Pulley
The Micro Hauler is a tiny but extremely strong and efficient version of the Rescue Hauler. It comes in either single or double pulley versions. The cam is guaranteed for life. The pin must be removed to allow the rope to be removed or inserted. When the piin is in place it allows the cam to be opened just far enough to allow travel in both directions but it can not come out accidentally. The break strength in the manner of use is 7,000 pounds. The Micro Hauler is only 6 inches long and features 1 inch pulley sheaves. Suggested uses: pick-offs, line transfers, inchworm systems, raising and lowering the foot end of a basket litter from vertical to horizontal and much more. Skedco recommends using a 2-1/2" long screw link for attaching the rope at the bottom end of the Micro Hauler.
SK-710-MD Skedco Micro Hauler (Double)

Skedco Double Micro Pulley

370160 CMC Standard Aluminum Locking D Carabiners, Brite
SK-1014 Screw Link
Skedco 4:1 Micro Hauler Rescue Kit
Skedco Micro Hauler Rescue Kit with Accessories
The 4:1 Micro Hauler Rescue Kit is a minature version of the 4:1 Rescue Hauler. This Skedco 4:1 Micro Hauler Rescue Kit utilizes the Micro Hauler, a matching double pulley, 2 standard aluminum 'D' carabiners, 1 screw link, the required amount of 7.5mm PMI escape rope, and a rope bag for storing the pre-rigged system. It can be attached to an anchor and ready to use in seconds. When ordering the Skedco 4:1 Micro Hauler Rescue Kit, remember that the rope length is determined by using 4 times the distance from the tripod anchors to the bottom of the hole.
The 3 standard kits are for 25', 50' and 75' distance. The 25' Micro Hauler Rescue Kit is in a flat bag with belt loops. The 50' and 75' kits are in round bags that measure 8" in diameter and 12" or 15" tall respectively. All 3 bags have carrying handles at the top. All Micro Hauler kits are rigged with the pulleys at a quarter turn from each other. This will help prevent twisting of the ropes when hoisting long distance.
SK-720-25M Skedco 25' Micro Hauler Rescue Kit
SK-720-50M Skedco 50' Micro Hauler Rescue Kit
SK-720-75M Skedco 75' Micro Hauler Rescue Kit

Rescue Harnesses
Universal Combo Harness Universal One Piece Harness
CMC/ROCO Universal Combo Harness
UL Classified to NFPA 1983 (2001) and ANSI Z359.1
CMC/ROCO Universal One Piece Harness
UL Classified to NFPA 1983 (2001) and ANSI Z359.1
Can be connected to form a full-body harness that meets the requirements for an NFPA Class III harness or and OSHA full-body harness. The back connector has a snap for easy attachment to the back D-ring. The front strap connects to the seat by passing it over the bar on the front D-ring and up through the adjustment buckle. The chest harness is available separately, but is only certified for use in combination with the Universal Seat Harness model RC007. Color: Black web with red padding. Combo Harness weight 6 lbs. 12 oz. Chest Harness weight 2 lbs. 13 oz. All CMC/ROCO harnesses fit waist sizes 30" to 44". Larger or smaller sizes available on special order. Large center D-ring accepts up to three sizes of carabiners. Heavy duty waist size D-rings for work positioning. Velcro and elastic web keepers secure loose ends. Quick connect leg loop buckes for easy, quick put on and take off. Upper rear attachment certified to ANSI standard. Improved gear loops. New padding for better ventilation. Color: Black web with red padding.
Weight: 5 lbs. 2 oz.
RC007: CMC/ROCO Universal Seat Harness RC006: CMC/ROCO Universal One Piece Harness
RC009: CMC/ROCO Universal Chest Harness
RC008: CMC/ROCO Universal Combo Harness

PMI Harnesses
PMI Avatar Full Body Harness PMI Delta Seat Harness
PMI Avatar Full Body Harness
ANSI Fall Protection, NFPA 1983-01
PMI Delta Seat Harness
Five full strength attachment options: dorsal, waist, shoulder lifts, and rear waistbelt, plus side attachments for positioning. All these attachment points are UL listed as full strength attachments per NFPA 1983-01. W leg-loop suspension lifts and distributes the leg loop more ergonomically around thigh, and holds it in position better for improved comfort and better security. One size adjustable chest harness allows use of the harness in the seat-only configuration (NFPA Class II), or as a full body harness (NFPA Class III and ANSI Z359.1). Chest harness can be attached and adjusted to size in less than a minute. These are easily shared among users. Wide-spread Y yoke minimizes the tendency of the harness to rub at the neck, and incorporates softer webbing and padded shoulder straps for comfort. Easy fit sizing fits a wide range of users with only two seat sizes. Includes storage/carrying bag. Made in USA All purpose seat harness for tactical operations or for those desiring a lighter weight option. Adjustable, padded leg loops and waist belt. Two gear loops. Steel D-ring attachment point. Black. Made in USA
SG51110: PMI Delta Seat Harness, Standard
SG51111: PMI Delta Seat Harness, Large - XL
PMI Avatar Seat Harness
PMI Avatar Seat Harness
SG51036: PMI Avatar Full Body Harness, Standard SG51043: PMI Avatar Seat Harness, Standard
SG51042: PMI Avatar Full Body Harness, Large - XXL SG51044: PMI Avatar Seat Harness, Large -

Petzl Rescue Harnesses & Skedco Belts
Petzl Navaho V2 Bod Harness Petzl Navaho Vario Harness
Petzl Navaho V2 Bod Petzl Navaho Vario
Multi-purpose work positioning and fall arrest harness designed to meet US Occupational safety standards. Also meets NFPA and ANSI standards. This is one of several Navaho® harnesses available from Skedco Multi-purpose work positioning sit harness. It can be used for prolonged suspension with the addition of the PODIUM seat. This is one of several Navaho® harnesses available from Skedco
C67: Navaho V2 Bod C79: Navaho Vario
Skedco Uniform Utility Belt Skedco Instructor Belt

Skedco Uniform Utility Belt

Rated at 3,000 lbs., this belt allows quick opening and closure without unlacing. It saves time when time is critical. This Uniform Utility Belt™ comes in black, coyote brown and olive drab. Available in four sizes, fits waist sizes of 25" to 44". Please specify color and size when ordering

Skedco Instructor Belt

Rated at 5,000 lbs., this belt has more stable buckle than other similar belts. It is easy to use. Available in four sizes, fits waist size of 25" to 44". Please specify size when ordering

SK-150 SK-151

Rescue Harnesses
Born Body Harness Robertson Industrial Full Body Harness

Rock-N-Rescue Confined Space Born Body Harness

This comfortable easy to don full body harness features a unique sliding yoke attachment point for fall protection, belay line and retrieval line connections. When stopping a fall, it slides up the shoulders and keeps you in an upright position. It also has a tri-link for front connection and many other features. Shoulder D-rings available. It meets NFPA and ANSI standards. Weight: 5 lbs. Made in USA

Robertson Industrial Full Body Harness (NFPA 1983 (2001) and ANSI Z359.1)

This full body harness includes a low front D-ring and a high back D-ring for vertical rigging. Meets industrial structural specifications. Optional shoulder D-rings also available. Fully adjustable, fits waist siz 27" to 54". Weight 3 lbs. 13.5 oz.
Robertson optional padding can improve the comfort of any of the seat or full body harnesses shown. Closed cell foam covered in tough cordura. One waist and two leg pads included in each set

OP-2107: Robertson Industrial Full Body Harness
WBBH-Size: Born Body Harness OP-2107D: Same as the OP-2107 with shoulder D-rings
WBBH-Size-SD: Born Body Harness with shoulder D-rings OP2109: Robertson Harness Padding

Skedco Pickoff & Extrication Straps & Anchor Slings
Skedco Adjustable Pickoff Strap Skedco Extrication Strap

Skedco Adjustable Pickoff Strap

This useful strap enables a high angle rescuer to safely pick off a victim hanging on a rope or a ledge. It allows the rescuer to disconnect the patient from his rope without having to cut it, which prevents shock loading and the use of knives on rope. Comes in a pouch with belt loop. Made in USA

Skedco Extrication Strap

The Skedco Extrication Strap is made of 2 inch wide seat belt webbing 16 feet long with two 'D' rings sewn into one end. It is useful for vehicle extrication, patient restraint, as a tied seat or body harnesss, fire hose strap, or a variety of other utility uses. Comes with storage pouch that fits on most harnesses. Made in USA

SK-950: Skedco Adjustable Pickoff Strap SK-901: Skedco Extrication Strap
Skedco Anchor Slings
Skedco Anchor Slings
A hoisting or safety system is only as good as its anchor. The Skedco Basic Anchor Sling is a cost effective sling made of 16,000 lb. tensile strength webbing. It is 6-1/2 feet long with loops sewn on each end. It is a perfect utility strap suitable for many purposes.
When a heftier anchor sling is called for, Skedco offers 3" wide heavy duty anchor slings which are made of 20,000 lb. tensile strength webbing and are available in lengths of 8, 12 and 20 feet. Made in USA
SK-910 Skedco Basic Anchor Sling
SK-911-8 Skedco Heavy Duty Anchor Sling, 3" x 8 ft.
SK-911-12 Skedco Heavy Duty Anchor Sling, 3" x 12 ft.
SK-911-20 Skedco Heavy Duty Anchor Sling, 3" x 20 ft.

Skedco Rescue Stirrup & Skedco Webbing Ladder
Skedco Rescue Stirrup Skedco Webbing Ladder

Skedco Rescue Stirrup

The Skedco Rescue Stirrup is a utility stirrup which allows a rescuer to use leg power rather than arms when hoisting a load with a mechanical advantage system. It has two foot loops, allowing the user to use the loop which is most comfortable for their height. Made in USA

Skedco Webbing Ladder

This six-step, 8 ft. long webbing ladder is available with or without an attached eleven loop daisy chain. Made of 6,000 lb. tensile strength webbing, the ladder has a spreader bar through the top rung, making it easier to use than other ladders. A must for litter tenders in a hoist or lowering situation. Made in USA

SK-730: Skedco Ascending Stirrup SK-920: Skedco Webbing Ladder, no daisychain
SK-921: Skedco Webbing Ladder, with daisychain

Skedco Equipment Turnout Bag
Skedco Equipment Bag
This bag is big! It is just under the airline specifications for maximum baggage size, measuring 14" x 14" x 36". It has carrying handles in the center as well as on each end. It is made of padded orange cordura and is extremely tough and rugged. It has a wrap-around zipper closure and zippered pouches on each side. If you need a big, tough bag, this is it. Perfect for storing components of large kits or turnout gear. Made in USA
SK-977: Skedco Equipment/Turnout Bag

Carabiners, Pulleys & Rescue Hardware
Carabiners & other rescue hardware
Top Row, left to right Bottom Row, left to right
SK-206 SMC Large Steel locking D carbiner NFPA136000 NFPA Swivel
SK-206B Skedco Black Lite Alloy Steel NFPA locking carabiner NFPA126502 NFPA Escape 8
M15 Petzl Spirit, straight gate carabiner 147000 Swiftwater Pulley
SK-1013 Petzl M17 AM D locking carabiner

Petzl Tikka Plus 4 LED Headlamp
Petzl Tikka Plus 4 LED Headlamp
This unique minature light features 4 LED lights that do not create shadows like those of a filament bulb. 3 brightness settings and a blinking mode. Batteries last up to 150 hours on regular settings (up to 400 hours on blinking mode). Lamp articulates with new tilt feature. Water resistant and excellent for use anytime. Elastic band is fully adjustable and comfortable to wear.
E47 P Petzl Tikka Plus 4 LED Headlamp (includes 3 AAA batteries)
E44850 Petzl Tikka / Zipka filter kit, 1 each clear, red and green snap-in lenses

PMI Rappel Gloves
LIghtweight Rappel Gloves Tactical Rappel Gloves
Lightweight Rappel Gloves Tactical Rappel Gloves
GL220xx PMI Lightweight Gloves (sizes XS - XXL) replace xx in part # with size
GL222xx PMI Tactical Gloves (sizes S - XXL) replace xx in part # with size

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