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Petzl 2014 Index

Western Safety Home Manufacturers Fall Protection Head Protection



General Index

Petzl Page 1

Body Harnesses page 1: Avao system harnesses

Petzl Page 2

Body Harnesses page 2: More harnesses, Sequoia Harnesses, Falcon Rescue Harnesses, Newton Harnesses

Petzl Page 3

Rescue Litters and Evacuation Triangles

Petzl Page 4

Helmets and Accessories (Vertex and Alveo)

Petzl Page 5

Lanyards 1: Positioning and Energy Absorbing Lanyards (Grillon and Absorbica)

Petzl Page 6

Lanyards 2: Jane Rope Lanyards, Zillon Tree Care Lanyard, and accessories

Petzl Page 7

ASAP-LOCK, ASAP, and Aluminum Carabiners

Petzl Page 8

Steel Carabiners and Quick Link Connectors. Also Carabiner and Connector Specification Chart

Petzl Page 9

Descenders and ZigZag Mechanical Prussik

Petzl Page 10

Ascent Devices

Petzl Page 11


Petzl Page 12

Anchors, Anchor Straps and Temporary Lifelines

Petzl Page 13

Ropes and Rope Protectors (European Standard Ropes and North American Standard Ropes)

Petzl Page 14

Bags, Gloves, Buckets, Throwline, Crampons, Accessories

Petzl Page 15

Lighting: Pixa Series Headlamps and Accessories

Petzl Page 16

Lighting: Duo Series Headlamps and Accessories

Petzl Page 17

Lighting: High Performance Headlamps (Ultra Vario Series) and Accessories. Also e+LITE Emergency Light (10 Year Storage).