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Laser Eye Protection Index

NoIR Laser Company is a leader in the eye safety industry by maintaining a singular focus: developing a comprehensive line of safety eyewear for laser light protection. All NoIR LaserShields are manufactured in NoIR's Southeast Michigan facility, with manufacturing processes held to strict tolerances, ensuring that all filters exceed performance and absorption specifications.
NoIR manufactures laser safety eyewear for medical, dental, military, aerospace, scientific, communications and industrial applications. As a specialist in custom absorption dor coherent and non-coherent sources, we also provide filters for alignment, forensics, UV/Blue light curing, photodynamic therapy, enhancement and telecommunications.
NoIR delivers aggresively priced industry standard products in an array of light weight and comfortable frame styles, yet as a privately held company with complete control of the manufacturing process, we are able to develope custom filters for new applications or energy sources.

Coherent Light Applications

  • LaserShields are tested and certified for femtosecond pulses
  • Test reports, certificates and documentation available on request
  • Narrow band absorptive dyes maximize color recognition and visible light transmittance
  • LaserShields afford superior optics and high visibility of the working environment
  • LaserShields are certified for direct and diffuse viewing
  • LaserShields employ non reflective technology - laser energy is absorbed for a minimum of 10 seconds or 100 pulses
  • Laser protective dyes are molded into the plastic and will not scratch off, photobleach or degrade over time
  • Lightweight, comfortable and durable, LaserShield frames have a lifetime warranty
  • All LaserShield filters are made in USA

Non Coherent Applications
NoIR filters have found unique applications in a variety of disciplines employing non coherent light, including:

  • Enhancement of fluorescence of bodily fluids and latent fingerprints for forensics
  • Enhancement of chemoluminescence and fluorescence in medical, biological and marine biological applications
  • Enhancement of dyes in leak detection systems
  • Post treatment patient protection in pharmaceutical applications
  • UV protection in dental and industrial applications and more
Caution: Never look directly into the path of a laser. LaserShield eyewear offers protection against incidental exposure to specified beam energy only. The use of incorrect eyewear may lead to serious personal injury and/or blindness.
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