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Moving motorists and pedestrians in the right direction…safely.

Traffic safety is not just the responsibility of the driver, pedestrian, cyclist or road worker. It is everyone’s concern. While local municipalities and contractors look to us for the industry’s most advanced and reliable products and responsive service, our commitment goes far beyond that which we sell.
Flint Trading, Inc. (“Flint”) is devoted to increasing road safety awareness and is very active in private and public committees and task forces called upon to set standards and implement policies that will provide better roadway safety.
We are even more passionate where the interests of our customers are concerned. Employees of Flint are committed to providing exceptional service and value including:

  • the industry’s shortest delivery times
  • real time answers to our customers’ toughest questions
  • in-house technical support
  • hands-on training in the field

Flint Trading offers the following products and services:

Flint supplies preformed thermoplastic pavement markings. Our core product, PreMark®, was developed in Scandinavia, home to some of the world’s harshest driving conditions. Today, a complete line of PreMark® preformed thermoplastic pavement markings are made at our ISO-certified manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Flint also manufactures and markets TopMark® preformed thermoplastic detectable warnings and our most recent product introduction, DecoMark® Decorative Pavement Markings. Flint announced the acquisition of the HotTape™ preformed thermoplastic pavement markings.
Flint is also the exclusive distributor in the United States, Canada and Latin America for a variety of DELTA® instruments that are repeatable, reproducible and traceable to a national standard. Produced in Scandinavia, Delta® instruments are designed with advanced optics to measure retroreflectivity for nighttime visibility as well as daytime visibility of pavement markings and sign sheeting.
Precision Scan, an affiliate of Flint, collects and evaluates retroreflectivity, color and visibility data for signs and pavement markings using mobile or hand-held reflectometers.
Finally, Flint also offers the Flint2000EX industrial propane heat gun, an adhesive line which includes Bundy® and SuperBundy® Plus, Dura-Post® tubular markers, and the Byk-Gardner color-guide™ spectrophotometer.

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