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Justrite Safety Drum Funnels

Justrite Safety Drum Funnels

Manufacturer: Justrite

Product Code: 08207

Justrite Safety Drum Funnels


Prevent spills when transferring flammable solvents, thinners, oils or paint wastes

  • Wide-mouth opening with hinged, stay-open lid.
  • Self-closing lid in case of fire.
  • Galvanized steel with durable exterior epoxy powder-coat finish.

Safely transfer flammable liquids into a 30- or 55-gallon (110- or 200-L) drum using these 2.6-gallon (9.8-L) capacity safety funnels that fit into a 2-in (51-mm) bung. Wide 10-3/4-in (273-mm) mouth handles rapid pouring without spills. Durable steel funnels feature a self-closing cover with a fusible link that melts at 165°F (74°C) to automatically close in case of a fire. Model numbers 08207 and 08205 include a built-in brass flame arrester that absorbs and dissipates heat preventing any external ignition source from reaching the drum’s content. Both models handle flammable waste safely—model number 08205 with a longer flame arrester provides greater liquid flow. For collection of viscous flammables or non-flammable liquids, use model number 08208 fitted with a long open-ended brass tube to direct liquid flow. Heavy-duty 18-gauge (1-mm thick) galvanized steel construction with electrostatically applied epoxy powder-coat offers excellent durability and chemical resistance. Lid in closed position reduces vapors and accepts a lock (not included) to prevent unauthorized access.

Safety Drum Funnel with Tip-Over Protection System

Use model number 08203 to prevent spillage from drum tip-over accidents or for earthquake-prone areas. It offers the same protection as drum funnel no. 08207 above, with the addition of an integral ball valve that self-closes to minimize vapor emissions—and seals the drum closed to prevent dangerous content spillage. System includes a brass vent to provide pressure and vacuum relief for protection against rupture or explosion. Easy to operate—install vent with bung adaptor in the 3/4-in (19-mm) bung and brass unit with handle into the 2-in (51-mm) bung. Fill funnel with liquid, close cover and latch, then depress handle to manually open ball valve and release liquid into drum. Releasing the handle automatically closes the valve to safely seal the drum.

FM Approved. EPA and OSHA compliant.


Description Funnel Size
Dia x H
Mouth Dia NPT/NPS Approv/Lstg Regulation Red Funnel
Model No
Yellow Funnel
Model No
Ship Wt lb/kg
Safety drum funnel with self-closing cover and
6 in (152 mm) flame arrester
10.75 x 10 in
273 x 254 mm
10.75 in
273 mm
2 in (DN50) FM,TÜV 08207 08227 10/5
Safety drum funnel with self-closing cover and
32 in (813 mm) flame arrester
08205 08206 16/7
Safety drum funnel with self-closing cover and
33 in (838 mm) brass tube
Safety drum funnel no. 08207 with tip-over protection system 2 in (DN50) and 0.75 in (DN20) vent FM 08203 20/9
Tip-over protection kit only for use
with nos. 08207 or 08205
FM 08214 10/5


Approval and Compliance Key


FM Tested and approved by FM Approvals
UL/ULC Underwriters Laboratories listed in the U.S. and Canada

TÜV Technical Inspection Association certified

N Complies with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code 30
O Complies with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations
I Complies with the International Fire Code (IFC)
A Complies with NFPA 1 Fire Code - 2012 Edition
A9 Complies with NFPA 1 Fire Code - 2009 Edition
H Complies with NFPA 400 Hazardous Material Code
EN Complies with European standards EN 14470-1 and EN 14727
E Complies with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations
S Supports EPA Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Rule (SPCC)
V Validated by the EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program
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