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Enforcer Calibration Unit PelChek-ENF

Enforcer Calibration Unit PelChek-ENF

Manufacturer: Pelsue

Product Code: PelChek-ENF

Regulations demand daily testing of gas monitoring equipment to ensure your unit operates properly. The Pelsue Enforcer Calibrator affords quick, simple, uniform compliance with federal regulations at absolute minimal costs.

It is required that ‘bump’ testing be carried out before any portable gas detector is used. To bump a unit requires exposing each sensor to a known concentration of target gas to confirm that the unit responds accurately. The Pelsue Enforcer ‘bumps’ in 10 seconds and calibrates PelChek-MAX monitors fitted with any combinations of oxygen, flammable, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide cartridges in under 90 seconds. Strict gas volumes and flow rates allow up to 200 calibrations per cylinder of gas while using the Enforcer.

All calibration information is automatically stored on the PelChek-MAX for comprehensive record keeping. Simple PC software included.

PelChek Kits

PelChek-MAX400: 4 Gas, with Data logging, No Internal Pump, Cartridge Included
PelChek-MAX400K: PelChek-MAX400 KIT with Carry Case, Aspirator and Tube
PelChek-MAX401: 4 Gas, with Data logging, With Internal Pump, Cartridge Included
PelChek-MAX401K: PelChek-MAX400 KIT with Carry Case, Sampling Tube.

Calibration Gas for PelChek Monitors (34 liters) P/N ACMAX002

Hydrogen Sulfide 25ppm
Carbon Monoxide 100ppm
Methane 2.50% (50% L.E.L)
Oxygen 18.0%
Nitrogen Balance
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