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BIOSENSOR 2200R Biological Agent Detector

BIOSENSOR 2200R Biological Agent Detector

Manufacturer: MSA

Product Code: BIOSENSOR 2200R

With its exclusive five minute time-to-answer, the BIOSENSOR 2200R Biological Agent Detector delivers state-of-the-art, rapid detection, analysis, and identification of biological agents in a handheld instrument. Harnessing bioassay technology for excellent sensitivity and low false positives, this highly accurate detection method provides rapid measurement of biohazards such as anthrax, ricin, botulism, SEB, and plague. Patent-pending dynamic surface generation combines the benefits of both the free solution and lateral flow types for faster analysis, a user- friendly format, and detector stability across multiple climates.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly accurate bioassay technology
  • Five minute time-to-answer
  • Tests both wet and dry samples
  • Nondestructive tests allow for sample retention
  • Uses positive and negative control cartridges
  • Battery-operated with ability to run 50 tests on a single charge
  • Fully deconable, IP67 rated housing
  • Both visual and audible alarms for clear status indication
  • One hour training time
  • Integrated RFID (radio frequency identification) for automatic cartridge recognition
  • Permanently housed in sturdy, lightweight Pelican case.

Ordering Information

BIOSENSOR 220R BIOLOGICAL AGENT DETECTOR 10084834 MSA BIOSENSOR 2200R Biological Agent Detector Kit*, includes carry case, charger, cartridge starter kit (10084758), instruction manual, and quick start guide.
BIOSENSOR CARTRIDGE PLANS 10084758 MSA BIOSENSOR cartridge starter kit includes 3 Anthrax/Ricin dual kits**, 1 Anthrax, 1 Ricin, 3 positive control, 2 negative control cartridges, and 2 wet sample kits.
10084753 MSA BIOSENSOR Low volume cartridge plan includes 6 Anthrax/Ricin dual kits**, 2 Anthrax, 2 Ricin, 6 positive control, 2 negative control cartridges, and 2 wet sample kits.
10084754 MSA BIOSENSOR Medium volume cartridge plan includes 24 Anthrax/Ricin dual kits**, 6 Anthrax, 6 Ricin, 24 positive control, 6 negative control cartridges, and 4 wet sample kits.
10084755 MSA BIOSENSOR High volume cartridge plan includes 60 Anthrax/Ricin dual kits**, 8 Anthrax, 8 Ricin, 60 positive control, 8 negative control cartridges, and 6 wet sample kits.
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