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Vibco Plate Compactors

Vibco Plate Compactors
Vibco Plate Compactors Vibco Plate Compactors

Manufacturer: Vibco

Product Code: VR-18


  • Affordable
  • New generation of reversible plates
  • Simple - all mechanical (no hydraulics)
  • Patented


  • Easily reverse/ forward shift handle
  • Swing-over handle - locks in forward or straight up
  • Honda engine
  • Lift handle
  • Heavy duty shocks for longer life and operator comfort
  • Water tank & sprinkler system can be added to all models for asphalt work
  • Heavy duty unitized self cleaning base plate with rounded sides to avoid "dig-down"

VIBCO's affordable line of reversible plate compactors (VR) replace the old style "forward only" plates. With the VR series there is no more dragging, pulling, or pushing.

VIBCO's engineers have solved the problem, making large expensive reversible compactors into small affordable ones. Our patented, all mechanical device (no hydraulics) lets you reverse direction instantly while maintaining full speed, in forward or reverse.

The VR Series consists of 3 models - the VR-12, VR-18 and VR-20. Their force and size are comparable to the forward-only plates.

VIBCO's VR-12 is the smallest in our line of affordable reversible plate compactors. The VR-12 has a 12" x 20-1/2" plate and our patented reverse lever design that allows you to instantly change drive direction from full speed in forward to reverse. It is the ideal compactor for dirt, sand and stone. Add the water tank kit and it's great for asphalt as well. The VR-12 is perfect for those tight locations like ditches and inside foundations; where a small but powerful plate compactor is needed to do the job. (comparable single direction VIBCO plate compactor is the TP-1220)

VIBCO's VR-18 is the most popular and versatile reversible plate compactor, with an 18" x 24" self cleaning 3/8" steel plate and a powerful and reliable 4 hp Honda engine. The VR-18 comes with VIBCO's patented, all mechanical drive lever which offers good speed both in forward and reverse. Efficient and powerful, with 3000 lbs. of centrifugal force, the VR-18 is price much less than you would expect for all of its features. Accessories include an easily installed water tank kit for asphalt compaction. (comparable single direction VIBCO compactor is the TP-1830)

VIBCO's VR-20 is the largest reversible plate compactor in the VR-series with a 20" x 19" self cleaning plate. It is the true brute in the reversible plate compactor field. The VR-20 comes standard with a 6.5 hp Honda engine which produces 4350 lbs. of centrifugal force making it the most powerful compactor in it's class. It utilizes a durable double V-belt drive and oversized isolation mounts for operator comfort. VIBCO also offers an easily installed water tank kit, making it ideal for asphalt compaction. (comparable single direction VIBCO plate compactors the TP-2045)

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