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Vibco Heinrich Standard Forward Plate Compactors

Vibco Heinrich Standard Forward Plate Compactors
Vibco Heinrich Standard Forward Plate Compactors Vibco Heinrich Standard Forward Plate Compactors Vibco Heinrich Standard Forward Plate Compactors

Manufacturer: Vibco

Product Code: TP-10



Field tested for over 40 years.


  • Heavy duty swing over handle T-style or full loop-handle (standard)
  • Honda engine
  • Easily removable vibratory element
  • Heavy duty clamp will not break
  • Self aligning roller bearings in oil bath for longer life
  • Handle lock for lifting
  • Heavy duty shock absorbers for longer engine life and operator comfort
  • Heavy duty unitized base plate with rounded sides for better maneuverability and faster forward motion
  • Dirt & asphalt plate. Same dirt plate can easily be outfitted with water tank for asphalt work
  • Self cleaning base plate
  • Drive belts with heavy duty guards are positioned to stay clear of stones spilling onto base plate

VIBCO/Heinrich Plate Compactors have become the true "Cadillac" of all plate compactors. Their performance is unequated, with speed and compaction rates that increase productivity by reducing number of passes needed to complete the job. All the model are very portable with handles that lock at 90O for easy lifting and transportation. All are drop tested and equipped with a durable self-cleaning 3/8" steel base plates. As with every VIBCO product, these plate compactors come with our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

VIBCO's TP-10 has a 12" x 12" plate and is the lightest weight (only 87 lbs.) compactor on the market. It is ideal for swimming pool installers, natural gas line installers or anyone needing a powerful yet compact plate for tight spaces.

VIBCO's TP-1220 has a 12"x20" plate and is ideal for use on dirt, sand and stone. With its easily installed water tank kit, it is also perfect for asphalt compaction. The TP-1220 is somewhat heavier than the TP-10 but offers the same versatility and function for contractors looking for a small plate compactor that produces a big punch.

The TP-1830, VIBCO's most popular and universal plate compactor, is voted the contractors FAVORITE!! It offers speed, efficiency and 3000 lbs. of centrifugal force, for much less than you would expect for all its features. VIBCO's model TP-1830 has a 18"x18" self cleaning 3/8" steel plate along with a powerful and reliable 5.5 hp Honda engine. Accessories include an easily installed water tank kit for asphalt compaction. The TP-1830 is a must have for every contractor.

The TP-2045 is VIBCO's largest single directional compactor with a 20"x18" plate. The TP-2045 comes standard with a 8 hp Honda engine that produces 4500 lbs. of centrifugal force, making it the mos tpowerful compactor in it's class. It utilizes a durable double V-belt drive and oversized isolation mounts for operator comfort. With the easily installed water tank kit, it is the ideal for asphalt compaction. The TP-2045 offers contractors the most power and function at an affordable price.

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