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Vibco GR-3200 Vibratory Roller

Vibco GR-3200 Vibratory Roller

Manufacturer: Vibco

Product Code: GR-3200

Vibco GR-3200 Vibratory Roller


The Affordable Solution for the D.O.T. and Small Contractor.

Features & Benefits of the GR-3200

  • Adjustable position handle bar can be set for operator comfort or completely vertical for transportation
  • Travel speed is adjustable, both in forward and reverse
  • Equipped with a lifting hook
  • 5.5 hp Honda engine standard
  • Rear stabilizer roller makes controlling the roller easy
  • Vibration control lever to control a max RPM of 5400 VPM
  • Front tip bar (prevent tipping)
  • Dump body support hooks - used to transport roller without trailer (optional)
  • Oil level dip stick and drainage pipe for easy maintenance.

VIBCO's New & Improved GR-3200 has a completely hydraulic design (no gear boxes) making it simple to operate. It is the safest and most cost effective walk behind vibratory roller available for the small to medium asphalt contractor as well as state and local DOT's.

VIBCO's GR-3200 delivers the best up hill traction and better compaction grade on many applications - back filling force of footings and foundations, sub-base and base preparation, close compaction along side structures, trench work, and pot hole repairs. It also offers the fastest transport speed in its class.

The GR-3200 is equipped with an 8 gallon, corrosion resistant poly watertank with shut off, making the roller perfect for a multitude of asphalt compaction jobs such as walkways, driveways, pothole repairs, and patching. All backed by VIBCO's one year /1000 hour parts and labor warranty.


Travel Speed 0-200 feet per minute Water System Standard 8 Gal. Poly Tank, Gravity Drip
Propulsion Dynamic Hydrostatic Forward/Reverse Compaction depth 10"
Roller Dia. x Lenght 18" Dia. x 24" Wide 1/8" Thick Engine Speed 3400 RPM
Rear Stabilizing Roller Standard Engine 5.5 HP**
Vibratory Force 3200 Lbs. Vibration Isolation Heavy Duty Rubber Isolators
Vibration Frequency 5400 VPM
Narrow Side Overhang 3/8" Control Handle Adjustable

* Warranty one year or 1000 hours whichever event comes first.
** Tailgate Hooks (optional)

NOTE: Dimensions and data subject to change without notice.

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