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Vibco Pathman Series Pavement Maintenance Helpers

Vibco Pathman Series Pavement Maintenance Helpers
Vibco Pathman Series Pavement Maintenance Helpers Vibco Pathman Series Pavement Maintenance Helpers

Manufacturer: Vibco

Product Code: ED-1209

Vibco Pathman Series Pavement Maintenance Helpers



Vibco self-propelled vibratory asphalt edger Model ED-1209 is the new addition to VIBCO's Patch-II Series of pavement maintenance tools. The edger will save hours making the edge on asphalt driveways and parking lots. The plate is formed to make a 45 degree edge. It is self-propelled and the operator need only to guide it along the edge using the adjustable handle. A convenient on-off switch operates the powerful vibrator creating 450 lbs. of force giving the finished edge a tightly packed surface. The vibrator can be either 115 volt single phase operated from a 115 volt line or field generator or 12 volt DC operating from a utility outlet or truck.

Plate is 12" wide x 9" long; Lip at 45 degrees is 4" long; vibrator 115 volt 3 amps creating 9,000 vibrations per minute and 450 lbs. of force. Weight - only 40 lbs.





The Patchman PM-1012 Plate Compactor with a 10" x 10" plate and a 12 Volt DC Model DC-700 vibrator (115 volt 1 phase units also available) which creates 700 lbs. of adjustable impact force. Ideal for compacting next to foundations, in narrow trenches or other tight spots. Also ideal for D.O.T. or Public Works crews for pothole patching. Easy hook-up to trailer light receptacle, 30' of cord for complete mobility. Comes complete with male and female receptacle. Weight only 48 lbs.



The Reversible Patchman PMR-1212 Plate Compactor has a 12"x12" plate and is equipped with Model DC-900 12 volt vibrator (115 volt single phase also available) which creates 600 lbs. of force. The vibrator is attached to a pivot arm: tilt it forward to go forward, tilt it back for reverse. PMR-1212 has a swing over handle for easy maneuverability. PMR-1212 has the same usage as the PM-1012 with the added feature of forward and reverse motion. Can also be supplied with a pneumatic vibrator. Weight 52 lbs.

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