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3M DBI Sala Harness Sizing Chart

3M DBI Sala Harness Sizing Chart
3M DBI Sala Harness Sizing Chart 3M DBI Sala Harness Sizing Chart

Manufacturer: DBI Sala

Product Code: DBI Sala Harness Sizing Chart

DBI Sala Fall Protection Harness Sizing Charts

Your full body fall protection harness is one of the most important safety equipment choices you make. Your choice of safety harness will affect your safety in many different ways. The direct influence of design and craftsmanship can be felt and measured in comfort, productivity, confidence and versatility.

Exofit Next, Exofit XP, Exofit and Delta Full Body Sizing Chart

The DBI Sala Exofit series of harnesses, and Delta Fall Protection Harnesses are known for its comfort, freedom of movement, innovation and versatility. Those two harnesse are widely used in Mining, Wind Energy, in the Transportation Industry, Oil and Gas, Utilities and Communications.

Protecta Pro Harness Sizing Chart

Protecta Pro Harnesses give you the right fit and economic value with a design that incorporates an improved fit, new colors, lighter hardware and padding.

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