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Bluewater Kwik-Rail

Bluewater Kwik-Rail

Manufacturer: Bluewater

Product Code: Kwik-Rail

KwikRail – Modular Safety Guard Rail System

The economic modular railing system.

The Kwik-Rail can be used for a variety of applications including machine guarding, traffic and crowd control, elevated docks or pits, stairway endings, mezzanines and more.

This cost-effective railing creates a tough and durable barrier in minutes with no welding. Assembly is easy. The system can be mounted with standard anchor bolts and the only tool you need is a hex key. The Kwik-Rail comes in kit form and can be utilized with our self-closing GuardDog Safety Gate.

The cross members come standard in 6’ lengths, but can be cut to size to fit your specific needs. The railing is 42” tall.

System benefits

  • Complies with OSHA and BOCA Standards
  • Lower cost per foot
  • Tough powder coated pipe in safety yellow
  • Easily assembled with a hex key
  • Mounts with standard anchor bolts
  • 1-1/2” pipe (1.90” OD)


Available options

  • Various colors
  • Galvanized or aluminum pipe
  • 1-1/4” pipe (1.66” OD)


Many applications

  • Machine guarding
  • Traffic and crowd control
  • Elevated docks or pits
  • Stairway endings


Kit Part Numbers:

  • 500136.40 6’ Rail Only
  • 500137.40 12’ Straight Run
  • 500138.40 6’ X 6’ Corner Section
  • 500139.40 6’ Extension
  • 500140.40 6’ – 90° Extension

Note: For 1-1/4” Pipe option, replace the .40 with a .32

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