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Airsystems 55 Gallon HEPA Vacuums and Accessories

Airsystems 55 Gallon HEPA Vacuums and Accessories

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: AV-55P-CND

Airsystems 55 Gallon HePA Vacuums and Accessories


55 Gallon Vacuum
model No. Description
AV-55P-c ND 55 gallon drum lid assembly with HEPA filter, 1½˝ conductive 10 foot hose, pneumatic motor, steel 55 gallon drum, drum dolly, filters, accessory tools and ground wires, all ground wires connected


55 Gallon Vacuum Lid Assembly Only
model No. Description
AV-55 55 gallon drum lid assembly with HEPA filter, 1½˝ hose connection, and 2.3 HP electric motor
AV-55P 55 gallon drum lid assembly with HEPA filter, 1½˝ hose connection, and pneumatic motor
Order drum and dolly separately


55 Gallon Vacuum Accessories
model No. Description
AV-55DD Drum dolly with wheels and handle for 55 gallon drum
AV-55DH 55 gallon drum - Black
AV-55DL Drum lid only with 1½˝ goose neck adapter, for 55 gallon drum. Fits 16” electric (AV-55) or pneumatic motor head (AV-55P), order motor head separately


HEPA Vacuum Accessories

Accessories Included with Vacuum Models AV-2, AV-5, and AV-15

1. HEPA filter
2. Intermediate filter (installed under HEPA filter)
3. 2-ply 5 micron rated paper recovery bag
4. Vacuum hose with end cuffs
5. Inlet swivel connector
6. Crevice tool
7. Hard floor brush
* Curved wand – 1½” x 5” (not pictured)
8. Hose-to-hose coupler
9. Squeegee tool for water pick-up
10. Carpet tool
11. Round brush
12. Pneumatic motor head (fits 5, 15, & 55 gallon tanks)
13. Automatic water shut-off device with extension collar
14. Poly tool – adjustable roller height squeegee tool designed to pick up water from polyethylene sheeting
15. 55 gallon drum adapter – accepts 15 gallon electric or pneumatic motor head and HEPA filter


HEPA Vacuum Accessories


Replacement Bags and Filters
model No. Description
AV-2B Paper recovery bags, 2 gallon, 5/package
AV-2H HEPA filter (99.97% UL), 2 gallon, 1 each
AV-4B Paper recovery bags, 4 gallon, 5/package
AV-5B Paper recovery bags, 5 gallon, 5/package
AV-5H HEPA filter (99.97% UL), 5 gallon, fits AV-5 Series, 1 each
AV-5I Intermediate filter, fits AV-2 and AV-5 Series, 2/package
AV-15B Paper recovery bags, 15 gallon, 5/package
AV-15H HEPA filter (99.97% UL), 15 gallon, fits AV-15 & 55 Series, 1 each
AV-15I Intermediate Filter, 15 gallon, fits AV-15 & 55 Series, 2/package


Accessories - 1½” Hose
model No. Description
AV-H10 Vacuum hose 1½”, 10 foot with cuffs
AV-H10c ND Vacuum hose, 1½”, conductive, 10 foot, with cuffs
AV-H50 Vacuum hose, 1½”, 50 foot with cuffs
AV-Hc -1 Hose-to-hose coupler, 1½” hose
AV-HN10 Neoprene vacuum hose, 10 foot, 1½” with cuffs
AV-c 1 1½” hose cuff
AV-103 Plastic crevice tool, 11”, fits 1½” hose
AV-100 Curved aluminum wand, 54”, fits 1½” hose
AV-6200 Floor brush, 14”, fits 1½” hose
AV-6203 Water squeegee tool, 14”, fits 1½” hose
AV-102 Carpet tool, 14”, fits 1½” hose
AV-101 Inlet swivel connector, fits 1½” hose
AV-105 Goose neck hose adapter for 55 gallon drum lid, fits 1½” hose
AV-3RB 3” round brush, 1½” connector


Accessories - 2” Hose
model No. Description
AV-31AB 2” x 56” aluminum wand, curved
AV-314 2” aluminum floor tool
AV-208 2” x 15” crevice tool, aluminum
AV-Hc -2 2” hose-to-hose coupler
AV-c 2 2” hose cuff
AV-2360 2” inlet swivel connector
AV-H10-2 2” vacuum hose, 10 foot with cuffs


Accessories - Other
model No. Description
AV-335150 Electrically operated beater bar for AV-5 and AV-15 models
AV-4POLyt N Pneumatically operated beater bar for AV-4POLY, 1¼”
AV-15w P 15 gallon water pick-up with auto shut-off (can be used on AV-55)


All vacuum hose can be ordered to any desired length

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