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Laser Safety P07 Medical Laser Safety

Laser Safety P07 Medical Laser Safety

Manufacturer: Laser-Safety

Product Code: P07.P1P11.1000

Laser Safety P07 Medical Laser Safety

Patient Protection

During medical laser treatment patient eye protection is extremely important. Laservision takes care of this challenge and provides patients excellent eye protection for laser treatment in the facial area.

Silicone Eye Shields


Developed in close cooperation with medical professionals and is compatible with virtually all medical lasers.

  •  High Protection rating and comfortable to wear
  •  Flexible nose bridge and strap
  •  Re-usable self-adhesive eye caps
  •  Bridge moves to allow treatment of the nose

P07 Specifications

Eye Cap Width 45 mm
Eye Cap Height 32 mm
Distance Between Caps 15 - 50 mm
Frame Height 40 mm
Frame Length 82 mm
Frame Width 170 - 220 mm
Temple Length (Strap) Adjustable

Specifications - CE Certified

180 - 315 nm D LB10 + IR LB5 + M LB6
>315 - 1400 nm D LB6 + IR LB9 + M LB7
>1400 - 11500 nm DI LB4

Stainless Steel Eye Shields


  •  Bend to fit adjustable nose piece
  •  Non-reflective brushed stainless steel
  •  Easy to clean and strong to last
  •  Access to nose and around eyes
Eye Cap Width 48 mm
Eye Cap Height 30 mm
Distance Between Caps 25 mm
Frame Height 30 mm
Frame Length Adjustable
Frame Width 122 mm
Temple Length (Strap) Adjustable

Specifications - CE Certified

180 - 315 nm D LB9 + R LB3
>315 - 1400 nm D LB6 + IR LB7
>1400 - 11600 nm DI LB4



Ergonomically shaped to fit the contours of eye for maximum protection and comfort

  •  High laser protection rating
  •  Disposable - Economical solution
  •  Comfortable soft material
  •  High resistance to thermal and optical energy
  •  Easy to grip handles allow for repositioning
  •  Access to nose and around eyes
Eye Cap Width 50 mm
Eye Cap Height 32 mm
Eye Cap Depth 22 mm


OD 7+ @ 190 - 11000 nm

Safe for use with:

Lasers, IPL, LED, UV, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel, Facial Therapies

Pediatric Laser Safety


Pediatric Laser Safety Eyewear Kit is designed to protect children’s eyes from laser exposure during laser procedures. Eyewear is sold individually or as a kit.

  •  Kit includes two eyewear and cleaning solution
  •  Frame colors may vary
  •  Available in most polycarbonate filters

PKT Frame Specifications


Lens Width 49 mm
Lens Height 28 mm
Distance Between Lenses 18 mm
Frame Height 33 mm
Frame Length 144 mm
Frame Width 130 mm
Temple Length 100 mm

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Protection

For use during IPL procedures to reduce the amount of intense light, and to protect your eyes from dermatology procedures

Grey IPL Eyewear

F18.P5L04.5000 and F22.P5L04.5000
F18.P5L05.5000 and F22.P5L05.5000

  •  Provides excellent color recognition and is ideal for cosmetic applications
  •  Lightweight and fits over prescription eyewear
  •  Innovative flex temples with hinges.

Green IPL Eyewear

F.4.P5IPL3.5000 and F.4.P5IPL5.5000

  •  Lightweight and fits over prescription eyewear
  •  For IPL or other high brightness non-coherent light sources

F.4 Specifications

Lens Width 122 mm
Lens Height 46 mm
Distance Between Lenses 0
Frame Height 55 mm
Frame Length 140 - 152 mm
Frame Width 148 mm
Temple Length 88 - 110 mm

IPL Auto Darkening Protection

The Pulse eyewear is advanced technology that automatically darkens with IPL flash to protect your eyes, eliminate eye strain, and prevent headaches.


  •  Patented auto-darkening technology
  •  Glare reduction factor 9 in Protection Mode
  •  Sensor detects IPL and darkens filter in 0.5 milliseconds.
  •  Recovery time between modes is 0.5 secondsF04.P5IPLH.5000 (Clear)
Lens Width 48 mm
Lens Height 35 mm
Distance Between Lenses 30 mm
Frame Height 60 mm
Frame Length 120 - 140 mm
Frame Width 154 mm
Temple Length 110 - 125 mm

Pulse XTR


  •  Advanced sport style
  •  Transitions between viewing and protection modes in less than one millisecond
  •  Full color visible transmission in viewing mode
  •  Glare reduction factor of 9+ in protection mode
  •  Flip-up shield protects auto-darkening LCD
  •  Weight of 42 grams makes this the lightest weight auto-darkening eyewear on the market
Lens Width 45 mm
Lens Height 32 mm
Distance Between Lenses 30 mm
Frame Height 48 mm
Frame Length 162 mm
Frame Width 154 mm
Temple Length 105 mm

Medical Laser Safety

Our innovative laser safety products for doctors, nurses, medical staff, and their patients focus on laser surgery, dentistry, dermatology, and veterinary medicine.

Medical Laser Safety Audits, Consulting and Training

Programs developed for doctors, nurses and other medical personnel working in a medical setting using lasers. Laservision Academy uses only Board of Laser Safety Certified Medical Laser Safety Officers to perform all consultations and training. All training is designed to address safety issues and present methods for controlling hazards. In accordance with the OSHA referenced:

ANSI Z136.3 standard “Safe Use of Lasers in Health Care Facilities”

Holmium Eyewear

Lightweight Clear Filter - P5D07 / P5D09

  •  First polycarbonate for Holmium laser (2100 nm)
  •  3 times lighter than glass filters
  •  Clear filter with high VLT, helps reduce eye fatigue
  •  Anti-fog coated

Veterinary Protection

Veterinarian Eyewear

Filters cover most theraputic lasers.

Kit: KT0.P1C03.5000 Includes: Two eyewear and cleaning solution

ANSI and CE Specifications

OD 4+ @ 800 - 820 nm
OD 4+ @ 920 - <955 nm
OD 5+ @ 955 - 1064 nm

800 - 820, 920 - < 955 DIR LB4 (OD 4+)
955 - 1064 DIR LB5 (OD 5+)

Laser Safety DOGGLES® for your Patients Product is designed to protect animal’s eyes from laser exposure during laser therapy. Kit includes three sizes to fit most pets from a small cat to a large dog.

Kit: DKT.P5K01.5000 Includes: D01, D02, D03 and cleaning solution

Laser Guardian Equine Mask

Providing a unique laser safety solution during laser procedures for horses.

  •  Keep your patient’s eyes safe from laser accidents and stray reflections
  •  High quality handcrafted mask that incorporates laser safety protective material
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