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Nilfisk Central Vacuum Systems

Nilfisk Central Vacuum Systems

Manufacturer: Nilfisk

Product Code: Central Vacuum

Nilfisk Central Vacuum Systems

Nilfisk’s powerful, continuous-duty industrial vacuums are ideal for central cleaning applications. We have helped hundreds of customers with localized zone cleaning, process-integrated cleaning, spot suction and even full-scale applications where tube systems must cover an entire plant.

When a company comes to us with a need for a top-quality central system, we begin by thoroughly investigating the application. Our application engineers and product management team analyze the particle size and weight of the material to be collected and review installation specifications, including floor plans, anticipated tube runs, drop locations and machine locations. Armed with this information, we design the right system for the job.

Contact your local district sales manager to inquire about a central vacuum system for your facility. Visit our website or call— or 1(800) NILFISK.

Along with industrial vacuums, our central vacuum systems are customized to include the right tools for the job. They can include CV blowers, hopper separators and filtered pre-separators.

Nilfisk CV Blowers
CV blower units provide a wide range of performance capabilities for a variety of central vacuum system applications. The CV blower units, when coupled with our line of Nilfisk hopper separators, provide countless possibilities for customizing a central vacuum system.

Nilfisk Hopper Separators
Nilfisk hopper separators offer a wide range of capacity and discharge options and can be combined with the Nilfisk line of CV blower units to fit any central vacuum system need.

Nilfisk Filtered Pre-Separators
These units collect, filter and hold materials in their tanks instead of sending them to the central system, significantly reducing the threat of cross-contamination. They are available in stainless steel and approved for cleanrooms down to ISO 5 (Class 100).

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