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Nilfisk Cleanroom Vacuums

Nilfisk Cleanroom Vacuums

Manufacturer: Nilfisk

Product Code: VHS110 CR

Nilfisk Cleanroom Vacuums

Nilfisk engineered the first cleanroom-packaged vacuums and now offers vacuums with HEPA and ULPA filtration. They are built for easy decontamination, sanitization and validation. Each vacuum is approved for cleanrooms up to ISO 4 (Class 10).

Nilfisk VHS110 CR
The VHS110 CR is ideal for cleanroom environments, functioning for both wet and dry applications. Constructed of stainless steel, this cleanroom model completely eliminates cross-contamination in the production area. The innovative PullClean system allows effective cleaning of the main filter while the vacuum is running, decreasing downtime. Complete with a downstream ULPA and upstream HEPA filter to avoid cleanroom contamination, an additional optional upstream ULPA filter ensures the highest filtration efficiency for fine dust.

Nilfisk VT 60CR
Made expressly for cleanroom environments, the VT 60CR is specially-designed to prevent motor carbon dust from escaping through the exhaust. No filter change is required between wet and dry collection.

Technical Specifications


Description Unit VHS110 CR VT 60CR
Collection Type - Dry Dry
Type of Power - 1-phase 1-phase
Voltage @ 60 Hz V 120 120
Power @ 60 Hz HP (W) 1.34 (1000) 1.34 (1000)
Waterlift, max. in. (mm) H2O 88.4 (2235) 80.4 (2042)
Airflow, max. CFM (L/min) 95 (2700) 70 (1982)
Current, max. amps 7.5 8.3
Container Capacity gallons (L) 9.8 (37) 15 (56.8)
Dimensions (L x W x H) in. (mm) 22.0 x 22.0 x 49.0
(570 x 560 x 1240)
24.0 x 21.5 x 37.5
(610 x 546 x 953)
Sound Pressure Level dB(A) 73 75
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