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Honeywell North Zone Hard Hat

Honeywell North Zone Hard Hat

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Product Code: N10010000

Honeywell North Zone™ Hard Hat

Get into your comfort zone.

Enter the comfort zone. Where it’s all about the fit.

The North Zone has a sleek, modern shell combined with a patented suspension design featuring multiple adjustment points for size, height and snugness; easily removable and replaceable.


  • Contemporary shell design with 4 large areas for custom logo imprinting or other personalization options
  • Slots for cap-mounted earmuffs, face shields and other PPE accessories
  • 3-level height adjustment (Low, Medium, High) for greater stability, balance and retention
  • Removable, replaceable rear comfort cradle for improved fit and comfort
  • Easy-grip ratchet for smooth and precise headband adjustment, even when wearing gloves
  • Ergonomic headband for easy adjustment to 3 different sizes (S, M/L and XL)
  • Approved to be worn in the reverse position
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable sweatband; easily removable, washable and replaceable
  • Short brim and low-profile design for increased field of vision and user mobility

Customize your style

North Zone™ Hard Hats have a contemporary shell design with 4 large areas for custom logo or personalization options. Our advanced multi color printing technology produces impressive, highly visible images, which can enhance your corporate logo, reinforce safety and identify trades on the job.

Comfort is key!

If the hard hat isn’t comfortable or wellbalanced, if it moves or slips out of place, it will not be continually worn – leading to greatly increased safety risks and reduced worker productivity.

But, comfort is also subjective. That’s why we designed the North Zone suspension with multiple adjustment points – so users can customize the fit to suit their own preferences. It’s also why we added a removable comfort cradle near the rear ratchet.

It enhances fit and balance without the need to overtighten the suspension, making North Zone even more comfortable – and ensuring that it stays in place the entire shift.

The result is a hard hat that workers will actually want to wear – which directly impacts their safety and productivity, every day.

Setting a new standard for hard hat comfort.

It’s your job to keep your workers safe and productive. The first way to do that is to ensure that they wear their hard hats and other safety gear all day long.

The problem: Users will not wear hats that are uncomfortable or fit poorly, resulting in constant removal and readjustment.

Our North zone hard hat is so comfortable, stable and lightweight your workers wont want to take it off.

Comfort and fit for the way you work

With its personalized fit and individualized comfort, the North Zone is an ideal generalpurpose hard hat for the following industries:

  •  Construction
  •  Manufacturing
  •  Mining
  •  Oil and Gas
  •  Ship Building
  •  Traffic Safety
  •  Utilities

The North Zone can help you mitigate some of the hazards common in these environments.

Meets the following industry standards

  •  ANSI/ISEA Z89.1 2014 Type I, Class C, G and E
  •  CSA Z94.1 2015 Type I, Class C, G and E

From Honeywell – A trusted manufacturer of PPE

When creating the Honeywell North Zone Hard Hat, we drew on our deep market and engineering knowledge and expertise as well as our many years of experience as a leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), with some of the most respected safety brands in the world.

Our head-to-toe safety solutions include everything from protective clothing; to fall and hearing protection products; to solutions that protect the hands, head, feet, eyes and face; to respiratory, welding, first-aid, lockout/tagout and traffic safety equipment. We are committed to helping companies build an enduring culture of safety.



QUICK-FIT STYLE (cap and suspension assembly)
Color Color Code Part Number Full Description
WHITE 01 N10010000 Hat N10 Quick Fit White
YELLOW 02 N10020000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Yellow
ORANGE 03 N10030000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Orange
GREEN 04 N10040000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Green
HI VIZ RED 05 N10050000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Hi Viz Red
SKY BLUE 07 N10070000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Sky Blue
NAVY BLUE 08 N10080000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Navy Blue
GRAY 09 N10090000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Gray
TAN 10 N10100000 Hat N10 Quit Fit Tan
BLACK 11 N10110000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Black
BROWN 12 N10120000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Brown
GOLD 13 N10130000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Gold
RED 15 N10150000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Red
ROYAL BLUE 17 N10170000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Royal Blue
HOT PINK 20 N10200000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Hot Pink
HI-VIZ STRONG YELLOW 44 N10440000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Hi Viz Yellow
HI-VIZ STRONG ORANGE 46 N10460000 Hat N10 Quick Fit Hi Viz Orange


RATCHET STYLE (cap and suspension assembly)
Color Color Code Part Number Full Description
WHITE 01 N10R010000 Hat N10 Ratchet White
YELLOW 02 N10R020000 Hat N10 Ratchet Yellow
ORANGE 03 N10R030000 Hat N10 Ratchet Orange
GREEN 04 N10R040000 Hat N10 Ratchet Green
HI VIZ RED 05 N10R050000 Hat N10 Ratchet Hi Viz Red
SKY BLUE 07 N10R070000 Hat N10 Ratchet Sky Blue
NAVY BLUE 08 N10R080000 Hat N10 Ratchet Navy Blue
GRAY 09 N10R090000 Hat N10 Ratchet Gray
TAN 10 N10R100000 Hat N10 Ratchet Tan
BLACK 11 N10R110000 Hat N10 Ratchet Black
BROWN 12 N10R120000 Hat N10 Ratchet Brown
GOLD 13 N10R130000 Hat N10 Ratchet Gold
RED 15 N10R150000 Hat N10 Ratchet Red
ROYAL BLUE 17 N10R170000 Hat N10 Ratchet Royal Blue
HOT PINK 20 N10R200000 Hat N10 Ratchet Hot Pink
HI-VIZ STRONG YELLOW 44 N10R440000 Hat N10 Ratchet Hi Viz Yellow
HI-VIZ STRONG ORANGE 46 N10R460000 Hat N10 Ratchet Hi Viz Orange


Full Description Part Number
Quick-Fit Repl Suspension for N10 N10S
Ratchet Repl Suspension for N10 N10RS
Sweatband Repl for N10 N10SB
Cradle Repl for N10 N10RC


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