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Miller Aerial Lift Kits

Miller Aerial Lift Kits

Manufacturer: Miller by Honeywell

Product Code: MK650-4UMFL-1.6FT

Miller Aerial Lift Kits

Miller Aerial Lift Kits offer a complete personal fall arrest system for lift truck applications.

Personal Fall Limiter Kit

Includes: Miller TurboLite™ PFL, Miller® Harness, and a Durable Carrying Case


SKU Description
MK650-4UMFL-1/6FT Universal (L/XL) full-body harness w/tongue buckle leg straps (650-4/UYK)
6-ft. (1.8 m) Miller TurboLite PFL w/twist-lock carabiner and locking snap hook (MFL-1/6FT)
Durable carrying bag (702B/BK)


Lanyard Kit

Includes: DuraFlex® Harness, Manyard® II Shock-Absorbing Lanyard and an Aerial Lift Boom Strap


SKU Description
8112L/UGN DuraFlex® Utility Harness (E752/UGN)
- Manyard® II Shock-Absorbing Lanyard (233M-Z7/6FTGN)
Aerial Lift Boom Strap (6404/50INVL)


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