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For use on respirator facepieces where the manufacturer recommends using a non-alcohol cleaning wipe..
High performance 9 1⁄2" wide belt design offers full support and fit for most wearers from small to ..
Allegro 12 inch DC Industrial Blower
Includes all the same great features as the 9539-12, and also includes alligator clips. Allegro DC B..
Allegro 12 inch DC Metal Blower
Made from rugged steel with a handle for easy transport. Features Alligator clips, 12 volt electric ..
Allegro 12 inch Explosion Proof Axial Blower with Canister
Electric, explosion-proof motor is UL/CSA listed. Single- phase motor includes NEMA rated 115V plug ..
Allegro 12 inch Explosion Proof Blower
Same as our 12", but includes explosion-proof UL listed, single phase motor and NEMA rated 115V plug..
Allegro 12 inch Explosion Proof Industrial Plastic Blower
Electric, explosion-proof motor is UL/CSA listed. Single phase motor includes NEMA rated 115 plug to..
Allegro 12 inch High Output Axial Blower
Designed for maximum output applications, this 12" offers 1 ⁄ 2 hp with 3 blade impeller. Power cord..
Allegro 12 inch Industrial Plastic Blower
Lightweight, portable and durable, this blower is ideally suited for large confined spaces such as pa..
Allegro 12 inch Manhole Ventilation Passthru (MVP)
The first manhole system that combines the low profile manhole air vent, 90° elbow and built in mounti..
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