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Allegro Magnetic Manhole lid lifter
Designed for quick and safe removal and replacement of manhole covers by yourself. Minimizes stress ..
Allegro Manhole Lid Lifter
The toughest manhole covers are easy to move with this one piece lifter. It features a long all-stee..
Allegro Manhole Sign
Meeting OSHA’s confined space warning requirements by reminding workers to follow proper confined sp..
Allegro Non-Conductive Umbrella
This 84" diameter Nonconductive Umbrella will protect you from the sun and rain at your job site. Co..
PORTABLE FUME EXTRACTOR   The most versatile portable extractor available, with high and low extract..
Allegro Side Wall Kit
This optional Kit for the Canopy (9403-10) includes a continuous 3 wall panel. The white color of th..
Allegro Standard Blower
Excellent for most ventilating needs, especially confined space. Designed with tough polyethylene hou..
Allegro Standard Blower with MVP
Our Complete Ventilation Systems include all the most-asked-for equipment you need for your confined ..
Allegro Statically Concuctive Ducting
We also offer 4 different ducting diameters, 8”, 12”, 16” and 20” in 15’ and 25’ lengths for static ..
Allegro Storage Racks
Durable 8", 12" or 16" diameter racks designed for rugged use. 9500-35     Storage Rack for 8" Duct ..
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