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Airsystems Venturi Blowers

Airsystems Venturi Blowers

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: ASI-1000


Airsystems Venturi Blowers

Often Called “Air Horns” or “Eductors”



  • Used to ventilate hazardous vapors or fumes safely
  • Operates on compressed air or steam
  • Static grounding lug supplied
  • Lightweight cast aluminum base
  • Galvanized steel horn (replaceable)
  • Steel handle
  • Larger models available up to 8000 cfm capacity
  • Use in high heat locations
  • Operating pressures up to 140 psi
  • API standard base sizes


Venturi Blowers (Air Horns)
Model No. Description
AsI-1000 Pneumatic Air Blower, 16.31” length
AsI-1200 Pneumatic Air Blower, 32.12” length
AsI-2900 Pneumatic Air Blower, 44.00” length
AsI-4100 Pneumatic Air Blower, 46.50” length


Venturi Blower Specifications and Performance
  50 PSIG 70 PSIG 90 PSIG
Model Total Air Flow Total Air Flow Total Air Flow
ASI-1000 935 CFM 1274 CFM 1422 CFM
ASI-1200 1211 CFM 1429 CFM 1580 CFM
ASI-2900 2770 CFM 3340 CFM 3752 CFM
ASI-4100 3785 CFM 4562 CFM 5041 CFM
Model Air Consumed Air Consumed Air Consumed
ASI-1000 38 CFM 53 CFM 64 CFM
ASI-1200 38 CFM 53 CFM 64 CFM
ASI-2900 76 CFM 99 CFM 127 CFM
ASI-4100 117 CFM 152 CFM 197 CFM
Model Overall Length Diameter of Base Diameter of Horn NPT Bolt Circle Base Slot Weight
ASI-1000 16.31" 7.38" 6.19" 1/2" 6.75" 0.31" 5.3 lbs
ASI-1200 32.12" 7.38" 7.37" 1/2" 6.75" 0.31" 8.1 lbs
ASI-2900 44.00" 11.16" 13.00" 1" 10.28" 0.43" 22.1 lbs
ASI-4100 46.50" 14.31" 14.37" 1" 13.18" 0.56" 32.3 lbs



Petro-Vent™ tank Ventilator


The Petro-Vent™ blower was designed to meet hazardous location ventilation requirements for underground storage tanks. A special flange adapter threads directly on the 4-inch vent pipe found on most storage tanks. The ASI-1000, ASI-1200 and ASI-2900 bolt directly on a compatible flange adapter.


Petro-Vent™ Adapters
Model No. Description
AsI-12ADPt Petro-Vent™ Adapter, includes flange adapter and 4” threaded nipple; fits ASI-1000 and ASI-1200 style blowers
AsI-29ADPt Petro-Vent™ Adapter for ASI-2900 blower


Pneumatic Circular Jet Fan


Circular Pneumatic Jet Fans

Designed for Hazardous Location tank Ventilation

Model No. Description
AsI-JF20 Circular Pneumatic Jet Fan - 20” diameter
AsI-JF24 Circular Pneumatic Jet Fan - 24” diameter
Grounding wire and chicago fitting included.


model No. Fits API Diameter Inch max Free Air cFm Inlet Pressure PsI Inlet Flow Required cFm weight Lbs.
AsI-JF20 20 10,400 40-110 60-290 95
AsI-JF24 24 16,130 40-110 76-338 122


Custom Application Blowers

8500 CFM Centrifugal Blower

14” intake and exhaust flange, 230/460 VAC, 3-phase, TEFC, 15 HP motor, sealed NEMA 4 on/off switch box, user wired per NEC requirements, 13.9” WG static pressure @ 4200 cfm output, 8500 cfm free flow, welded steel safety guards on inlet and exhaust, adjustable flow control gate, forklift guide on all four sides plus sling hooks.


Custom 6” Centrifugal Blower

Custom Small Portable 6” Pressure Blower Designed for Hazardous Location Ventilation. Contact Customer Service for Ordering Details.

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