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Airsystems MULTI-PAK™ Rescue Air Cart

Airsystems MULTI-PAK™ Rescue Air Cart

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: MP-4RSS

Airsystems MULTI-PAK™ Rescue Air Cart

The MULTI-PAK™ Rescue Air Cart offers many of the same features as the Tech-Rescue™ Cart at a more economical price. The cart uses SCBA cylinders to provide breathing air and a second low-pressure regulator allows air tools or lift bags to be used. The Rescue Air Cart is supplied with a high pressure CGA-347 inlet for extended use.



  • High pressure CGA-347 auxillary inlet
  • Secondary low pressure regulator to operate pneumatic tools and lift bags
  • Holds 2216 PSI or 4500 PSI cylinders
  • 5500 PSI carts available. Contact Customer Service for details.
  • Intrinsically safe low pressure alarm whistle (bell alarm option)
  • High flow adjustable regulator
  • Input and output pressure gauges
  • Solid aluminum block manifold
  • Universal hand tight CGA fittings with bleeder valves
  • Fold down handle
  • Nylon cylinder straps with Velcro®
  • Quick release hose rack
  • In-line check valves
  • 8” semi-pneumatic tires
  • Steel frame with black powder coat paint
  • Cylinder selection switch
  • Dimensions: 21” L x 16” W x 41” H (handle up) 34½” (down)
  • Weight: 49 lbs.


MULTI-PAK™ carts
model No. Description
MP-4R MULTI-PAK™ Rescue Air Cart, 2-cylinder, 4500 psi, designed for the fire/rescue market. Supplied with 4-outlet manifold, powder coat steel frame, high flow regulator, CGA-347 hand tight nuts, cylinder selector valve, additional 0-125 psi regulator with 1-outlet manifold for low pressure tools or lift bags
mP-4Rss MULTI-PAK™ Rescue Air Cart, stainless steel, same as MP-4R above
mP-c Black nylon cart cover, fits all small Multi-PakTM Series carts
cylinders not included.


Custom Air-Responder™

Mobile Breathing Air Trailer

The Air Responder™ series of breathing air trailers are designed for mobile quick response at an economical price. The trailers provide breathing air for airline respirators, rescue air tools, or SCBA quick filling and available in two series.

The 100 series is an open frame six cylinder trailer. The 200 series is an enclosed eight cylinder trailer. Both trailers have a rear air control panel with respirator couplings and CGA-347 fittings to bulk fill the storage cylinders and provide for attachment of a quick fill hose for SCBA filling.

An optional cascade fill panel is available for both trailer series. The front of each trailer will hold optional storage boxes, a small fill compressor, or generator.

AR-101 Cascade Air Trailer

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