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Airsystems COMP-3EA™ Breathing Air Compressor System

Airsystems COMP-3EA™ Breathing Air Compressor System

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: cOmP-3eA

Airsystem COMP-3EA™ Breathing Air Compressor System

Designed for use with Pressure Demand Respirators Only.

The Auto-Air™ Compressor System Package

The COMP-3EA™ compressor system is designed to provide automatic back-up air for up to 3 workers in the event of compressor failure. An optional 60 or 87 cf cylinder can be installed on the compressor frame to provide additional egress air. The package consists of the Auto-Air™ Breather Box®, model BB30-COAA, the TA-3EA compressor supplied with a CGA-347 high pressure reducing regulator, and primary and secondary hoses. NIOSH requires the use of a 5 minute airline escape respirator when working in IDLH environments. Our Auto-Air™ feature does not replace the NIOSH requirement, however, some work environments may require longer than a 5 minute airline hip bottle to safely egress the hazardous area.


c OmP-3eA™ compressor & components
model No. Description
c OmP-3eA Model TA-3EA compressor, H-10-5 (½” x 10’) hose, H-10-3 (³⁄₈” x 10’) hose, high pressure regulator, and BB30-COAA Breather Box®
t A-3eA TA-3 Twin-Air™ Compressor with an adjustable high pressure (5000 psi) regulator for attachment to a CGA-346 or CGA-347 cylinder, and cylinder strap
BB30-FK Replacement filter kit for BB30-COAA Breather Box®
Note: Size the reserve air system to achive the required egress time

Do not use with constant flow respirators or vortex cooling tubes.


Explosion-Proof Auto-Air™ Compressor

Designed for use with Pressure Demand Respirators Only.


  • 110 psi output air pressure, 3 couplings supplied
  • Explosion-proof electric motor - 230/460VAC, 3 phase
  • Explosion-proof on/off switch
  • 25 foot power cord, no plug, user wired per NEC requirements
  • Optional explosion-proof plug available
  • 3-worker operation - Pressure Demand Respirators Only
  • Full automatic back-up air feature, up to 5500 psi capability
  • Pneumatic visual indicator and audible alarm for system failure
  • Grade-D, 3-stage filtration
  • ASME coded Twin-Air™ tank design for cool breathing air output
  • Intrinsically safe carbon monoxide monitor, CSA approved for 9VDC operation in Class 1, Div. 1, Groups C and D Environments
  • Holds one back-up SCBA air cylinder, up to 4500 psi
  • Air control panel with high pressure regulator
  • 10” pneumatic tires
  • Weight: 185 lbs.


explosion-Proof Auto-Air™ compressor
model No. Description
t A3-AXAF Explosion-proof compressor includes: Grade-D filtration, air control panel with CO monitor, 25’ power cord, user wired per NEC requirements. Reserve air cylinders sold separately.
BB30-FK Replacement filter kit for TA3-AXAF
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