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Airsystems Remote Air Manifolds

Airsystems Remote Air Manifolds

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: POA-4

Airsystem Remote Air Manifolds

Point of Attachment (POA)


  • Incoming Air Plug ½” Industrial Interchange
  • User specified Respirator couplings with Dust caps
  • solid Aluminum manifold
  • Adjustable Regulator
  • safety Relief Valve
  • Pressure Gauge

Optional custom Designed POA Options

  • c lear view window over gauge
  • multiple filters and independent regulators
  • stainless steel or aluminum panels
  • Low pressure warning alarms
  • models available for 1-8 workers


POA Manifold Independent Regulators with Final Filtration

Five independent regulators allow each worker to adjust their desired pressure depending on the style of respirator and length of hose. Final filtration is added to remove water and particulates in plant air piping systems.

Remote Air Manifolds Also known as a Point of Attachments (POA)

All our remote air manifolds meet NIOsH requirements of the 87-116 (1989) document for point of attachment.

A POA consists of a regulator, pressure gauge, safety relief valve, and fitting congruency necessary for proper respirator operation. A POA box can be located any distance from the Grade-D filtration Breather BoxTM or filtration panel. The remote air manifold (POA) assembly becomes the NIOSH attachment point for the respirator(s) and is now limited to a maximum 300 feet of breathing air hose at the air outlet fitting on the remote POA box. POA boxes may be taken into wet and/or hazardous locations.


Portable Point of Attachments (POA)
model No. Description
POA-2 Standard POA Box - 2 couplings
POA-4 Standard POA Box - 4 couplings
POA-4R POA Box with 4 independent regulators & couplings
POA-4F POA Box with final particulate filter & 4 couplings
POA-5RF POA Box with final particulate filter and 5 independent regulators
POA-X Custom POA Box, replace “X” with required number of fittings - Contact Customer Service
BBm-4LF “NRC” POA Box, final particulate filter, 4 independent regulators, low pressure warning alarm and lights (a clear gauge viewing window is optional) - Not Approved for Hazardous Locations


wall mounted Point of Attachments (POA)
model No. Description
POA-XWM Wall mounted POA manifold, replace “X” in part number for the required number of fittings. Available from 1-8 outlets, adjustable regulator, pressure gauge (0-160 psi), safety relief valve set at 125 psi, aluminum block manifold, wall mount bracket



Portable Cooling Air Distribution Manifold

Heat Stress Prevention

  • Low cost cool breathing air
  • 50°F output air temperature with input up to 180°F
  • Easy to use and maintain - manual drain provided
  • Aluminum jacketed tubing, USDA approved
  • 20 lbs. of ice provides up to 4 hours of cooling
  • NIOSH point-of-attachment and cooling in one system
  • Operates with any airline mask or hood style respirator, including level “A” chemical suits & abrasive blasting hoods
  • Choose a low pressure COOL–BOX™ for use with ambient air pumps, 0-20 psi maximum
  • Choose a standard COOL–BOX™ for all airline respirators 20-120 psi supplied with Grade-D air


  • Sand Blasting
  • Confined Space
  • Utility Companies
  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Production


The Cool-Box™
model No. Description
BACB-196 COOL-BOX™ with ¼˝ Hansen or Schrader style fittings - rated to 125 psi maximum inlet pressure
BACB-196LP COOL-BOX™ with ¼˝ Hansen or Schrader style fittings. Designed specifically for use with ambient air pumps (0-20 psi maximum), low pressure air pump conversion kit (BACB-196K) included
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