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Airsystems Portable CO Monitoring

Airsystems Portable CO Monitoring

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: CO91-14LAC

Airsystem Compressed Air Cylinder Test Kit

This portable airline monitor connects easily to a breathing air filtration source or ambient air pumps and monitors the air for CO content. The audible alarm (95 dBA) and light will activate when the CO level exceeds 10 ppm (5 ppm Canadian). External alarm and lights allow for the unit to be used in the closed position and eliminates damage and contamination of the internal components.


  • Includes ¼” industrial interchange coupling supplied on 5’ hose
  • Use in the closed position
  • standard alarm jack allows for connection to remote alarm devices
  • High intensity alarm available for an additional charge
  • Operates on 9-volt batteries, 8-16VDc , and/or 115VAc



  • Portable Filter Pots
  • Filtration Systems
  • Ambient Air Pumps
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Retro-Fit Old Style Compressors


Portable c O monitors
model No. Description
c O91-14LAc Portable CO monitor, 150 psi maximum inlet pressure, and 5’ hose
c O91-14HAc Portable CO monitor, rated for 5000 psi maximum pressure, includes 5000 psi regulator, and 5’ hose


Portable c O/O2 monitor
model No. Description
c O2-91LAc Portable CO/O2 monitor, 9 VDC and/or 115 VAC, 5’ hose, 150 psi maximum inlet pressure


Portable c O monitors - Intrinsically safe
model No. Description
c O91-14Is Portable Intrinsically Safe CO monitor, 9VDC only, audible alarm, visual lights, flowmeter, connect hose, LCD display
c O291-14Is Portable Intrinsically Safe CO/O2 monitor, 9VDC only, audible alarm, visual lights, flowmeter, connect hose, LCD display


Approved for class I, Division 1, Groups c and D environments and are 9 VDc operation only.

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