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Airsystems Compressed Air Cylinder Test Kit

Airsystems Compressed Air Cylinder Test Kit

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: AQtcOO2KIt

Airsystem Compressed Air Cylinder Test Kit

The AQTCOO2KIT Cylinder Test Kit was designed to rapidly test rented blended cylinder’s breathing air quality. Before use, obtain an immediate and accurate Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) reading for blended high-pressure cylinder air. The meter requires two 9-volt batteries for operation and is supplied with a 10 foot high pressure hose and a 5000 psi regulator with a universal CGA-347 hand tight cylinder connection.

The CO/O2 Cylinder Test Kit has all the components to test blended breathing air cylinders.


c O/O2 cylinder test Kit
model No. Description
AQt c OO2KIt Test Kit - CO/O2 monitor, flow meter, high pressure 5K reducing regulator, 10 foot high pressure connect hose with CGA-347 universal hand tight cylinder connection

The responsibility for quality of breathing air rests with the user.

The air supply compressor should be located in a safe, clean ambient air environment. This “safe” location should be tested periodically to ensure clean ambient air quality on a consistent basis. Total system air quality should be tested at the time the compressor is initially set up. If the compressor is moved, retesting air quality is recommended.

Should the location or environment significantly change, the air quality should be retested.

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