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Airsystems Labratory Air Quality Testing Service

Airsystems Labratory Air Quality Testing Service

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: AcK-97

Airsystem Labratory Air Quality Testing Service

Air Sampling Kits Available for Rental or Purchase

Certified laboratory air testing is available for high pressure or low pressure compressor air requirements. Take your own samples in 10 minutes and send out for precise laboratory results. A 2LA accredited lab will test to any recognized standards, e.g., CGA, NFPA, or Federal MIL Specs.

Results can be obtained in less than 3 days; same day service is available for additional charge.

Air systems’ Air Quality Guarantee.

We are so confident you will be pleased with the performance of your portable or fixed breathing air filtration system, Air Systems International will provide your first lab certified air quality test at no charge when you purchase any of our Grade-D filtration devices or compressor systems. AirCheck™ kit rental or purchase is required to redeem offer. Please contact our customer service for further details and eligibility.


Air check™ Purchase or Rental
model No. Description
Ac K-97 AirCheck™ Kit to collect air sample. Specify pressure adapter required for testing SCBA, SCUBA, or low pressure. Purchase of AQt -1Ls required.
Ac K-97R RENTAL AirCheck™ Test Kit - 2 week rental period Purchase of AQt -1Ls required.
AQt -1Ls Laboratory analysis fee and sample media kit One kit required for each air test performed.


Air Quality Test Kit

Air Systems’ breathing air quality test kits are designed to test the air produced by low pressure compressors (use model LP-A4) and compressed high pressure air in cylinders (use models HP-A4 and HP-A445). These tests are accomplished through the use of low cost detector tubes that provide a “go/no go” test of the air quality. If a high reading is found, this signals the user that they have a potentially unacceptable quality of breathing air. If this occurs, a laboratory analysis of the air components must be made to determine the exact readings of the air quality and take corrective action.


complete test Kits
model No. Description
LP/HP-A4K Contains LP-A4, HP-A4, LP-47PF, 4 boxes assorted test tubes, with padded carry case – 3000 psi maximum
LP/HPA445K Same as above kit, includes HP-A445 test module in place of HP-A4 module – 5000 psi maximum


test modules
model No. Description
HP-A4 Cylinder air test module, 3000 psi maximum - use with test module LP-A4
HP-A445 Cylinder air test module, 5000 psi maximum - use with test module LP-A4
LP-47PF Total particulate test module, maximum 20 psi - use with HP-A4 or HP-A445 - includes one pre-weighted filter
LP-A4 Compressor air quality test module - 100 psi max


Replacement tubes for Kits and modules
model No. Description
HP-1A Replacement carbon monoxide test tube - 10/Box
HP-2A Replacement carbon dioxide test tube - 10/Box
HP-6A Replacement water vapor test tube - 10/Box
HP-109AD Replacement oil mist test tube - 10/Box
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