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Airsystems Grade-D Breathing Air Filtration

Airsystems Grade-D Breathing Air Filtration

Manufacturer: Airsystems

Product Code: Grade-D Breathing

Airsystem Grade-D Breathing Air Filtration

Elements of a Type-C/CE Supplied Air System

Note: Type-C/CE is a NIOSH designation for an air supplied breathing air respirator system. All airline respirators are Type-C or Type-CE. CE designates an airline respirator approved for abrasive blasting.

A type-c /c e system consists of the following components:

Compressed Air source Filtration Air Distribution Respirator
Electric / Gas / Diesel Compressor or Compressed Air Cylinder(s) Grade-D Breathing Air with Carbon Monoxide Monitoring (Portable or Fixed System) Consists of: Air Pressure Regulator, Pressure Gauge, Safety Relief Valve, and Approved Respirator Couplings. The Assembly is Called the Point-of-Attachment (POA) From the Point-Of-Attachment (POA), Maximum 300 Feet of NIOSH Approved Breathing Air Hose with Approved Couplings


Sizing a Type-C/CE Airline Filtration System

Sizing of the filtration system, determining what size Breather Box® or panel to order, is based on the air flow (CFM) and pressure requirements (PSI) of the respirators being worn, and the number of workers. Air Consumption (CFM) and Pressure (PSI) ranges for representative types of respirators are listed below:

Pressure Demand 4 - 15 cfm @ 60 - 120 psi
Constant Flow Half/Full Mask 4 - 15 cfm @ 4 - 30 psi
Constant Flow Hood (Low Pressure) 6 - 15 cfm @ 3 - 15 psi
Constant Flow Hood (High Pressure) 6 - 15 cfm @ 25 - 110 psi
Vortex Cooling Tube (Option)* 15 - 25 cfm @ 60 - 110 psi
*If a Vortex cooling or heating tube is used by the worker, the total air consumed is calculated by the air consumption of the vortex device.


Once the total number of workers is established and the type of respirator selected, multiply the number of workers by the respirator’s maximum flow rate required per worker to determine total flow requirements:

example:   4 workers using 4 hood style respirators
                4 x 15 cfm = 60 cfm required


Filtration recommended: Air Systems’ BB50-CO Breather Box®, 4-workers, with CO monitor (maximum flow capacity of 79 cfm). User must have enough compressor flow (cfm) capacity to supply the above respirators, plus additional air needs placed on the system, i.e. air tools, spray nozzles, sandblasting, painting, etc.

When ordering a Breather Box®, the customer MUST specify the fittings used on the respirator(s) selected. The Breather Box® fittings must be the same type as the respirator hose fittings to maintain NIOSH approval on the respirator and hose assembly.

All Air systems’ filtration products are designed to flow the maximum amount of air a worker’s respirator could demand. NEVER undersize a filtration system.

What is Grade-D Air Quality?

Breathing air quality standards have been developed by ANsI/c ompressed Gas Association (c GA) G-7.1 - 1989, and adopted by OsHA under their respiratory standard 29 c FR, 1910.134 (i) (1) (ii).

Air Quality must meet the Following Requirements:

  • Oxygen: 19.5%-23.5% (20%-22% Canada)
  • Hydrocarbon (condensed oil): 5 mg/m3 maximum (<1 mg/m3 in Canada)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO): 10 ppm maximum (5 ppm in Canada)
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2): 1000 ppm maximum (500 ppm in Canada)
  • Odor: No noticeable odors, tastes, or smells
  • Water Content:
        High pressure cylinder air must have a dew point of at least -50oF (-45.6oC) at 1 atmosphere (14.7 psi).
        Low pressure breathing air must have a dew point of at least 10oF (5.56o C) below the ambient temperature at 1 atmosphere (14.7 psi) canada: 5oC below lowest  temperature, 27 ppm maximum water vapor
  • Total Volatile Hydrocarbons (Canada): 5 ppm maximum

The responsibility for quality of breathing air rests with the user.

The air supply compressor should be located in a safe, clean ambient air environment. This “safe” location should be tested periodically to ensure clean ambient air quality on a consistent basis. Total system air quality should be tested at the time the compressor is initially set up. If the compressor is moved, retesting air quality is recommended. Should the location or environment significantly change, the air quality should be retested.

All Breather Box® Portable and Fixed Panel Specifications:

  • 1st stage Filter - Filter change indicator, automatic drain, removes liquids and particulate to 5.0 micron particle size
  • 2ND stage Filter - Filter change indicator, automatic drain, provides oil coalescing and ultra-fine particulate filtration that is 99.99% efficient at 0.01 micron particle size
  • 3RD stage Filter - Filter change indicator, manual drain, charcoal removes organic vapors and objectionable odors
  • In-Line Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor - optional CO/O2 monitor
  • 2-year warranty on sensor and entire CO monitor
  • three standard power options: dual 9VDC battery, 8-16VDC, and/or 115VAC, 60 Hz (50 Hz optional)
  • AC output supplied standard on all panel mount units (optional intrinsically safe monitors supplied with 9VDC only)
  • All portable and fixed units are available with CSA approved intrinsically safe monitor for work in hazardous locations
  • Remote DC alarm jack with cover cap are standard on most portable units
  • All Breather Box® filtration units are designed for use in the closed and upright position to prevent internal contamination
  • Filter change indicator provided on all 3 filters on most units
  • Safety visual flowmeter to verify air flow to monitor, adjustable flow rate: 50-100 cc
  • Safety relief valve set at 125 psi for outlet pressure
  • External mounted CO warning LED lights and audible alarm, 95 dBA
  • Solid aluminum block manifold with manual drain
  • All respirator couplings provided with safety lock feature
  • 0-160 psi pressure gauge
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure - 150 psi

Air systems’ Air Quality Guarantee

We are so confident you will be pleased with the performance of your portable or fixed breathing air filtration system, Air Systems International will provide your first lab certified air quality test at no charge when you purchase any of our Grade-D filtration devices or compressor systems. AirCheck™ kit rental or purchase is required to redeem offer. Please contact our customer service for further details and eligibility.

Airline Monitor Specifications:

  • calibration time: Less than 2 minutes
  • monitor display: LCD 3-digit readout
  • temperature range: 4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% of full scale
  • monitor range: Carbon Monoxide (CO) 0-200 ppm, Oxygen (O2) optional 15-23%
  • Pressure range: 1-3 psi, flow 50-100 cc
  • Response: 90% of full scale in 10 seconds
  • sensor type: 3-electrode electrochemical with bias voltage
  • Humidity range: 5% to 95% relative humidity
  • warranty: 2 years on entire unit and CO sensor (1 year on O2 sensor)
  • Alarm set point: 10 ppm CO (5 ppm Canada); 19.5% O2 option
  • Voltage operation: 115VAC, dual 9 VDC battery, or 8-16VDC, 230VAC optional
  • shielding: Internal RFI/EMI circuitry, aluminum case
  • test circuitry: Manual push-to-test for sensor operation and alarms
  • warning indicators: Low battery (amber), normal operation (green), high CO (red), low O2 option (red). LED locations may vary with model ordered.
  • Output signals (standard): DC output on portables, AC output on panel versions
  • monitor housing: Black anodized aluminum
  • control panel standard features: Inlet gas quick connect coupling, auxiliary 12VDC jack, on/off/test switch, auxiliary/remote alarm jack, 115VAC jack
  • CO or CO/O2 monitors available with intrinsically safe (IS) certification

Panel Mounted CO Monitors
for Fixed System Continuous Sampling of CO and/or CO/O2 levels

The carbon monoxide (CO) airline monitor panel can be ordered to retrofit any existing Grade-D breathing air system and also available with CO and Oxygen (O2) sensors. Standard units are supplied with high intensity audible alarm (120 dBA) and a 115 VAC power cord. All units are powder coated steel and ready for wall mounting. Intrinsically safe versions available - CSA approved, 9VDC power only. Grade-D air filtration is required to operate the monitor.


  • Visual Air Flowmeter to monitor
  • carbon monoxide monitor
  • 115VAc Remote Alarm connections
  • 115VAc Power cord
  • 230VAc Optional

Also Available

  • Intrinsically safe Versions
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • cO/O2 monitor

Panel mounted Airline monitors for Grade-D Air Filtration

Model No. Description
c O-91Pm Panel mounted CO monitor, 9 VDC and/or 115 VAC, audible alarm, visual lights, flowmeter, quick connect calibration fitting, LCD display
c O-91PmIs Panel mounted intrinsically safe CO monitor, 9 VDC only, approved for Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D environments, audible alarm, visual lights, flowmeter, quick connect calibration fitting, LCD display, CSA certified
c O2-91Pm Panel mounted carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) monitor, simultaneously monitors for high CO and low O2 levels in breathing air with independent digital readouts, audible alarm, visual lights, flowmeter, quick connect calibration fitting, LCD display. Intrinsically safe version available.
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