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Portaflex Decon Showers

Portaflex Decon Showers

Manufacturer: Hughes

Product Code: PORTAFLEX 75

Hughes Decontamination Showers

With the increasing Occurrence of Chemical spillages and threats involving all types of Hazardous chemicals, the International Emergency Services call on PORTAflex® range of decontamination showers to clean or neutralize there protective suits. These NATO  approved showers play there part in reducting the risk from the contaminated concentrate by dilution neutralization or by containment. The PORTAflex range of products is designed to be robust and rapidly deployed by one man at the site of any incident.

PORTAflex 300

A multi-nozzle Portable Decontamination Shower designed to be both lightweight and robust. Can be quickly deployed when needed in cases of major Chemical, Biological and Nuclear incident. With ‘unbreakable’ hose legs that become rigid under pressure to give a thorough 360° decontamination to the person or object being decontaminated.

Optional Fittings :

  •  Number of nozzles
  •  Nozzle sizes
  •  Water inlet connection type
  •  CUPOLA 22

PORTAflex 75

An economically priced unit which in serious accidents serves as a primary or front line safeguard until such time as a major Decontamination Shower is brought to the scene or is made available. Alternatively, this primary unit may be adequate for minor incidents or where the degree of contamination is not great.

PORTAdec 1000

A Portable Shower used to decontaminate protective clothing, or as a temporary Emergency Shower to wash chemicals from the skin. Stored in a heavy duty ‘hold-all’, it can be erected and ready for use in minutes. The unit comprises a robust foldaway frame with integral hood, disposable side sheeting and sump. The sump incorporates a disposable fibreglass foot grating to ensure the user is not standing in the contaminated wash-off water.


 An inflatable Decontamination Shelter used in conjunction with the hose assembly from a PORTAflex 300. Used to contain the contaminated water and eliminate airbourne overspray. Fitted with replaceable inner lining, which has windows on two opposite sides to enable the decontamination process to be observed while openings on the other two sides enable personnel to walk through from the dirty area to the clean area. The openings are fitted with drop down splash flaps to eliminate overspray.


Galvanized Depth Width Height Weight Inlet Size
(mm “ inch)
Assembly Time Water Flow
Decontamination Showers mm inch mm inch mm inch kg lbs     liters
per min
US Gallons
per min
PORTAFLEX 75 1040* 40.94 760* 29.92 160* 6.30 17 37.48 21/2 less than 30 seconds 750 198.13
PORTAFLEX 300 770* 30.31 500* 9.69 190* 7.48 24 52.91 21/2” less than 45 seconds 1750 462.30
PORTAFLEX CUPOLA 900* 35.43 600* 23.62 400* 15.75 45 99.21 21/2” less than 3seconds 75 to 1750 19.81 to 462.30
PORTADEC 1000 1700* 36.22 500* 35.43 300* 60.63 35 44.09 1” less than 7 seconds 15 to 30 3.96 to 7.93
*packed size





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