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MSA FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask

MSA FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask

Manufacturer: MSA

Product Code: M7XT

MSA FireHawk® M7XT Air Mask

Through the NFPA, firefighters strive to improve the durability and performance of SCBA and PASS devices. To this end, the new 2013 edition of the NFPA 1981 and 1982 NFPA standards for self-contained breathing apparatus and personal alert safety systems (PASS) call for low pressure alarm set points at 33 percent of cylinder operating pressure, improved facepiece lens performance against radiant heat, 500° F heat exposure, and standard PASS device alarm sound patterns. In addition, NFPA has raised the bar on voice communication capability, now requiring a measurable, minimum Sound Transmission Index (STI) score for both mechanical and electronic communications.


Features & Benefits

  • Durability & performance for critical life-safety personnel
  • Compliant to the NFPA 1981 and 1982 2013-edition standards
  • Hi-Viz Luminescent cylinder band
  • High-visibility shoulder pads
  • PR14™ First-Stage Regulator with only 14 internal parts
  • Ultra Elite XT Facepiece with high-heat lens and Kevlar SpeeD-ON® Head Harness
  • Wireless FireHawk M7 I-HUD Receiver
  • Double-pull Kevlar waist belt
  • High-performance mechanical speaking diaphragm
  • Firehawk® MMR
  • Regulator keeper
  • FireHawk M7XT Control Module with accelerometer motion sensor, digital and mechanical pressure display time remaining, and thermal alarm


SCBA Key Components: Facepiece Assemblies for FireHawk M7XT Air Masks


Ultra Elite® XT Facepiece

Designed to provide exceptional peripheral and downward vision, the Ultra Elite XT Facepiece features a super-soft facepiece texture for a smooth and comfortable fit. It also resists chemical attack and temperature extremes, and withstands rugged day-to-day use without tearing and ripping. The design of the Ultra Elite XT Facepiece is based on extensive anthropometric studies of the face-length, temple-width and chin-width data from more than 8,000 individuals. The result is a facepiece that provides an improved seal against a wide range of facial contours. To provide a secure, comfortable fit, the facepiece utilizes five adjustable straps with stainless steel, field-replaceable buckles that resist chemical attack. The straps also feature slightly larger adjustment tabs that are easier to grab, even with gloves on.

For slip-on convenience, the Ultra Elite XT Facepiece is equipped with a SpeeD-ON® Facepiece Harness. Made of flame- and heat-resistant Kevlar Fabric, the harness features a hair-net type, five-point suspension that can be easily and securely adjusted at four points.

The NEW Tufflens used on the Ultra Elite XT facepiece is molded from a specially blended plastic, created to withstand the high thermal environments encountered in todays’ firefighting and protected with a special super hardcoating that resists scratches.


Firehawk® MMR

The Firehawk second-stage regulator features a unique Slide-To- Connect (STC) attachment system that allows firefighters to hang the regulator on the facepiece in the “ready position,” then simply push it into the facepiece when SCBA air is needed. Doffing of the regulator, while wearing gloves, is also easy with two large release buttons that automatically turn-off the flow of air as the regulator is doffed. A dual-swivel feature on the pressure hose provides maximum freedom-of-head movement and the silicone hose material ensures hose flexibility even at very cold temperatures.

In addition to the STC system, MSA also offers a second connection option for the Firehawk Regulator, the Push-to-Connect (PTC). The PTC’s Adapter self-centers the Firehawk regulator, and the loud dual sound of the regulator engaging onto the facepiece provides you with confidence that the Firehawk PTC is securely attached to your facepiece—an action that takes just seconds, when seconds count!

Maintenance is also a breeze, considering the Firehawk MMR design requires no tools, adhesives, or sealants, and has approximately 70% fewer parts as compared to other regulators on the market. Additionally, there are no internal adjustments required. Any adjustments to the regulator may be accomplished at a single adjustment point through the outlet port of the regulator.


  Small Medium Large  

for Firehawk STC
MMR Regulator
10149305 10149283 10149327 External HUD Receiver Ready
  10149307 10149285 10149329 External HUD and Communication Ready

for Firehawk PTC
MMR Regulator
10149306 10149284 10149328 External HUD Receiver Ready
  10149309 10149286 10149330 External HUD and Communication Ready
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